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Madeleine McCann: The British damaged the Investigation

Book about Madeleine defends the PJ and criticizes the British Interference

After writing “The Star of Joana”, the inspector Paulo Cristóvão decided to write “Madeleine’s Star” in honor of the colleagues who work in the case.
The author challenges the readers to solve an enigma...

When the Editorial Presença (Publishing Company) proposed to Paulo Pereira Cristóvão a book about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the inspector of the Judiciary only accepted with a condition: to speak freely on the investigation, even if it would bother the McCanns and the British police. “This is a troubling book, but I am free to write what my conscience dictates me”, admits to 24horas the inspector who got the seventh place of the books most sold with the “Star of Joana”. Paulo Cristóvão was one of the inspectors who investigated the disappearance of Joana (see bellow) and in that process he knows which steps were taken. In “Madeleine’s Star – where, when, how, who, what and why”, the inspector basis is book on conversations with colleagues of work, on the news, in the police intervention and, especially, in the political influence that the investigation “was subjected to”.

“When we have the prime minister of a country saying that he is going to speak with his English counterpart on a process-crime that is ongoing, there is influence ”, he affirms. And it is on the basis of this influence and with the “British interference” that the author places two inspectors of the PJ Francisco Meirelles and João Gomes (fictitious names) in the field.

Desenrascados* (impossible translation into English, see bellow for more information on the meaning, the nearest in English is Improvisation/Resourcefulness)

The book begins with two inspectors being informed of the disappearance of a child in a resort in the Praia da Luz. “The information arrived late. There was already an English TV team, the embassy, the British police and a superior office of the PJ with knowledge of the disappearance, and only then the squad of the PJ was informed ”, he tells. “ Time was wasted and, then, the police 'kneeled down' before a theory that was built from the outside to inside. And the damaged ones are going to be the Portuguese police officers”, he accuses. Along the book, which Paulo Cristóvão prefers not to reveal, the portrait of the work of two inspectors does not forget the intervention of the British police: "Their dogs, their laboratories. Why?”

Paulo Pereira Cristóvão confesses that after several publications on the case, he intends to bring a different approach and "Pro-Portuguese” view. “I want to demonstrate that though we are poor; we have the capacity to improvise* (against all odds). And that the intervention from the English authorities only damaged the work of my colleagues”, he says. And therefore the book is dedicated to his ex-colleagues of Portimão, Faro and from the Central Direction of Combat to the Banditism. “Madeleine’s Star” ends with an enigmatic sentence. Who is able to solve it has the key to what the author thinks on what happened to Maddie. Until now nobody got it right. Paulo Cristóvão invites you to try to solve it after Tuesday.

“Defense of the national flag”

24horas – Does “Madeleine's Star” intend to defend the PJ after the rain of criticism which you where targeted by?

Paulo Cristóvão – It’s an assumed defense of the PJ, of the police officers who were and are working in the case and it is a defense of the national flag itself.

24horas – After all, what do you think that happened to Madeleine?

PC – Legal imperatives prevent me from saying.

24horas – Does you believe that this case is going to be resolved?

PC – Depends on what is understood for resolved. The knowledge of the police officers is clarified, but that is different from the processual demonstration. I fear that the photography of Maddie is going to remain during much more time in the page of the missing persons.

24horas – You talk about “British influences” in the investigation. If the PJ was acting alone, would the case be resolved?

PC – It’s now time of the police to return to the hands of the police....

24horas – How do you face the criticism that the criminalist Barra da Costa wove on “The Star of Joana”? [In an interview to 24horas Barra da Costa said that the book had been written in haste to create “an official truth”]

PC – Of the extensive bibliography in which the doctor Barra da Costa culminated his book [” Maddie, Joana and the Criminal Investigation, the hidden truth ”], it should have the process of the case Joana – that is public – and the Madeleine one. The “Star of Joana” took me 3,5 years to be written. His book finishes like it begins, with “the hidden truth”.

Accused of torture

Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, 38 years, left the Judiciary police last year. He is one of the inspectors which was sent to the Algarve to contribute with the colleagues of Portimão in the investigation of the case “Joana “. He is going to face trial to answer for the crime of torture. According to the accusation of the Public Ministry, Leonor Cipriano was beaten up to confessing what she had done to the daughter. The inspector questions the fact that some medical examinations done to Leonor show that the bruises in the face were done from a fall and others point to aggression.

* Desenrascanço is a Portuguese word used in common language in Portugal, to express an ability to solve a problem without the adequate tools or proper technique to do so and by use of sometimes imaginative resourcefulness when facing new situations. Often used to describe the capacity to improvise in the most extraordinary situations possible, against all odds, achieved when resulting in a hypothetical good-enough solution. When that good solution escapes us we get a failure ( enrascanço - entanglement). Most Portuguese people strongly believe it to be one of their most valued virtues and a living part of their culture.

