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Joana Cipriano’s Case Back in Court

The coordinator of the Judiciary Police (PJ) that led the investigation to the Joana Cipriano’s case, Gonçalo Amaral, presented a criminal complaint for slander against the lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia. In question is a report that the lawyer spread in the Internet, after a visit to Leonor Cipriano in the Odemira penitentiary, where she serves a sentence for the murder and corpse's occultation of her own daughter.

In the report, Aragão Correia says to be "convinced" that the recluse was victim of “a crime of torture perpetrated by PJ officers". The lawyer had a meeting, with the director of the prison, Ana Calado, and revealed excerpts of the conversation. "She confirmed, with courage, what Leonor Cipriano had reported to me". According to Aragão Correia, the person in charge of the penitentiary told that “a team of two inspectors of Lisbon" tried to negotiate" a distribution of blames, between the PJ and the penitentiary, regarding the aggressions". Another ex-inspector of the PJ, Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, who contributed to the investigation, also presented a criminal complaint.

In the process of the aggressions the Leonor, Amaral is accused of omission of denunciation and false evidence, and Cristóvão of crime of torture. The JN knows that the lawyer of Gonçalo Amaral, António Cabrita, will make a complaint of the colleague to the Order of the Lawyers. In spite of the various attempts to contact the lawyer, it was not possible to get in touch with Aragão Correia.

Marcos Aragão Correia is the same lawyer who said that he knew Madeleine's body was in the dam of the Arade, in Silves. Marcos Aragão Correia asked around 5 thousand euros to pay the searches in the dam , and in return, he promised to publicise the name of the companies to all the Portuguese and foreign media that covered the searches. "The exclusive sponsor benefits from huge, unique publicity", said the lawyer at the time.

Marcos apparently told Método3 that Madeleine's body was in the Arade's dam following "an underworld tip-off", later on this man was exposed as a fantastist. A source close to the inquiry revealed at the time: "When we asked him what he was basing his evidence on, he said, 'I had a dream'." From the search only some cat bones, a sock, several ropes, a plastic bag were found, all this material went to Barcelona, were the Método3 agency is supposed to be analysing the discoveries.

Source: Jornal de Noticías

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