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Madeleine McCann: Parents back missing people demonstration but Kate and Gerry McCann, were unable to attend?!

Everything regarding to missing children as to do with Kate and Gerry McCann?
Why not show their support for other parents?
Why not show support for the Missing People association which marked the EU's Missing Children's Day in last May helping the McCanns campaign by urging people to wear yellow ribbons to mark their support for the McCanns and projecting Madeleine's image on to Marble Arch?

March for the Missing on BBC News

Featured are the families of missing people who joined forces to highlight the effect on a family when a loved one goes missing. The families organised a peaceful demonstration in London on 12 March 2008. Paul Tuohy, CEO of the UK charity Missing People is also interviewed, leaning his support to the families' efforts to raise more funds from the government for emotional support.
From: missingpeople

Madeleine McCann: Parents back missing people demo

RELATIVES of Madeleine McCann joined a march in support of families of missing people yesterday.

The young girl’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, were unable to attend the demonstration in central London but voiced their support for its aims.

Two mothers whose sons vanished a decade apart organised the event to lobby the Government for funding to help those left behind.

Meanwhile Mr McCann has spoken of the couple’s sorrow at the news that the remains of a missing five-year-old Spanish girl have been discovered.

The body of Mari Luz Cortes was found last week floating in an estuary near Huelva in southern Spain.

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