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Jane Tanner under the PJ's aim today - Correio da Manha

In Correio da Manha today:

Leicester: The interrogations start
Jane Tanner will be in the PJ's aim today

Jane Tanner, one of the English persons that accompanied the McCanns during their holidays in Praia da Luz, Algarve, where Madeleine, then three years old, disappeared, is going to be heard by the Policia Judiciaria today. The witness, who guarantees that she saw a man carrying a child near the resort where Maddie was sleeping, will have to explain the contradictions that were detected by the Portuguese investigators throughout these eleven months since the child disappeared.

The fundamental issue is to understand whether Jane was telling the truth when she gave her first statement, right after the child's disappearance. It was due to her initial version that the PJ consolidated the abduction theory, as the witness guaranteed she had seen a stranger with a child that was wearing pyjamas, near the bedroom where Maddie was sleeping.

At that point in time, Jane was unable to describe the stranger's face, but she gave detailed indications about the clothes he was wearing. The first photofit was drawn according to those descriptions, details that changed as the months went by. Recently, Jane 'remembered' the abductor's face and, already back in England, she insisted on the thesis that she had seen the abductor. At that time, Gerry and Kate were already official suspects, arguidos for their alleged involvement in their daughter's death.

What led the investigators to admit that Jane might not be revealing the truth was the fact that Gerry was present at around the same time, in the vicinity of the location where Jane says she saw the abductor. The child's father met a tennis partner and was chatting with him on the same street. Therefore, how did Gerry fail to see the same stranger?

Today, at the headquarters of Leicester police, the PJ will also question Russell O'Brien, Jane's partner, who was equally present at the resort on the day that the little girl disappeared. He will also have to remember all the details of the evening of May 3, before Kate gave the alert over the disappearance of her eldest daughter.

Russell's deposition holds another apparent contradiction, as the doctor states he was inside the room where his children were staying, for around an hour, because one of them had been vomiting. But the detail that he did not request the bedsheets to be changed, led the investigators to place some doubts on his deposition.

Until Friday, the PJ continues with the interrogations, but the major absence are the McCanns themselves. The investigators will not hear them for now, and that diligence may be requested only after these interrogations have been analysed.

Who are the 'Tapas Seven'

On the evening of May 3, Kate and Gerry McCann were dining at the O Tapas restaurant, in Praia da Luz, with seven friends that came to spend their holidays in Portugal with them. They are those who are going to be the main target of the interrogations that are to be carried out on British soil. The contradictions that they presented initially, only increased the suspicions about the author(s) of the crime.

Fiona Payne (Doctor, 34)

Married to David Payne, neither she nor her husband got up, during dinner, to participate in the checks on the children that the group guarantees were made regularly. She ended up being summoned to Portugal, when she was already back in England, for a confrontation with Robert Murat. Just like Rachael and Russell, she guarantees that she saw Murat on the night of the disappearance. A fact which collides with the alibi of the first arguido in the case. Just like the other two, she maintains the version that she presented.

Jane Tanner (Housewife, 37)

Russell O'Brien's partner, she is seen by the McCanns as an essential witness, because she says she saw a man passing - near the apartment where Madeleine disappeared from - carrying a child. This happened at 9.15 p.m., 45 minutes before the alarm was raised, when she went to check on her two children, who were also asleep in an apartment at the Ocean Club. She described the individual's clothing and a part of his face, but with little detail because she saw him from the back.

Rachel Oldfield (Consultant, 36)

The wife of Matthew Oldfield was called back to Portugal after she had returned to England, for a confrontation with Robert Murat. Rachael Oldfield was one of the three elements of the group of the 'Tapas Seven' who guarantee they saw Murat, the first arguido in the case, on the streets of Praia da Luz (and near the apartment), on the night that Madeleine disappeared. A version that contradicts the British citizen's alibi, as he alleges that he spent the evening at home, with his mother. Rachael maintains her version.

Russell O'Brien (Doctor, 36)

Living with Jane Tanner, this doctor studied at Leicester University with Matthew Oldfield, David Payne and Fiona Payne. He was also called back to Portugal, when he was already back in England, to participate in the confrontation with Robert Murat at the PJ's offices in Portimao - because he told the Judiciaria that he'd seen Murat near the apartment on the evening of the disappearance. A deposition which he maintains. With Jane Tanner, he is one of the first elements of the group to be heard.

David Payne (Doctor, 41)

According to the version that was presented to the authorities by the group, he was the last person, besides Madeleine's parents and siblings, to see the girl before the disappearance. This happened at approximately 6.40 p.m., when, allegedly at the request of Gerry - who was playing tennis with another British tourist - he went to check if Kate and the children were well. He studied medicine in Leicester, just like Russell O'Brien, Matthew Oldfield, and his wife, Fiona Payne, but presently works on research into cardiovascular science.

