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McCanns & the British Pro-Media Campaign

Comfort of the room that's frozen in time
By Tom Carlin

Madeleine McCann's parents have kept their daughter's bedroom exactly as it was before she disappeared.

A pal revealed how Kate and Gerry take comfort from the pretty pink room - and have kept it the same for the day she returns.

Kate still sits quietly there every night and prays. And they have vowed never to move from the house in Rothley, Leics, until they know what happened to Maddie.

Her bed sheets and patterned duvet remaining unchanged and her clothes are still hanging in the wardrobe and neatly folded in a chest of drawers. Kate has refused to hand down the clothes to Maddie's three-year-old sister Amelie who bears a striking resemblance to her.

The friend said: "Everything has been left as it was and waiting for Madeleine to return."
The only untouched items are the toys which Maddie had played with before going on holiday in April last year. They are now in use again.

Amelie and her twin Sean have been encouraged to play with them. And Amelie has abandoned her own Snuggles cat toy and taken to carrying around Cuddle Cat, her sister's favourite soft toy.
Gerry's mum Eileen McCann said: "At one time the door to Madeleine's room remained closed. But now the twins go in and play. Kate and Gerry don't want to shut them out.

"The whole family feels closer to Madeleine by being in her bedroom."

The pal added: "Nowadays Kate leaves the door open and encourages the twins to run in and out and play with their big sister's toys.

"Kate, in particular, feels closer to Madeleine at home. She will never contemplate moving until she knows what has happened to her daughter.

"At one time she wanted to stay in Portugal because it was the last place she was with Madeleine. But that has been jaundiced by the police investigation."

Source: People.co.uk

Parenthood is hard-work ladies
By Julia Hartley-Brewer

It seems that anything goes when you are a mother these days.

You can abandon your child in a foreign country for a few weeks if that suits your holiday plans. Or you can bring a string of young men into your home and your children’s lives as pseudo “stepfathers” to pay the bills.

In 21st-century Britain, these are no longer prime examples of bad parenting, they are “lifestyle choices” or “alternative” cultures.

But what happens when things go wrong? What happens when your 15-year-old gets raped and murdered, or when your nine-year-old is abducted for 24 days?

Well, what happens is that those two mothers hold their heads up high and say: “Nothing to do with me, guv.”

Most mothers feel guilty if their child falls over and cuts their knee in the playground, yet Fiona MacKeown, 43, the mother of 15-year-old Scarlett Keeling, who was murdered in Goa, is just the latest British mother who point blank refuses to see that her choices have inescapably contributed to her daughter’s tragic end.

The simple fact is that ordinary loving mothers don’t allow their 15-year-old daughters to smoke marijuana, pierce their faces with metal studs and stay with 25-year-old men. Ordinary loving mothers don’t leave their 15-year-old daughters with people they barely know in a foreign country for weeks on end, as Fiona did.

Ordinary loving mothers also don’t, by the way, continue their holiday on the other side of the world for some days after their 19-year-old son is seriously injured in a car accident, which is also what Fiona is alleged to have done.

Fiona says that she is guilty of “naivety”, not negligence. This is a woman who lives an “alternative lifestyle”, one in which having nine children by four different fathers, none of whom has very much to do with their offspring, is seen as a perfectly acceptable “choice”. (A choice that the rest of us pay for, by the way; let’s leave aside for now the question of how a family of 10 living on benefits was able to fund flights and a six-month holiday to India. My child benefit doesn’t stretch that far, that’s for sure.)

But Fiona is not the only mother who has shown not a scintilla of remorse or guilt about her own failings.

There is also 32-year-old Karen Matthews, the mother of Shannon, nine, who was thankfully found alive and well on Friday, 24 days after she went missing.

Karen, once again, never seemed to be remotely troubled that her daughter had repeatedly told her grandparents and friends about her deep unhappiness about life with her “stepfather”, 22-year-old Craig Meehan, or that the children claimed he punched and hit them (a claim he denies).

Yet it seems possible now that Shannon may have been abducted after she ran away in desperation, in a search for her real father.

Craig is just the latest in a string of “stepfathers” to Karen’s seven children by five different men and Karen has no intention of putting her children’s needs ahead of her own desires.

This isn’t a question about judging people or their lifestyles, culture or social class. This has nothing to do with the MacKeown family’s hippy, gypsy culture or the Matthews family’s dysfunctional household.

Whether you live in a detached house or in a leaking caravan, the same rules of parental responsibility still apply and seven children by five different fathers is not a “lifestyle”, it’s a disaster – full stop.

This is about parents from any and every background who simply do not understand what parenthood – not just being a parent – is all about.

Sometimes, frankly, being a mother is a bit of a drag but it’s a job for life. I’m sorry to tell you, Fiona and Karen, but like it or not, you don’t get evenings or weekends off.

Source: Express

Two different set of rules? One for the McCanns another for all the other Parents?


Madeleine Case: Pact of Silence
18 Mar 2008
In the morning, Kate would take Madeleine, almost 4, and the 2-year old twins, to the Kid Club. The other couples in the group did the same. While the little ones entertained themselves with collages and paintings, the group divides ...

Two mothers, two lost girls, one class system
7 Mar 2008
They have compared Ms Matthews's seven children by five fathers, and her 22-year-old boyfriend, with Mrs McCann's IVF-conceived twins and heart-surgeon husband. The high-minded say these things should not matter; it is the missing girls ...

Madeleine, where have you gone?
7 Mar 2008
If the McCanns were a couple of simpletons who'd left three kids on their own so they could go down to the pub for a pot-and-parma, the press would've shredded them for their selfish conduct and demanded the twins be removed from their ...

The Farce
31 Jan 2008
We know that these infants were left alone every night, a crime which the social services chose to overlook, despite the risk to the twins. In the immediate aftermath of their child’s disappearance, the parents did not join a search ...

Card from Madeleine at McCann twins party
31 Jan 2008
Gerry and Kate McCann will throw a birthday party for their twins tomorrow - complete with a card from their missing four-year-old daughter, Madeleine. They want to give Sean and Amelie, who will be three, as normal a life as possible ...

Ray Wyre spinning for the McCanns
28 Jan 2008
"But they are a close and loving couple who are certainly united in their roles of being good parents to the twins and maintaining momentum in their quest to find Madeleine. "There is no doubt they are a couple - they are together and ...

Would you leave your child alone?

7 Dec 2007
Scenario 2: You have 18-month old twins. You put them down for their afternoon nap in their cots, then dash down the road to get a pint of milk for a cup of tea. You are gone for less than ten minutes. In this scenario, if the twins ...

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