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Why did the McCanns focus on the Express group and not in other UK Newspapers?

Spot the False News Headlines.

Kate and Gerry McCann have accepted a High Court apology and damages from Express Newspapers for suggesting they were responsible for the disappearance of their daughter, Madeleine. Their spokesman Clarence Mitchell read a statement outside court.

Read the original script
(press relese) or read it in the McCanns site


  1. Express Group you have been sucked.

    Show us a single lie or slunder from those frontpage headlines.

  2. The McCanns were made official suspects by the Portuguese police so it is obvious that these articles have truth in them.

  3. The Express should NOT have apologised!!!

  4. Their statement ends:
    "We hope that the Portuguese authorities lift our arguido status in the very near future so that everyone can focus on finding our beautiful little girl, Madeleine."
    The McCanns are criminal susopects and no-one owes them an apology until they and their friends answer all the police questions.
    You are stupid Express newspapers.

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    And we and the newspapers, we want the truth;the guilties;the JUSTICE TO MADDIE!


  6. Maybe Rupert Murdoch does not own the Daily Express where he owns most newspapers over here and he is very much in favour of the Mccann's?

  7. @ SHU

    It is not going to be enough for their legal troubles in Portugal.

    Did you hear what their spokesperson said?

    "They have donated the money to the fund", in plain English to themselves.

    "Madeleine is possibly alive", that's a change.

  8. Yes,WHY? WHY??????

    Do not shut up the voices!

  9. Jo, have a look at the blog, I have just put something up on the main page.
    It pretty well captures what the future holds.


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