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They Destroyed a Witness’s Car of the Maddie Case and Left a Message:

Malinka "Speak"!

The car of the Russian previously questioned for three times by the PJ was during the yesterday’s dawn totally destroyed in the sequence of an arson attack

"Speak". The word was written in red ink in a sidewalk of the village of Praia da Luz near to the Audi A4 of Sergey Malinka, the Russian computer technician which was previously heard by inspectors of the PJ (for three times) as a witness in the Maddie case. Of the vehicle, when the authorities arrived, at around 4am of yesterday, only debris was remaining – it was totally destroyed in the sequence of the blaze. The authorities, yesterday, were still not sure of how the flames appeared, but it seems clear that it’s a criminal act. The Police investigate now the hypothesis of the connections to the case Madeleine McCann, the missing girl from Praia da Luz, in the 3rd of May of 2007.

Yesterday Malinka was called to the PJ of Portimão. “That man was heard by elements of the team of Paulo Rebelo [coordinator of the investigations in the Maddie case], but he did not say anything special. Only that he didn’t know the motives for someone to set fire to his car”, told to 24horas a judicial person in charge, adding: “He could not explain why the word 'speak' was written in the sidewalk, but it’s clearly a question of a veiled threat. He must know something”.
The same source remembered still that “in spite he is only a witness in the process of Madeleine McCann, nothing prevents him to be constituted as an arguido”.

“I can stand everything”

“The fire in the Malinka‘s car hides other motivations. They are trying to intimidate him”, stated a high-level person in charge of the Public Prosecution Office (PGR) to 24horas. Confronted, Sergey Malinka maintained the speech that had in the PJ of Portimão: “I do not know of anything. I arrived at home in the morning and saw the turmoil. The PJ came for me in the beginning of the afternoon and I simply signed a paper. I do not even know what is going on. I only know that I was left without car and that the PJ still did not even return to me the computers that they apprehended [in the searches that they effectuated]”. As for the investigation of the Madeleine, Malinka just said: “I do not know nor I want to know anything else at all regarding that case. I am Russian and I can stand everything”.
Given the alert of fire for GNR, at 4am, the firemen took nearly 10 minutes to reach the place and to control the flames, avoiding bigger damages in the Street 25 of April. The PJ investigates the case and waits for the results of the analyses that the Laboratory of Scientific Police is going to do to the remains of the destroyed vehicle.


Where Was Him?
Sergey Malinka was not at home when his vehicle was consumed by the flames. He didn’t want to say to 24horas where he was.

Collateral Damages.

A resident of the street had the car luggage of his Opel Meriva also destroyed, due to the propagation of the flames.

PJ wants to go to England day 7

The Portuguese authorities sent a proposal to the British authorities so that next 7th of April marks the starting point of the new interrogations to the seven friends with whom the parents of Madeleine McCann had dinner with in the Tapas Bar on the day in which the child disappeared. “The Prosecutor of the Republic (PGR) which oversees the investigations of the case, Magalhães e Menezes, considers that the Police should only question the McCanns if new testifying proofs appear in the sequence of eventual contradictions in the testimonies of their friends”, revealed a source from the Court of Portimão, adding: " The beginning of the interrogations will not exceed that date[7 of April]. Since the term for the deduction of the accusation begins to be tighter and tighter. ” A source from the Public Prosecution Office explained the delay in the execution of the rogatory letter with logistical issues.

Source: 24Horas
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Car belonging to Madeleine case witness destroyed in blast
A CAR belonging to Russian computer expert Sergei Malinka, who has been questioned by police as part of the Madeleine McCann investigation, was destroyed in an explosion in the early hours of this morning (Thursday, March 20) in Praia da Luz.

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  1. Arguido refers to someone of interest to the inquiry. While there is no direct equivalent in UK law, it has become shorthand in this case for 'formal suspect'.

    As an arguido, the person connected to the case is granted certain legal rights under Portuguese law.

    These inlcude:

    * the right to remain silent during questioning
    * the right to legal representation

    On the other hand, an arguido is likely to have limited freedom of movement and must be in regular contact with the police.

    A person can ask for arguido status if they feel the line of questioning is implying that they are a suspect. And it's not uncommon for a person to request this status.


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