Source:24 Horas
page 11


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  1. McCanns:“The front door was open, the window had been tampered with, the shutters had been jemmied open and Madeleine was missing,” she said. “Nothing had been touched in the apartment, no valuables taken, no passports. They think someone must have come in the window and gone out the door with her.”

    A teenager, who was with her family at Ocean Club, saw Gerry McCann and Jeremy Wilkins talking, the night Madeleine disappeared – but she didn't saw Jane Tanner or a man carrying a child.

    Schepp marked a boot where a body had been for some 20-30 min,
    Keela marks blood under a wooden tile (taco? ) in the living room and nowhere else in the apartment.

    Sample collected,
    Eddie marks closet in the bedroom,
    When McCanns go to Huelva, dogs check the villa, Eddie marks pants of ganga, shirt and Cuddle Cat,
    police finds bible with David passage underlined and book on hiding corpses that they think G brought from his trip to US,
    dogs check Murat's house and find nothing (300 samples analysed),
    dogs check 9 cars from friends and family of Murat, plus car from a surfer friend of O'Brien and the Scenic, nothing in the other cars,
    both dogs mark a slot near the wheel well on the right side.

    Eddie marks key, hair and blood,
    Clarence Mitchell appeared on the James Whale show on Talksport. He claimed the Tapas bar was 25 paces from the apartment.

    Using these measurements from the Daily Mail, that would mean that Clarence Mitchell has a stride length of 4.8 metres (15.7 feet).

    We know that Gordon Brown promised to do he can to help the McCanns; we know that the McCanns have hired a high powered legal team funded by people such as Richard Branson, Brian Kennedy, JK Rowling, and Sir Philip Green; we know that the McCann's have run a highly xenophobic media campaign to discredit the Portuguese police; we know that the legal threats have beaten the British media into publishing nothing but the McCann version of events; we know that a serving police officer is a director of a company that has raised more than a million pounds to fund the prime suspects in a criminal investigation (and that the money was raised in a way that deliberately circumvented paypal's money laundering regulations); we know that the McCann's fled Portugal rather than answer police questions.

    A few months ago the McCanns claimed that they would be willing to undergo a lie detector test. In the meantime this offer has been allowed to whither on the vine.
    The reason the test results have been sent via diplomatic channels is to prevent Leicestershire police officers from leaking the details to Clarence Mitchell.

    And a detective from Leicestershire has been removed from the case for having an inappropriate relationship with the spokesman of the prime suspects.

    If you don't believe Gordon is pulling political strings, how come that Gonçalo Amaral kept his job after allegedly beating a confession out of a woman, but gets moved aside for speaking to the press?

    You do the maths.

    There does appear to be stalling tactics being used by the Leicestershire police force to prevent further questioning of the couple. Not to mention the issue of the twins, who remain with the McCanns, despite they being the prime suspects in the disappearance of their daughter.

    Blood found in the apartment A5 was discovered after the dogs from South Yorkshire police were brought in and it was necessary that forensic experts took out part of the wooden floor to extract the samples. Other blood samples collected at the Renault Scenic had 15 detectable positive matches with Madeleine's DNA, in a total of 19 DNA-markers, referred the same report.

    Messages were sent during the diner, before Kate went to check the children, at 10.00pm and raised the alarm when she realised Madeleine had disappeared. Police was called almost one hour and a half later.

    Moita Flores, a former PJ Chief Inspector, agrees: “If it was a kidnapping, there will be some clear evidence. And police would have that evidence. A kidnapping is always something that is done in a hurry, leaving some evidence.
    If Madeleine is alive “she would not be out in the open and spotted by general members of the public. She would be hidden away. Even in these remote areas of Morocco, nobody could risk her being seen”.

    Jane Tanner - man carrying an object or bundle which could have been a child, thus bundleman - going in one direction: later man actually carrying child in opposite direction and towards Murat's house; later still - man carrying a child in pink pyjamas and with hair like Madeleine wrapped in a blanket, and later still a man rushing towards Murat's house with a barefoot, pink-pyjama clad, blanket wrapped blonde haired child who could only have been Madeleine...he's also wearing a purple top, beige chinos and brown shoes. A lot to have gleaned from the back at a distance, in the dark, about someone going in the opposite direction in a hurry.

    The cadaver dog is alleged to have become excited when shown Madeleine’s favourite soft pink toy, called Cuddle Cat. The cat had become poignant symbol of a mother’s loss as Kate McCann carried it with her at all time from the night of Madeleine’s disappearance.

    About cuddle cat. Well there's not even one photograph of maddie with this cat, not even the first video of her going on holiday was she carrying it, not one photograph, howeverthere are photographs of Amelie carrying it and holding it lovingly.

    Why would Kate McMann make such a fuss over this cat. Is it's just a PROP TO MAKE HER LOOK GOOD AND CARING? Or was it the last thing her daughter held.

    As to photographs there's a fairly recent photograph of maddie holding a brown teddy bear rather lovingly. Bizarre isn't it?

    Kate´s mum says she said something like "no, that can´t be" - to which Gerry immediately stressed it was important they accept that Madeleine had been abducted.

