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Another sighting of Madeleine, this time in Tenerife...

Tenerife ‘Maddie sighting'

DETECTIVES are probing a “sighting” of Madeleine McCann in Tenerife.

Tourist Margaret Jones believes she saw the missing four-year-old at the Spanish island’s airport.

She contacted Metodo 3 — the detectives hired by the McCanns — after returning home to Cardiff.

The media worker, in her 60s, said: “I was sitting opposite a shop. I spotted a little girl with curly red hair with a man, who was about 5ft 10in.

“When the little girl looked up, my heart skipped a beat. I took one look and thought, ‘My God, it’s Maddie’.

“They walked off and I had to get my plane.”

Mrs Jones said she reported the incident to Crimestoppers on March 7, and emailed Leicestershire Police.

Source: The Tabloid SUN


  1. Vejamos:
    1º tablóide
    3º Tenerife Ilha Espanhola
    4ºSentada do outro lado de uma loja?
    5º mas se tiver sido na sala de embarque(não,não foi)há seguranças e Polícia Internacional "in loco";
    6º terá contactado o M3 pelo telefone,logo naquele momento?
    7º A 07/03- Março-contacta 2 entidades importantes.
    8º Hoje estamos a 05/04/2008(como isto vai é sempre melhor colocar o ano civil).


  2. Only when she arrived at home-Cardiff- she contact....

    If I understand, the litlle girl have RED HAIR and CURLY...

    Well, a good disguise.

    And sunglasses,no? Why?

    Is so common the sunglasses to the children. They love it.


  3. Lucky the little girl wasn't wearing the pink pytzamas that Jane tanner saw, in the dark of the night and from a reasonable distance away.
    Well... Tanner has got bionic eyes.
    Shame on you McCann's.
    Are you trying to concince the EU?
    I wish you better luck with the UN.

  4. @@@ 17:53

    Yes, an organised group of abductors, would have immediately covered the child with a blanket and asap would have changed the child's appearance, so much so, that the child's mother wouldn't have recognised her own flesh and blood.

    A professional lone abductor, wouldn't have gone anywhere near the apartment, assuming that the comings and goings of the tapas 9, are true.

    It is highly unlikely that a chance abductor would have known that the doors were all unlocked.
    This kind of abductor is like a burglar and please remember the burglar avoids making noise.

    A group of friends and myself have timed the back and forth of the tapas bar people, as the McCann's and their friends have described it, each and everyone of them.

    We have doubts that Gerry McCann had actually seen Madeleine, just after 21:05 as he has claimed.

    Our findings are already on a video (private server), we need to clarify a few minor details and in a week or so it will be ready for public viewing.

    All our info comes from the usual pro Madeleine websites, like yours, and which are listed
    here on your site Joana.

    Hopefully it will put an end to the McCann "abduction" charade.

  5. M.F. "Our findings are already on a video (private server), we need to clarify a few minor details and in a week or so it will be ready for public viewing."

    All the best to the findings.
    All the best,also,to P.J.

    Maddie: we are with YOU!



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