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One year without Yeremi Vargas

Yeremi was seven years old when he disappeared while playing in the street outside his home in Vecindario, Gran Canaria, on 10th March 2007.

It’s now been 365 days since Yeremi Vargas went missing when he was playing in the street with his cousins in Vecindario on Gran Canaria, just a few metres away from his home. Not one single sign has been found of him since then. Yeremi was seven years old when he disappeared and it will be his ninth birthday this year.

His family are still hopeful that he will be found, however. Yeremi’s mother, 25 year old Ithaisa Suárez, who EFE said now has to take tranquilisers and has a weekly appointment with a psychologist, doesn’t understand how her son could fail to be found on an island. ‘Where could they hide a child for so long?’ she said, while adding ‘our hope is always alive.’

Ithaisa said she finds her day to day life very difficult, with the visits from the police, when she asks them if the investigation is going well. The answer, she said, is that they are continuing with their investigation, but say if it were going well, Yeremi would be back home.

A special Civil Guard operations unit remains on the island, heading the investigation into Yeremi’s disappearance. Known paedophiles have been investigated, wells have been searched, as have the cliffs of the island. It was thought in January that a man arrested for the attempted kidnapping of a 10 year old girl, and identified for two other kidnap attempts in Vecindario 12 months previously, could have been involved in Yeremi’s disappearance. A pet crematorium in Telde was searched for any sign of Yeremi Vargas and Sara Morales, who was 14 when she disappeared in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the summer of 2006. No trace was found of either of the two missing children.

ADN Press reports that the children at Yeremi’s school held a minute’s silence for their missing classmate on Monday, on the anniversary of his disappearance, and also the day that the funeral took place for Mari Luz Cortés, the five year old who disappeared in Huelva this January and who was found dead 54 days later, last Friday.


Still waiting for Yeremi and Mari Luz Cortés
29 Feb 2008
The heartache for the parents of Gran Canaria’s missing children, Yeremi Vargas and Sara Morales, goes on. They have been told by police that no evidence of either was found during the search of a derelict warehouse in that island. ...

The Express, Some exclusive McCann spin, and the use of Mari Luz death
7 Mar 2008
The McCanns promised to "flow" the south of Spain with 18 thousand posters with the images of the three missing children ' Madeleine, Mari Luz and Yeremi - but the truth is that in Huelva, yesterday, there was no sign of the posters. ...

Disgraceful use of the Cortes family
19 Feb 2008
Helping To Find Madeleine (HTFM) is pleased to announce that it has undertaken a further mailing project to raise awareness of the disappearnace of Madeleine McCann, Yeremi Vargas and Mari Luiz Cortez throughout Spain and the Islands of ...

Parents of missing Mari Luz are against her image being used in a ...
17 Feb 2008
... which shows images of four year old Madeleine alongside their daughter, Mari Luz, who disappeared in Huelva on 13th January, and others pictured with Yeremi Vargas, who was seven when he disappeared from Gran Canaria last year. ...

Mari Luz Cortés has gone missing and the main focus regarding this ...

18 Jan 2008
Amy Fitzpatrick, Mari Luz Cortés, Jeremy Vargas, Sara Morales, Josúe Monge and Juan Pablo Martínez are part of the 200 children who have remained disappeared with little or no trace as to there whereabouts. ...

The Vargas and The Mccanns: Dignity versus Celebrity
26 Dec 2007
Juan Francisco Vargas, padre del menor, confía en que la investigación de la Guardia Civil dé al final con lo que le ocurrió al pequeño. "Pienso que, aunque pasen diez años, yo seguiré buscándolo y estará en nuestro pensamiento porque ...

Posters ... Not a sign of them!
16 Feb 2008
The McCanns promised to "flow" the south of Spain with 18 thousand posters with the images of the three missing children ' Madeleine, Mari Luz and Yeremi - but the truth is that in Huelva, yesterday, there was no sign of the posters. ...

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