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Jane and Russell “grilled” by the PJ: Witnesses with Bad Memory

Jane Tanner did not even manage to repeat the description of the man she claimed to have seen with a child in the arms in that fateful night

Jane Tanner, one of the main witnesses in the process of Maddie's disappearance, yesterday again, gave a different account from the previous ones. Questioned by the PJ team that was sent to England, Jane did not manage to explain how, when and where she saw the supposed kidnapper - the same that, in November, she described in a very detailed way for the making of a sketched portrait of the suspect. Yesterday, Tanner could not even tell if she went to check on her own children in the bedroom at the Ocean Club. The sentence “I do not remember”, ended up being her most frequent answer. “She entered very calm and even smiled. When she went out she was trembling and her face was very red. She did not speak with anyone”, described to 24horas a source at the headquarters from the Leicester police.

We were able to establish that Tanner was confronted with the fact that, in her first statement, back in May, she said nothing relevant, later said that she saw a man carrying, which seemed to her, a child in his arms and, in November, she described the alleged kidnapper. The answer was: “I do not remember it well anymore” .The investigators even asked Jane to give again the description of the person, but the witness gave different indications from those that were used to make the drawing that ran throughout the world.

Also heard yesterday was Russell O'Brien, Jane's husband, who says he had gone to see the children at the same time that Maddie disappeared. He said, back in May, that the children had vomited, but the management of the resort Ocean Club assured that, on that night, nobody asked for any change of bed sheets. Questioned, Russell could not explain the discrepancy.

Today there will be cross-examinations to David and Fiona Payne, who organized the holidays of the group in the Praia da Luz.

Source: 24 Horas

Image credits: Cornelius


  1. "Tanner and O'Brien were questioned yesterday and are back today again. About 20 detectives from Leicester are involved.

    Other, less significant, people are also being questioned at this moment.

    As for the request to return to PDL for a reconstruction, as arguidos they dont have a choice!

    McCanns are with lawyers: expect the "Kate too fragile and mentally unstable to travel".

    Might be a reconstruction next week. As previously stated, the McCanns are expected in Portugal over the weekend or beginning of next week.

    CPS and Scotland Yard are watching interviews. SOCA are studying the files.

    The interviews are done by two detectives. They are relayed live by video to another room on a large screen and immediately translated (about 3-5 second delay) where PJ, CPS, and Scotland Yard Serious Crime officers (two of them - one is Det Serg, who speaks Portugese, and has been involved since 5th May).

  2. If I were gerry or Kate and my friend answered "I cant remember" to questions about the disappearance of my daughter I would be absolutely furious!!I would be telling them as much, unless of course their unhelpfull answers suited my purpose
    Nothing in this case rings true, the behaviour of the friends are not what you would expect from people who's friends daughet had been abducted, I recall the smiling faces of the four who confronted Murat at the station, they looked as if they were on a day out not being spoken to about the abduction of a little girl.
    I did not know Madeliene but her plight has touched my heart, not a day passes when I do not wonder about her. In the beginning I prayed for her safe return...now I pray for justice for her and that she be layed to rest properly, so it happy faces of the friends...and the McCanns puzzles me.


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