    Only an hour had gone past since she had been discovered missing.

    A criminologist is saying it is extremely odd how the McCanns at once want to get in touch with a priest.... that this is not what you would expect shocked parents to do.

    The girl's parents - who, when they were interrogated on September 6 and 7, refused to answer questions about evidence - are not telling everything they know.

    Laboratory in Birmingham sent by the PJ confirmed that the traces of DNA found in the apartment and car of McCann (rented three weeks after the disappearance) belong to the British girl.

    The results of DNA tests involve the possibility of death of children and concealment of corpse. The new evidence to give that traces found in the car of McCann (rented 3 weeks after the disappearance) refute the possibility of infection and show physical presence of the girl in the car.

    The PJ will have returned to the Ocean Club to make new reconstitution of the night of the disappearance.

    After insisting for three months that they would not return without finding their daughter, they now show themselves in the disposition of returning to England, while one of the justifications is perplexing, to say the least: they say they didn’t know that the police were searching for a body, when they asked PJ themselves, in July, to cooperate with a South-African professor who is a specialist in searching for cadavers.

    The contradictions that were found in the versions of the group of friends of the McCann couple have mainly been evidenced by depositions from Pamela Fenn, a neighbour of Gerry [and] Kate in the Ocean Club apartment, and from Dianne Webster, 63, the mother of Fiona Payne, who was present at the dinner of May 3 with her husband.
    Pamela Fenn was heard by PJ on Monday for 4 hours, and her deposition shows some important details.

    The most relevant one is in the difference of 40 minutes between the moment when she offered to call the police for Kate McCann, who then said she had already done so, and the registered time of the call to GNR, informing of Madeleine’s disappearance. This witness, who was counselled by PJ not to make any statements to the media, also said she heard the child crying for her father, on the eve of her disappearance.

    Dianne Webster is also a witness of some importance. The version that was presented by Maddie’s parents and by other members of the group, that there was a kind of rotation in the checks on all of their children, who had stayed each in their apartment, was not confirmed by Dianne Webster.

    In the version that she told the investigators, Dianne Webster, the grandmother of two of the children that were at the Ocean Club, did not confirm that organization of the couples to check their children in the apartments, and said each was responsible for ‘watching’ their own children.

    There are also mismatching versions about who got up during dinner to go to the bedrooms.

    The process strategy of the McCann couple intrigued the investigators, although their procedure was legitimate. The issue is an apparent contradiction with the public statements of the couple who stated they intended to "cooperate" with the investigation.

    The parents of Madeleine McCann were formally constituted arguidos from the moment they refused to talk about the residues that were collected by the Policia Judiciaria's investigation, which point at the death and the hiding of the cadaver of their daughter, who is missing since May 3, from the Ocean Club, at Praia da Luz.

    Gerry has admitted to the investigators he had administered a sedative to the children on the night of May 3rd. And one of the investigation lines followed at this moment is precisely, as the DNA has gathered, the hypothesis that the child was sedated with an overdose of medication.

    The McCanns elected to neglect their children night after night, with the tragic result of one now being completely lost and believed to be dead.

    Kate was dressing Amelie in Madeleine's pyjamas just days after Madeleine went missing. This was mentioned in the Sydney Morning Herald on May 15th, and possibly there is an earlier reference in British newspapers.

    This is an odd thing for Kate to be doing, a bit too ruthlessly practical, then, given the circumstances. Mrs McCann also believes that Madeleine was drugged by her abductors. I wonder if there is something about the pyjamas being put on Amelie? - 'hidden in full view' comes to mind. What time did Madeleine went missing, and if was she really wearing pjyamas at the time.

    “We have a pact. This is our matter only. It is nobody else’s business”, says David Payne.

    A person’s DNA has a large interindividual diversity, something that is completely different, even among siblings.

    There is a kind of tombola among that which is transmitted to us from our parents, and it would be a gross mistake from the laboratory to mistake the DNA from the other children.

    It is again virtually impossible, as we are dealing with one of the world’s more prestigious labs.”

    The location where the hair was found - behind a sofa in the apartment -, during new search diligences that were performed in July, is close to the spot where the two English "springer spaniel" dogs detected blood traces and cadaver odour.

    These clues, together with others that were detected inside the Renault Scenic van that was rented by the McCann family several days after the girl disappeared, and with the death scent that was found on the mother's clothes and on the child's soft toy, led to Kate and Gerry being seen as suspects and motivated the questionings during which they were constituted arguidos.

    One of the latest sketches of a person that one of the witnesses claims to have seen that evening contains clear detail of the pyjamas. Why did Jane Tanner check with one of the other Tapas friends to see what pyjamas Madeleine had been wearing? Because she 'didn't want to worry Kate', as claimed...or in order to be able to compile a convincing description?

  2. Anon 1 - this is spot on, the only question left unanswered is 'why have the mccanns not been arrested' - your comments should be posted on the front page of all our National Newspapers - perhaps then something will be done. Justice for Maddie.


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