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Gerry and Kate to return to Portugal - Expresso

From Expresso Online, this afternoon:

Reconstitution of the crime
Gerry and Kate return to Portugal

At the request of the Policia Judiciaria, the McCann couple will return to Portugal to participate in the reconstitution of the disappearance of their daughter Maddie. Several witnesses and friends of the couple were equally summoned.

The Policia Judiciaria is preparing a reconstitution of the night on which Madeleine disappeared from her parents' apartment, in Aldeia da Luz. Expresso knows that Kate and Gerry McCann have accepted to participate in the reconstitution, which will be carried out in early May, at the time when the first anniversary of the child's disappearance takes place.

"The parents will cooperate in everything so this phase comes to an end and the authorities focus on the search for Madeleine", lawyer Rogério Alves told the Expresso, declining to make any further comments.

According to the online edition of the 'Times', the 50 persons that have already been heard by the police are to participate in the reconstitution, including friends of the McCann couple and employees of the resort. Madeleine McCann disappeared on May 3, last year. Her parents and Robert Murat are the sole arguidos in the process.


  1. Crucial developement.
    Well done Paulo Rebelo.
    You too Joana.

  2. I agree with Nicholas and with You,also,J.

    So,from: SOS Madeleine Mc Cann:
    (only a litlle piece)

    ........"Paulo Rebelo, responsable de l’enquête, prétend éclaircir plusieurs lacunes et contradictions révélés par les premiers interrogatoires du groupe, mais aussi les confondre avec des nouveaux indices, avec un particulier intérêt pour un échange de vêtements pendant le diner au Tapas Bar, le restaurant à l’intérieur de l’Océan Club.....
    Have they change,that night, the clothes?Ein?


  3. Eu duvido que os amigos e muito menos o casal alguma vez vão tornar a por os pés em Portugal, isto é apenas propaganda. Lembram-se que a primeira coisa que eles fizeram quando regrassaram à Inglatera foi obter os servicios de um advogado com experiênca em prevenir extradicão.

    Talvez esta notícia tem haver com o Paulo Cristóvão que disse hoje num programa português que não foi rapto e que o erro que a polícia fez foi deixar toda esta gente sair do país.


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