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Clarence Mitchell maintains criticism of the PJ - Lusa

From Lusa this evening:

Madeleine: McCann spokesman maintains criticism of the PJ about alleged information leak

London, April 14 (Lusa) - The spokesman for Madeleine McCann's parents has today reiterated the conviction that excerpts of statements that were under judicial secrecy have been made public, defying the Polícia Judiciária (PJ) to explain the alleged information leak.

Clarence Mitchell told Lusa agency that the contents of the statements that were made public last week by Spanish tv channel Telecinco is "sufficiently" recognized by Kate McCann, although the PJ denied its truthfulness today.

"We do not dispute the truthfulness of the statements", he underlined, adding that they correspond to information that was given between May and Jube 2007, before they were made arguidos in the process, which happened in September.

In these statements, Kate reportedly told the PJ that Madeleine complained about her parents not attending to her and her siblings, when they cried on one of the evenings prior to the disappearance, on the 3rd of May, from a tourist apartment in Praia da Luz, near Lagos, in the Algarve.

"Why didn't you come when we were crying last night?", Madeleine reportedly said to her parents - according to Telecinco - referring to herself and to one of her siblings, then two years old, this in spite of the fact that the parents denied hearing any crying.

The PJ has issued a note today, alleging that it "is entirely false" that the contents of the news piece from Spanish television Telecinco about the Maddie case "reproduces material that is part of the inquiry and under judicial secrecy".

It further accuses the family's spokesman of attributing that leak to agents from the PJ, denouncing his "baseless intervention (...) especially at a moment when significant diligences for the investigation were being carried out".

Without wanting to "enter a discussion" with the PJ, Mitchell refers, still, that "the police note does not offer any explanations about how the material from the process that lies in the police's hands for 11 months and is covered by judicial secrecy, could be made public".

"I do not withdraw anything that I said", he underlined, reiterating his appeal for the investigation to continue.

"What is necessary is that everyone unites in the search for Madeleine", he said.


  1. Same old same old, spin it all you want Clarrie it won't much difference when the scum are sat in a Portuguese court.

    I've sent you a picy.


  2. It seems that Monsieur CM did not have a good translator regarding the PJ statement. The Portuguese original version is extremely clear.
    Monsieur CM is playing a very dangerous game, for himself and for the two arguidos under his protection, in my modest opinion.

    If this story was not about a poor innocent missing child, it would be one of the most hilarious ever.

    Thank you very much Joana for your work.



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