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British already know all about PJ's mission in England

Kate and Gerry will not be questioned by the Judiciary Police

The Judicial Police (PJ) will not have an easy job in England where, as of Monday, the letter rogatory in the case Madeleine McCann will be put in force. The plan for the action, as well as the content of the document, which should have remained a judicial secret, reached the hands of the British press, even before the departure of Portuguese researchers.

According to what JN found yesterday, British journalists were informed by sources, they say from the police, of the steps that will take place next week. When, where and who will be heard were some of the data that was accessed. Even the hotel where the PJ will be housed was reported to them. What, in the opinion of source connected to the research, "is the evidence that the leakage of information of the police departed from Leicester, that shows not being interested in cooperating in the investigation, damaging it by making public the intentions of PJ."

This means that the group of three detectives, led by the coordinator of PJ of Portimão, Paulo Rebelo, will not surprise the 24 people that will be interviewed. Most - 14 - will be determined by the Portuguese authorities. This number includes the group of friends of the couple McCann, now known as "Tapas 7". The other interrogations were requested by parents of Madeleine. This is the case of Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the couple, Justine McGuiness, who held the same job, and the psychologist who has followed Kate.

The arrival of PJ is scheduled for 12.20 pm on Monday. That same day there will be some interrogations, none of them considered very relevant to the investigation. The next day, the "Tapas 7" will begin to be interviewed. Jane Tanner, which guarantees having seen a man carrying a child in his arms that she believes was Madeleine, will be the first. The McCann, as the JN already said, will not be questioned by decision of the prosecutor, who considered the investigation a "waste of time".

The couple will be travelling on Thursday to Brussels, where they will meet with MEPs involved in the creation of an alert system for European missing or abducted children. "Pure coincidence," ensures the spokesman of the couple.

Translation by Pear

Source: Jornal de Notícias


  1. The meeting is allegedly being organized by a number of British Members of the European Parliament, notably Glenys Kinnock, Edouard McMillan-Scott, Struan Stevenson et Diana Wallis. The participation of the McCanns is allegedly sponsored by Mr David Miliband Foreign Affairs Minister.

    Many European citizens and other Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are said to be surprised by the invitation of the McCann couple to visit the European Parliament and discuss childcare-related issues.

    Some have started emailing the above mentioned British MEPs and also the President of the European Parliament (Mr Hans-Gert Pöttering) to remind them that:
    - The McCanns are official suspects in an ongoing criminal investigation over the disappearance of their daughter;
    - The McCanns have publicly admitted to leaving their 3 children unattended in an apartment whilst they went out for dinner;

    Article 24 (1) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union “The rights of the child: Children shall have the right to such protection and care as is necessary for their well-being.” http://www.europarl.europa.eu/charter/pdf/text_en.pdf

    Do these British MEPs believe that Kate and Gerry McCann have offered Madeleine McCann the level of care and protection necessary for her well being on the 3 May 2007 in the Algarve?

    Emails of the British MEPs:





    Email of the President of the European Parliament
    Mr Hans-Gert Pöttering

  2. Why would the Portuguese Police request mutual legal assistance to the British authorities if no more arguidos/suspects are to be constituted? For all we know there could be even a request for extradition. Why did the McCanns choose this exact timing to go to Brussels? Is Clarence Mitchell, who is going to be questioned along with the 'Tapas Friends' and the former McCann's spokesperson, going to miss this visit to the European Parliament? Have the Portuguese MEP's forgotten MEP Roger Knapmann, Piers Merchant, which accused Portugal of being a corrupted State? And now MEP Edward McMillan-Scott is backing the McCanns who are formal suspects and broke the Law (Article 138º of the Portuguese Penal code) in a child alert system? The hypocrisy of this couple, the lack of morals of this wanna be celebrities/ambassadors of missing children, and the constant cover up in the Uk press makes me want to puke!

  3. Joana,

    Obrigado pelo seu excelente trabalho e por continuar a informar de uma forma inteligente honesta.A Joana, o Paulo e o Duarte são as nossas candeias neste sujo e feio túnel.

    Há imenso tempo que deixei de acreditar na nobreza dos valores democráticos: quando existem razões/interesses de força maior, a democracia é jogada ao lixo. Este caso deixa-me cada vez mais perplexa. Das duas uma, ou a PJ na realidade não tem absolutamente nada de concreto contra os arguidos e neste caso o governo britânico sabe, e frontalmente desafia o próprio estatuto de arguido ao ostentar os arguidos em Bruxelas; ou por razões obscuras e aflitivas, o governo britânico tem de proteger os arguidos a todo o custo e coloca o governo português e todas as estruturas judiciais e policiais contra a parede. Neste ultimo caso, só Deus e alguns conhecem as razões da capacidade de pressão sobre Portugal.
    Em qualquer dos cenários, a primeira vítima será sempre a criança que desapareceu e a quem muito provavelmente o direito à vida e à felicidade foram ceifados.

    Finalmente, em qualquer cenário, a imagem de Portugal sairá irremediávelmente suja: quer houve incompetência e precipitação -2º Alipio Ribeiro houve precipitação - na forma como o caso foi gerido pela PJ; quer o poder do governo britânico sobre o português é de tal forma medonho que não hesita na humilhação derradeira do pequeno e velho aliado, conferindo-nos assim o estatuto da maior anedota bananeira da UE.
    Qualquer que seja o cenário, NUNCA os britânicos ousariam agir assim com a França ou com a Alemanha, entre outros.
    Esta é a minha humilde e modesta opinião.

    Tuga no Reino Unido

  4. "Happy people":

    McCanns ;
    allegedly, Mr David Miliband Foreign Affairs Minister.
    Glenys Kinnock, Edouard McMillan-Scott, Struan Stevenson et Diana Wallis.

    And all the british people who knows all about .....
    "so happy!!!

    It is very,very sad.



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