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An article from a Spanish newspaper ridicules the inspectors of the PJ

Gonçalo Amaral called her "cold" and said that Kate McCann was an"actress"

It is a very hard article to the Portuguese police in general and to Gonçalo Amaral in particular, the one that was published on Sunday in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.
The phrase concerning to Kate McCann was attributed to Gonçalo Amaral, the cop who was removed from the case after critics to the British police:
"You did not see the mother (of Madeleine). You do not know the mother. She is cold. She is cunning. She is an actress".

The journalist that writes the article, Aníbal Malvar, had been already in Praia da Luz and has been following the case. The declarations were given presuming that the source would not be identified. But the journalist considers that after the retirement of the inspector there is no need to maintain the anonymity.

The conversation was based in the critics made to the inspector by the British press. But Gonçalo Amaral was only offended by the comments concerning his outfits: "He is not concerned of being classified as a drunk. What upsets him is that the British press talks about his wrinkled outfits."Damn Aníbal. This suit is Hugo Boss".

Aníbal Malvar divulges also a conversation between the inspectors João Tavares and Francisco Meireles that he heard. In the pieces quoted, João Tavares appears describing the virtues of "improvisation" of the "Portuguese cops". "We cannot loose our intuition as cops... We have to be wilful, we are not Norwegian. We are Portuguese and the Portuguese cops improvise, count on intuition". And he adds "We smoke, we like to eat and to drink".

The article clearly states that the Portimão police "is convinced that the couple is guilty in the disappearance of the daughter. And that they manage to hide it thanks to their high level influences".

The DN tried to contact Gonçalo Amaral to comment. Carlos Anjos, from the Union of the Criminal Investigators said that "the Spanish have much more cases of missing children than we have in Portugal". And he added concerning this reportage: "If every time that a crazy or any other person, or whatever, says bad things about the police we had to comment or react we would not do anything else. We must have the notion that people are free to express their opinions, each person has his/her opinion".

Source: Diário de Notícias
Translation by Li


  1. With the approaching one-year anniversary of the child’s disappearance you can expect the media to increase their efforts to lambaste the Portuguese police. If Amaral hadn’t announced his intention of writing a book this article and other articles like it wouldn’t even be written. This break-in at his neighbour’s premises worries me that someone will get a hold of the facts before the police are willing to divulge them.

    Last Friday on CNN Larry King interviewed John Walsh, host of the show “America’s most wanted”, the topics of the interview were to include among other things the disappearance of Madeleine. Yet despite showing the girl’s picture the Madeleine case was not discussed. I thought that maybe I missed something so I checked the transcript of the show and there was no reference to Madeleine except in the title of the topics to be discussed. John Walsh has been a staunch supporter of the McCanns and highly critical of the PJ, could it be that he is also having some doubts?

  2. The Mccann couple is way smarter then the Portuguese police. It´s a fact that they drugged very young children to put them to sleep, tottaly negleted them going out to the restaurant with their friends. They killed, cutted her into pieces and deeply burried the body! They´ve made a lot of money with the subjet, traveled a lot, they even went to Rome for the pope's blessing! Ridiculous! And when the police made them prime suspects of murdering Madeleine, they simply runned away towards English goverment protection. Unbelieveble! 2 words. Hang the Mccann!!!


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