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Jane Tanner's declarations to the Police casts doubt on the McCanns

Key witness that claimed the kidnapping backtracks

The Portuguese police still believe that Gerry and Kate are connected to the disappearance of the daughter. This conviction was strengthened with the visit to England. A couple’s friend also helped

The thesis of the eventual abduction of Madeleine McCann was compromised by the interrogatories made this week in Leicester, England. The key witness that claimed that Maddie was taken wrapped in a blanket by a man on the 3rd of May of 2007 from a flat in Praia da Luz, Algarve, was heavily shaken when she admitted to the authorities that she only left the Tapas Bar, where she dinned with the McCanns and more six friends, after the alarm given by Kate. Jane Tanner admits that she saw a person before she went to dine but she did not see with precision what that person was carrying and it could be a simple tenant of the Ocean Club.

“It was a precious deposition because it allows to concentrate the investigation in only one line, meaning that Maddie’s parents are involved in the disappearance of the child direct or indirectly”, said to 24 Horas a high judicial responsible connected to the process. According to the same source, “the thesis of an eventual abduction is more and more weak”. “It would be good that the McCanns and friends accepted to come to Portugal to do a reconstruction on the 15th and 16th of May, of all the events that occurred between the 18 and 23 hours of that day”. And the same responsible launches an appeal:” This is not a cat and mouse game. This is not a game. It is the life of a child we are talking about. If they want to help fine but if they demand things that the authorities cannot accomplish… No one can make miracles if there is no cooperation from them”.

The team of three persons that the PJ sent to England, returned yesterday to Portugal. Next Monday they will meet with the director of the PJ Guilhermino da Encarnação as well as with the public prosecutors Luis Verão and Magalhães e Menezes.The objective is to evaluate all the interrogatories made in England and decide the next steps.

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Source:24 Horas


Jane and Russell “grilled” by the PJ: Witnesses with Bad Memory
9 Apr, 2008
Jane Tanner, one of the main witnesses in the process of Maddie's disappearance, yesterday again, gave a different account from the previous ones...

Jane Tanner under the PJ's aim today - Correio da Manha
Apr 08, 2008
Jane Tanner, one of the English persons that accompanied the McCanns during their holidays in Praia da Luz, Algarve, where Madeleine, then three years old, disappeared, is going to be heard by the Policia Judiciaria today. ...

McCanns and the British Media (aka McCann Media)
Mar 31, 2008
Even more surprising is that Jes Wilkinson and Gerry McCann who stated to have been on the same street, at the same time never saw Jane Tanner or a man carrying a blanket/bundle/child.] The BBC's Steve Kingston in Madrid said he ...


  1. What time did Jane Tanner arrive at the Tapas Bar to eat, and what time did the McCann's arrive? I think Tanner arrived before the McCann's and if so then we know who were the last people to see Madeleine!

  2. I dont know if it is indeed true that Tannre changed her evidence but it would be nice if it were true.
    The McCanns have a cheek to be moaning about the leaks of their initial interview, they have leaked far more information via Philomena, and at least half of what they leaked was untrue, the shutters being broken, was a leak directly from them...we now know this is a lie. The offer of admitting guilt that was supposedly made to Kate in her interview in Portugal was another lie, from team McCann.
    They are whining about the leak but make no mention of the fact that initially Kate said cudle cat was still where it was when they left for the tapas, later when the P.J let it be known they were puzzled as to how the McCanns knew Madeleine had been abducted Kate claimed she knew immmediately because cuddle cat had been moved to a high shelf that Madeleine could not have reached.
    Well if thats the case just how did Kate know Madeleine had not wandered off if it was not because cuddle cat had been moved?
    Annd is Clarence going to explain this glaring discrepency??
    I wouldnot be suprised if Team MCCannn leaked the statements themselves to show how honest they were to admit Madeleine had been crying, they knew we would knowit sooner or later, some already did courtesy of Mrs.Fenn! I think they probably didnt realise the cuddle cat lie and in my view it shows tehy are not being entirely truthful.

  3. My big problem with Jane Tanner's story is this.

    Jeremy Wilkins says that he did not see her, and that the path was too narrow for to have passed by without being seen.

    This would suggest that the meeting occured on the pathway between the apartments and the pool complex.

    One the Panorama program they constructed a scenario in which Gerry and Jeremy Wilkins were talking on the opposite side of the road almost opposite to the entrance to the pool complex.

    This has the advantage of enabling Jane Tanner to pass by unseen.

    But it doesn't explain why Jeremy Wilkins would refer to the path.

    Surely he would have used the term road - or perhaps pavement - but a path is an entirely different thing and generally refers to a footpath - i.e a thoroughfare that is not accessible by vehicles.


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