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Paulo Rebelo and two inspectors are going to sit into the interrogations of the McCanns' friends

PJ is going to England on the 7th of April

Finally, the rogatory letter that was sent by the Portuguese authorities will be carried out. And with the PJ watching everything

They can leave! At 11 a.m. yesterday, according to what 24Horas was able to establish, Guilhermino Encarnação, the director of the Judiciary Police in Faro, who leads the investigations into the Maddie case, has received a green light from the national director of PJ, Alipio Ribeiro, to send a team into Leicester, England.

Paulo Rebelo, who is responsible for the diligences in the process, will lead the team that will fly to the United Kingdom on the 7th of April. The purpose is to watch the fulfilment of the rogatory letter by the British authorities, which will interrogate - there are more than one hundred questions - the seven friends with whom the McCanns had dinner on the day that their daughter disappeared.

The couple themselves, although they can refuse to make any statements, under the arguido status, may be summoned again into giving clarifications, if any relevant evidence appears that incriminates them.

Crucial stage

"We're at a crucial stage of the process. There are clear contradictions in the depositions that were given by the McCanns and by the friends with whom they dined at the Tapas Bar on May 3. The English police is going to hear all the participants again and to confront them with the questions that were elaborated by the Portuguese Public Ministery. A lot has to be clarified. Following the result of these interrogations, we will re-evaluate whether there is a need to hear the child's parents again, or not", a source that is connected to the process has explained to 24Horas.

New statements?

The PJ's team that will travel into Her Majesty's land will be constituted by three elements: Paulo Rebelo and two chief inspectors that had already travelled to Great Britain when the results of the DNA lab tests from Birmingham were collected.

"There are two witnesses that manifested the intent to change the depositions that they made on the days that followed the disappearance of the child. We want to understand how far these new statements may - or may not - change the direction of the investigations. But only by being present at the interrogations can we make a more realistic analysis of the feelings of the witnesses, and if they are telling the truth", said a source at the court in Portimão, where the process is located.

All the diligences about this case are being tutored by judicial magistrate Pedro Frias and directed by the Public Prosecutor Magalhães e Menezes.

There is scarce evidence for an accusation

The Judiciary Police and the Public Ministry have scarce evidence to incriminate the McCann couple in the death and presumed concealment of Maddie's cadaver. And, according to a judicial source, they have even less against Robert Murat and his former partner, Michaela Walkzuch. Against the Russian Sergey Malinka there is... nothing. The analyses to the computers that were apprehended from him, as well as to those from Murat, failed to add anything to the investigations.

The Public Ministry is convinced that Maddie suffered a fatal accident at the apartment at Praia da Luz - it cannot be explained whether inside or outside - and that the parents got rid of the body, based on the searches that were performed by cadaver dogs on the vehicle that the couple rented 25 days after the disappearance of the child, where 'cadaver odour' was detected.

"It's little for an accusation. But the new interrogations may clarify many things that remain obscured. Let's give time to time. For now, the arguidos remain as suspects of the commitment of the crimes, at least, of death by negligence and concealment of a cadaver. Not even homicide can be set aside for now", a source that is connected to the process has concluded.

Source: 24Horas

Translation by Astro

About the Arguido Status

In Portuguese law a person is constituted as an arguido when she or he is suspected of having committed a crime.

A person can request to be made "arguido" because he or she will benefit from rights that he/she does not have as a witness. Apart of the obligation of being accompanied by a lawyer when giving depositions in front of police authorities, the arguido has the right to remain silent and not reply to any questions. This means that as a potential suspect he or she is acting in their own defence. A witness by law is obliged to reply to all questions.

A person is constituted arguido during the investigation phase when sufficient evidence is collected to formulate an accusation. At that time, the less serious of the coercive sanctions which is the "term of identity and residence" is applied to the arguido. This term can be translated as a kind of conditional liberty where the arguido is obliged to inform the police authorities whenever he/she is absent for more than 5 days. An arguido can also be submitted to other coercion measures, the most severe being the "preventive arrest", which is usually applied when there is the danger of escape, disturbance of the investigation, possibility of destroying evidence, etc.


  1. Os Portuguêses que eu conheço cá no Canadá, pensam que já foi tudo comprado. Pensam que esta viagem á Inglaterra é so para enganar o pessoal e terminar o assunto. Dizem como é possível agora não haver provas quando anteriormente havia provas fortes.

  2. Aparentemente, as autoridades inglesas atrasaram intencionalmente a ida dos inspectores portugueses a Londres.
    E não demora muito para que os McCann deixem de ser arguidos.
    E tudo fique em "águas de bacalhau"...

  3. Se o desaparecimento de Maddie tivesse ocorrido em Espanha não creio que Gordon Brown tivesse poder para interferir no processo, e já os pais e os 9 convivas do "Tapas" teriam sido obrigados a falar. Se há contradições é porque estão a mentir! A quem interessa que a verdade não seja descoberta? Quem deu cobertura legal à fuga "vip" dos pais? Isto envergonha Portugal!


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