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McCann’s Case: Team of the PJ in Leicester from the 7th to the 11th of April

McCann’s Friends cross-examined in the 8th of April

It is the most visible diligence since August in an investigation that is being dragged for almost a year to resolve the mystery of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann from Praia da Luz, on the 3rd of May of 2007. Three elements of the Department of Criminal Investigation of the PJ in Portimão will travel to England in the 7th of April to attend the fulfilment of the rogatory letters that define, in detail, the new inquiries to the friends who spent holidays with the McCanns in the Algarve.

The interrogations are going to be done by English police officers but in the presence of the Portuguese team constituted by the coordinator of DIC of the PJ from Portimão, Paulo Rebelo, and by two inspectors, the titular head of the inquest and another that has been doing the liaison with the English police. According to a source close to the investigation, “the team travels day 7th and returns on the 11th. The investigations begin on the 8 of April ". According to what CM was able to establish, the investigations are going to happen in Leicester, town where the McCanns reside, they will not be summoned to give declarations at that moment, though later on, if new evidence arrives from the questionings, they might be called.

Remember that Kate and Gerry McCann were constituted arguidos, because they refused to answer questions, though close sources to the couple guarantee that they are inclined to collaborate. The friends, in the capacity of witnesses, are obliged to answer with truth. And the testimonies witch they gave in Portimão revealed contradictions.

The words of the seven friends might be the key to the mystery. They accompanied the McCanns on holidays and had dinner together in the Ocean Club the night in which Madeleine disappeared of the apartment where she was sleeping with the brothers. On the 11th of July, the PJ summoned to Portimão Russel O'Brien, Fyona Payne and Rachel Oldfield. On this day Robert Murat was also questioned, a resident in Praia da Luz and arguido in the process.

The principal targets of the investigation in Leicester are going to be Russel O'Brien, Jane Tanner and Matthew Oldfield. The first one stayed away from the dining table during 30 minutes. He explained that it was to give assistance to his own daughter, but his version has some inconsistencies. Janne Tanner is Russel's companion and it was her who said to have seen a man with a child near the apartments. And Matthew said he saw the McCann’s children in the apartment just before Kate gave the alert.

Source: Correio da Manhã


  1. In my opinion. I think the McCanns and witnesses know more than they are letting on. Also in my opinion that is because by all the publicity and support from people in higher places leads me to believe there is a big cover up .My question is WHY??

  2. The Portuguese were ready willing and able to visit and conclude the investigation in late October, but, the British Governmet refused to accept the letters rogatory, they would normally have been accepted by the British Representative on Eurojust, but Jacqui Smith refused to allow this to happen, and insisted on letters being forwarded to her, then refused to accept them as they were wrongly addressed.
    They were then re sent in December, but returned, as Smith did not want the Mc's interviewed over the Christmas period, they were re submitted and again rejected for clarification, finally being accepted in February.

  3. The McCanns kept their profile in the press by sheer weight of will and money. The Tapas Nine know more than they are letting I suspect. I had a conversation with a Doctor who confirmed that some GP's do, apparently, sedate their children.
    Two doctors leaving their kids to their fate, to go partying! Anybody else, would have been 'nailed to the wall' ('meat and two veg') a long time ago.

  4. They have spent so much time grubbily begging for money ( as if this somehow constitutes 'looking' for Madeline ) that they have missed out on the 3 things which would have been far more effective than invisible posters, corrupt PIs, lying PR teams and globetrotting - and not one of them would have cost a single penny

    1 Look after your toddlers. No decent parent abandons 2 yr olds and a 3 yr old to go drinking when they are not capable of looking after themselves

    2 Actually look for your kid instead of putting together a legal and PR team. That is NOT the priority when your child goes missing

    3 When the police askk questions, answer them truthfully and fully instead of avoiding them and then claiming that you are 'co operating'

    Amazingly the mccanns could not bring themselves to do the 3 most important things to ensure that safety of Madeline despite the fact that they were all free of financial cost. WHY ????

  5. The McCanns have set up a fund based on a false story!

  6. Força PJ! Não se deixem intimidar pelos sacanas dos ingleses, pelos mentirosos dos Mccanns e pelos políticos que os protegem. Os Portugueses contam convosco.

  7. Infelizmente, todo este tempo passado em falsas expectativas e em jogos de ping-pong resultará no arquivamento do caso.
    A PJ não tem qualquer prova contra os pais e mais uma vez seremos enxovalhados e gozados pelo mundo inteiro.
    Perdi confiança na PJ e nunca pensei que tal fosse algum dia possível.

  8. Unfortunenately Maddie is still missing and possibly dead and most of us knows what has happened to her. It may take years until the thruth is known but the truth will be known, let´s be patient. Whoever harmed her will never have peace. It has been really hard for all the Police that has been working with this case, I wish all the best for them and for those that believe let´s hope and pray that the truth will emerge.

  9. Concordo,quase na totalidade com os comentarios aqui colocados.
    Não perdi de modo algum confiança no trabalho da nossa PJ neste caso.
    Qualquer ser humano em diferentes ocsiões,falha. Mas,neste caso....não me parece.

    Foram torpedeados,bombardeados e sistematicamente enxovalhados.
    O pior foi a falta de Apoio,que,aparentemente lhes era negado. Lá e cá passaram a vida a retirar-lhes o tapete.

    Porque nós sabemos que Vos tornaram a vida, o empenho e o trabalho num tormento.

    Vão ter sucesso, de qq. modo.

    Pois no Vosso interior bem o sabem;mesmo que encontrem novamente barreiras poderosas
    e " aparentemente" venham de mãos a abanar.

    Estamos convosco! Bem hajam!

  10. I am an American living in Spain and I found this video says it all, although now I am not sure about Murat.


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