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The McCanns Now Want to question Mari Luz Cortés Killer

Santiago del Valle is the man who has confessed to the police of accidentally killing the five year old girl, Mari Luz Cortés. His brother, sister and wife, Isabel García, are accused of covering the crime, and of being accomplices. The McCanns 'see' another connection to their case.

Santiago del Valle García being transported to Huelva

The parents of Madeleine McCann, after having demanded yesterday to the Portuguese Police to find out if this man as a link to Madeleine disappearance, and in spite of having being told several times before that there's absolutely no connection between the two girls cases. Now they want to question Santiago del Valle García, the man who has been arrested in Spain in connection with the murder of the five year old from Huelva, Mari Luz Cortés, whose body was found earlier this month 54 days after she disappeared. The McCanns, who left Madeleine (almost 4 years old) and the twin brothers (2 years old) alone in the apartment while dining with friends, 120 meters away in the Resort Tapas Bar, say that they want to ask Mari Luz Killer where he was on May 3, last year, the day that Madeleine disappeared.

What has the disappearance of Mari Luz Cortés to do with Madeleine McCann?

The geographical distance between the locations of El Torrejon in Huelva, Spain and Praia da Luz in Lagos, Portugal is of 120 miles/190 Kilometres, about 2 hours drive. Between the disappearances of Madeleine, on the 3rd of May 2007 and the kidnapping of Mari Luz, on the 13th of January 2008 exactly 8 months and 11 days passed. Mari Luz disappeared during the day time when she went to buy some sweets in a kiosk near to her house, in the neighbourhood of El Torrejon where everyone knows everyone. We now know that it was a crime of opportunity, the girl passed by the house of Santiago, a man with previous paedophilia and sexual abuse records, he lured her to his house. The autopsy reports confirmed Mari Luz was suffocated to death, though Santiago claims that it was an accidental homicide [she had a fall down the stairs]. In the case of Madeleine, well... I'll leave you with this small interview in today's Correio da Manhã with former PJ Chief-Inspector and Criminologist Moita Flores, and his opinion article.

“Mari Luz Case is Different from Maddie’s ", says Francisco Moita Flores

What similarities do you find between the cases Mari Luz?

Francisco Moita Flores – There are none to find. The development of this case in Spain simply confirmed the records of the criminal statistics.

How so?

All the known situations of children's kidnapping have resulted in their death. Generally, like in this case, in an accidental murder.

Do you believe that the difference regarding the Madeleine’s case is the non discovery of the body?

It’s hard to say this out loud but this type of crime has not so many peculiarities. Besides the lack of a body, it is necessary to tell the type of access to the child. If Mari Luz was kidnapped in the street, in a public place, in the case of Madeleine only someone with access to the apartment of the McCanns could carry out the kidnapping, which limits the suspects to just about eight or ten persons.

Source: Correio da Manhã

Correio da Manha - an opinion article by Francisco Moita Flores:

Maddie and Mari Luz

Mari Luz disappeared from a public area. Maddie and her siblings were abandoned by their parents [...] they were exposed to chance

"Every time that a sequence of violent acts occurs, whether homicides, abductions, or terrorist acts, the first exercise that our common sense memory does, is to search for communions and to make analogies that tend to generalistic judgements that puff up one or another solution. When these facts have a strong impact within the media, the level of certainty that is formulated increases even more. It is therefore hardly surprising, that the disappearance of Mari Luz prompted the search for identifications with the Maddie case, leading to the comfortable and opportunistic theory that there are connections between both cases, both being the victims of a sexual predator.

There do not exist. Although close in time, they are absolutely different cases. Beginning with the space where the facts took place. Maddie disappeared from the room where she was sleeping, alongside her siblings, inside the apartment that belonged to her parents, even if only for the duration of their holidays. Mari Luz disappeared from a public space. The time coordinate is also different. The English girl disappeared during the night, the Spanish girl disappeared during the day. The location is also different. Mari Luz disappears in a street of her neighbourhood - and those who know this area in Huelva, know that we are talking about a poor community, of degraded housing or modest construction, which is inhabited by persons with financial difficulties, where the street is used by its inhabitants as a playground. To play on the streets in Torrejon is a socially normal action, there are neighbourhood relationships, the bonds of social mutual recognition are evident. It is normal for a mother to send her child shopping. According to the daily behaviour patterns, it cannot be said that the parents abandoned Mari Luz. That space is the community's territory. Maddie and her siblings were abandoned by their parents, in a foreign country, in a quality resort but, due to their short stay, that was strange to them and to their children. They went out to drink while the children were delivered to chance. But within a safe, controlled unit, without space for an abductor to act naturally. The public space is where abductions take place, by excellence. On streets, in shopping areas, on beaches, or when large crowds meet in open air. The private space, the home, is the territory of love, of violence, of tenderness and of death. But this is not where differences end. Mari Luz's parents immediately communicated the case to authorities. The police heard about Maddie long after the English diplomacy and Sky News did. The parents of Mari Luz expose themselves, in their suffering and distress, to the police and to the media. Maddie's parents chose to make emotional appeals but without a coherent explanation about what happened. They brought in a spokesperson to tell the press what it wanted to hear, but themselves, when it was time, refused to talk and left. The organised web never wanted to discuss the case's details. They chose to insult the PJ and the country that gave them shelter.

The truth, the sad truth, is that two children went missing. One, almost certainly, is dead. The other, the authorities still hope to find her alive. I hope they will. Unfortunately, these are not the first cases, and they will not be the last ones. They are cases from our common life. Unfortunately."

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28 March
One of the suspects of the death of Mari Luz confessed today to the Spanish police that the girl died in an accident, falling down the stairs. Santiago del Valle García also said that the girl went with him to his house willingly. The man is one of three neighbours of the Cortés family detained yesterday in the afternoon by the Spanish police and he had already a previous record as a paedophile...


  1. Os Mc QUEREM que o assassino da pequenina Mari Luz seja interrogado.( para "saberem" de Mad die).

    MAS, quando foi a altura de eles serem interrogados,não responderam.

    Nem fazem tenções de o fazer,MUITO provavelmente!

  2. “The police heard about Maddie long after the English diplomacy and Sky News did.”

    How long is long after, minutes, hours, a day? The answer to this question has always intrigued me and I hope that it will soon become public knowledge.

  3. I'm getting fed up with the McCann's DEMANDING things all the time!

  4. McCanns defending the indefensible! Amber Alert, what a joke!!


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