Matthew Oldfield (Doctor, 37)

Within the regular checks that the group guarantees to have made, throughout the evening, Matthew was the last person to go into the apartment where Madeleine and her siblings were sleeping, at around 9.30 p.m. - before Kate raised the alarm at 10 p.m. Matthew, who is married to Rachael, initially stated that everything was fine, but ended up admitting, in the final version that he gave about the facts, that he had only approached the door, and upon verifying that there was no noise, concluded that things were well.

Dianne Webster (Fiona's mother, 63)

She is the foreign element within the group. Among six couples, Dianne is the only person who was alone, and she is also the eldest member. Fiona Payne's mother helped to increase suspicions about the others, when she allegedly stated that checkings on the apartments were not as regular as the group said. After this statement was reported by the press, she never was heard again, and refused to give any interviews, in spite of being contacted by several journalists.

Secrecy requested from the British

The British authorities have precise instructions to maintain the secrecy concerning any details about the interrogations that will start today, and continue until next Friday in Leicester, north of the British capital. The local police guaranteed to Correio da Manha, yesterday, that the request had been made by the Policia Judiciaria, that alleged the need to preserve the investigation's conclusions.

The PJ's goal is to avoid that details of the questionings are made public by the English press, in a country where the rules of judicial secrecy are completely different from the Portuguese.

The Portuguese police is also trying to minimise the media effects of a trip that had been scheduled for several months, but was delayed by obstacles that were not directly associated with the investigation.

The major delay was related to the fact that the interrogations had to be translated into English, in order to be approved by the local judge. The requests were only sent to England after several months of preparation, and then the Judiciaria was authorised to accompany the English police during the diligences.

Still, the interrogations will be presided by the English. The three investigators from the Portimao Directory will only be allowed to watch the sessions, and to suggest questions to their English colleagues.

The McCann's friends will not be accompanied by lawyers, a situation that is allowed in Portugal, following the recent changes to the Penal Process Code.

For now, the possibility of Maddie's parents being questioned has been set aside. If that happens, it will only take place during a second phase of the investigation, and only if a new question results from these interrogations.

Maddie's parents say they are tranquil over the Portuguese diligences. Yesterday, press advisor Clarence Mitchell guaranteed that the McCanns remained available for questioning, if the authorities found it necessary. But they travel to Brussels tomorrow, for a conference, and will return only on Friday, the day when the Portuguese authorities return to Faro.

All in all, 24 persons will be heard in England until Friday - seven friends of the McCanns, in the presence of the Judiciaria's team, and another 17 persons, all British citizens, who are included in a list that was delivered by Kate and Gerry to the local police. They are persons who, among relatives, neighbours and tourists in Praia da Luz, are expected to attest, among other things, the couple's good relationship with their three children.

Avoiding the photographers

They left Faro at 9.30. They travelled on a low cost flight and arrived at East Midlands, north of London, at 12.20. They had a car waiting for them on the tarmac and were driven to the police headquarters - which is where the interrogations start today, at 9 a.m. Paulo Rebelo, the high-ranking coordinator who is the head of the PJ in Portimao, and two investigators, avoided the journalists. They were only 'caught' at 5 p.m., after a work meeting with the local police officers. Smiling and in good spirits.

English families unafraid but cautious about their children

Looking mischievous, little Tom, aged four, is delighted about the holidays at Praia da Luz. At his side, his mother and grandmother confess that, due to the Madeleine case, they are 'more cautious' about the little boy, but that it didn't interfere with the decision of this English family to come to that area of the Algarve on holidays for the first time.

Lucie Leea, the child's mother, says they do not repent their choice: 'We feel safe'. Nearby, another British family is walking in their summer clothes, despite the chilly wind. They photograph the church, where the parents of Madeleine went so many times during their stay in the village. Ian Blowes, his wife and their son are also staying at Praia da Luz for the first time and they confess that they could not be more pleased: 'People are kind and the area is very beautiful'. And what do they think about the Madeleine case? 'It's very strange. The only thing that we hope for is that it will come to an end', they say.

The Portuguese are the ones who are tired over the case dragging on. The local shops point to a slight downturn in tourist numbers. At the Ocean Club, the movement is reduced and the apartment where the child disappeared from, is locked, with a chain around the gate.

Direct Speech (Francisco Moita Flores, criminologist)

'Someone who had access to the child'

Correio da Manha - What do you think about the deposition made by Jane Tanner, the friend of the couple, who says she saw a man carrying a child?

