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"Someone wants to destroy the life of Robert Murat"

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"Someone wants to destroy the life of Robert Murat". The certainty of the lawyer of the first arguido in the Madeleine McCann case gathers strength as "new schemes" are being detected. The last one was the placement of GPS tracking devices on both cars that belong to the British citizen's family. According to Francisco Pagarete, it was Murat himself who, by pure coincidence, during a visit to a repairment garage late last year, discovered one of the gadgets glued to the underside of the van he usually drives. "I suggested that he should check the family's other car, and we were surprised to discover a GPS there, too", he said. The second vehicle, a Skoda Fabia, had been loaned to Michaela Walczuch, the German-Portuguese citizen that is Robert's business partner and a witness in the process. Both were almost always parked at the British citizen's door. After receiving the claim, the Policia Judiciaria (PJ) visited "Casa Liliana", in Praia da Luz, where Robert lives with his mother, Jennifer, under whose name both vehicles are registered.

SIC News 16/05/07 "I was made a scapegoat"

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"The GPS devices were collected and an information sheet was sent to the Public Ministery, given the fact that a crime of intrusion into the private life is at stake, which is not within the PJ's area of competence", a source that is connected to the process told JN. The same source explained that the equipment registers data about the cars' movements. The information can only be read after the gadgets are connected to a computer. This means that the plans of whomever planted them, failed. According to Francisco Pagarete, this was not the only "attack" that Robert was subject to. The internet page of the real estate firm that he is a partner of, was hacked. "A parallel email account was created and messages were sent to various persons, in my client's name, scheduling meetings to talk about the Madeleine case.

Sky's Ian Woods speaks to a British journalist(Lori Campbell) in the Algarve who contacted police with suspicions about Robert Murat. Lori Campbell of the Sunday Mirror describes Murat as a 'vague character', claiming he lied to her about his role in the inquiry.

One of them was Sergey Malinka", the Russian citizen who is a witness in the process. Adding to all of this, Murat filed acomplaint with the GNR against English journalists who "opened the gate, invaded the property and forcefully wanted an interview". In order to "control" the excesses, Robert was forced to make an agreement, he removed the complaint and they left him in peace. The reporters agreed. Pagarete laments that "while Robert is not seeked after by the PJ, there are people who insist that he gets no rest". "We don't have evidence to accuse anyone, but we have been seeked after with insistence by British journalists and by detectives from Metodo 3 [the Spanish agency that was hired by the McCann couple to look for clues of Madeleine's whereabouts]", he says.

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