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Still waiting for Yeremi and Mari Luz Cortés

From Tenerife News

The heartache for the parents of Gran Canaria’s missing children, Yeremi Vargas and Sara Morales, goes on. They have been told by police that no evidence of either was found during the search of a derelict warehouse in that island.

More specifically, painstaking analysis of the ashes inside an oven used as a pets’ crematorium in the building produced no trace of human remains.
The oven is the property of Marcos Rodríguez, a man who is currently in prison awaiting trial for the attempted abduction of a teenage girl.
Ithaisa Suárez, mother of 8-year-old Yeremi, has nothing but praise for the team assigned to the case of her missing son and said she is in touch with the parents of other children who have vanished. She is considering organizing a huge demonstration to draw attention to all the cases.
The 25-year-old mother still holds on to the dream of having her son restored to her.
“I have always said that as long as my son is not found dead, for me he is alive and I continue to hope he will be found,” she said.
Speaking about the past 11 months she added: “It’s as if you pass through different phases. You try to carry on with your life, but you can’t. What you do do is adapt it to the pain. It’s an existence, a heavy, heavy weight.
“Before Yeremi disappeared I cried at the slightest thing, I was more sensitive, but now there’s nothing that will jerk a tear from me. Pain like this makes you change a lot.”
She hasn’t ruled out the possibility of asking help from the detectives working on the Madeleine McCann case and is actively collaborating with the police team in charge of the investigation into the disappearance of the little girl from Seville, Mari Luz Cortés, who went missing without trace on January 13.

From Huelva Information:

Mari Luz’s father hopes that the little girl found in a European country “is my daughter”

The little girl, whom nobody has claimed, has the same age and complexion as Mari Luz.

The family yesterday received an email that informed them that a child was in a Commissariat in a foreign country and that in three days nobody had claimed her and that she could be our daughter.

Mari Luz’s father immediately passed the information on to the National Police, “who have confirmed to me that this little girl exists, everything is being compared and that they are investigating to see whether or not she is our daughter”.

According to Juan José Cortés’s statements to Huelva Información, this is a little girl aged between four and five years old who, due to her physical characteristics “could perfectly be Mari Luz”. The Police have also informed the family that “the little girl barely speaks, is very frightened, cries all the time and the only thing she says is Mamá! Mamá!. He said “Police have confirmed that the little girl has been at the Commissariat for three days and that, in spite of having published her photo in all the media, nobody has claimed her”.

Cortés explained that “as you can imagine, this news has had a great impact on us, although we know we should be cautious in order not to suffer further disappointment”.

From Diario de Sevilla

Cortés was in Rome (where he spent the night) at the moment when the Spanish police gave him the news that the little girl from Naples is not Mari Luz.

He was not satisfied with that information. “I want to check it out myself because I don’t want to live with the doubt” he said. He is planning to visit the little girl in Naples today. He also explained that “after 45 days of being malnourished and in God knows what conditions, your face and your whole physical appearance can change, nobody will be able to recognise my daughter as I can.” He confirmed with the desperation of a father who has spent one month and 15 days without knowing ant more about his daughter. Cortés will also appear on a RAI programme about missing people during his stay in Italy.

The feelings in Huelva were not very different: “Too many coincidences for her not be my grand daughter”. These were the words of illusion uttered at breakfast by Mari Luz’s paternal grandfather, without knowing that afterwards everything would end up being a false alarm which, for a few hours at least, made the family’s hearts race. Hope turned into disillusion after the denial.

The story began last Friday, 22nd February, when the Italian media heard of a story that gripped the whole country: in the afternoon of 20th February a nurse from the Naples hospital found a little girl who had been abandoned near the health centre. She is an energetic, healthy, hungry little girl whom the nurse found hidden behind a bush in a nearby garden, according to media reports. During this time nobody has claimed the girl, who does not speak Italian and a judge has ordered that she should be looked after temporarily by the doctors of the health centre.

Spanish police sent all the information (about Mari Luz) to the Italian police and finally, it was proved that, in spite both girls being of the gypsy ethnic group, they are different girls. One of Romanian nationality, is three years old. The other, Mari Luz, is five.


  1. Pobres,pobres,muito pobres na sua infelicidade todas estas crianças e suas familías. Que tristeza de mundo este onde tantas são negligenciadas;raptadas;mal tratadas. Tão assustadas.Um perfeito horror.

  2. I would just like to add that the informant who sent the email about the girl in naples to Mari Luz parents comes from Barcelona.

    Thanks for your excellent Blog.

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  4. And the litlle romanian gipsye,3 years old at Naples? Who knows more about her?Poor baby.
    All of them!

  5. O que se sabe mais da infeliz pequenina cigana romena apenas com três anitos? Também é gente.


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