Moita Flores - It's an obssessive fiction, nothing more. Maybe she didn't even see anyone. It happens often, that the desire to have seen someone is so big, that one 'sees'...

- Why would this be the case here?

- Because 'that' man, with all those details, at a distance of thirty metres, is highly unlikely.

- This is how the PJ starts the main questioning. Is that order important?

- It is important to disassemble or to confirm what was already suspected...

- What does the investigation need?

- To be serious at any cost - this could only have been done by someone who had access to the child. But the time of the investigation has passed. Psychologically and in operational terms.

[a chronology of the case follows, and some loose notes]


  1. J.M. : desculpe.Vou colocar a cópia da notícia da sky,apesar de já a Joana ter posto o link.

    ....."McCanns Are Called Back To Portugal
    Updated:16:22, Tuesday April 08, 2008

    The parents of Madeleine McCann have been asked to return to Portugal for a reconstruction of her alleged abduction, Sky sources understand.

    Gerry and Kate McCannCrime correspondent Martin Brunt said Portuguese authorities were requesting that Kate and Gerry go back for a "Crimewatch-style" event.

    But it is feared Mrs McCann, whose four-year-old daughter vanished on May 3 last year, would find such a trip too traumatic, Brunt said.

    He added the reconstruction could involve friends - dubbed the Tapas Seven - who were dining with the McCanns while the child was allegedly snatched from a holiday apartment in the Praia da Luz resort.The parents' spokesman Clarence Mitchell told Sky News: "Kate and Gerry very much welcome the idea of any reconstruction that is televised... that could generate important new calls and new leads in the search for Madeleine."

    Both McCanns are still official suspects in the Portuguese police probe into the girl's disappearance and Kate has not been back to the resort since returning to England in September.

    Missing girl MadeleineMr Mitchell said: "(The McCanns) and their friends want to resolve this - they want to make it clear to the police that there is no evidence to implicate Kate and Gerry and that they should be eliminated from the inquiry.

    "The family will do whatever is necessary to assist the police and this particular (reconstruction) proposal is just that."

    But he made it clear the couple were still undecided on whether to return to the resort.

    The news comes as British officers began questioning members of the Tapas Seven.

    Three Portuguese detectives are sitting in on the interviews, believed to be with friends Jane Tanner and her partner Russell O'Brien, at Leicestershire Constabulary's headquarters in Enderby.


    Ambivalência: queremos ir/não sabemos bem se queremos ir/estamos indecisos


  2. @@@ SHU 16:49

    Crime reconstructions, are all about timing.
    It is a normal procedure, when there are conflicting witnesses statements.

    "But it is feared Mrs McCann, whose four-year-old daughter vanished on May 3 last year, would find such a trip too traumatic, Brunt said".

    The parents' spokesman Clarence Mitchell told Sky News:
    "Kate and Gerry very much welcome the idea of any reconstruction that is televised... that could generate important new calls and new leads in the search for Madeleine."

    What about Madeleine's traumatic experience?
    Who the hell are they kidding?

    They are trying their very best to get out of it.
    It will be traumatic for Kate but she wants a world wide TV audience?

    The reconstruction can be taped, but not televised.

    Is there a Portuguese lawyer, who can verify the Portuguese law concerning reconstructions?

  3. Pois,+ 1:

    ....."The McCann’s spokesman has confirmed someone approached the family claiming to be connected to Shannon Matthews. The person requested money from the Madeleine fund in an “aggressive” manner at least twice, spokesman Clarence Mitchell told Sky News.....


    A imprensa britânica aborda o caso de Shannon de um modo diferente.Os casos e tudo o resto também é bem diferente.
    Só uns bons Assistentes Sociais ou Psicólogos Clínicos se poderão pronunciar mais acertadamente.
    Portanto,eu não comento o que se passa à volta desta garota;sua Familía e meio Social.

    Que a imprensa britânica está muito empenhada, lá isso está.

    Selectivos nos relatos da podridão de comportamentos,parece-me.


  4. http://madie.weebly.com/


    Vejo com enorme apreensão ,
    a Portuguesa Investigação
    Ter muita Imaginação
    E nunca a necessária acção ...

    (Uma equação com duas dificeis incognitas (rapto e morte) .
    Matematica e juridicamente insoluvel)
    O processo foi arquivado porque dizem que não há rapto-nem podiam arquivar com um rapto por resolver...É comodo!!! Não foi provado que não houve rapto...
    Admitem que houve morte(o que não foi provado) à qual os pais são
    alheios porque então não tinham medios necessarios para tal...
    A montanha pariu um rato ...
    Quanto custaria a indemnização se
    tivessem prendido os McCann's ???


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