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Judiciary contradicts ' Telecinco ' and the McCann’s spokesman

The relation between the parents of Madeleine McCann and the Judiciary Police (PJ) is more and more tense. After the couple’s spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, accused the chief-inspector Paulo Rebelo, responsible for the investigations on Maddie's disappearance, of “leaks of information”, following the disclosure in a Spanish Television Channel (Telecinco) of a statement done by Kate McCann, it was now the time for the PJ to enter on stage and contradict what has been spread since last week.

In a declaration issued yesterday afternoon, the National Directory of the Judiciary explained that it is "entirely false that the contents of the news piece reproduces matter that is part of the inquiry, which is under judicial secrecy". On the other hand, the PJ “cannot fail to lament the baseless intervention of the spokesman, especially at a moment when significant diligences to the investigation were being carried out". The journalist of Telecinco, Nacho Abad, author of those news which are provoking so much controversy, said that he will answer, today, to the disclaim of the PJ, in his program to be aired around 12h00 – Spanish time.

To discredit the investigation

On the other side, the DN knows, that there is a conviction inside the PJ that it was the McCann’s spokesman, himself who "instigated and send the story" for the Spanish television, in order to "try to discredit the investigation and to find a pretext to avoid the re-enactment".

Remember that Gerry and Kate McCann, in the last days, have send out a message that the conditions [demands] to return to Portugal with the objective to put into effect the pretended reconstitution by the PJ, about the fateful night of the 3rd of May of 2007, in which their daughter Madeleine disappeared from the Praia da Luz (Lagos), are not complied because details of their declarations given to the police were revealed. As well they demand the intervention of the Minister of the Justice.

The case, as DN previously told, originated in a news piece broadcasted on Wednesday, by Telecinco and was presented as an exclusive of this Spanish channel, reporting what Gerry and Kate McCann described to the PJ in the hours before Madeleine disappeared of the apartment of The Ocean Club, where the family was spending holidays, the daughter surprised them during the breakfast while questioning them: "Why you did not come when we were crying last night?", in an allusion to herself and her brother Sean. Still according to the Telecinco program, Kate guaranteed to the Judiciary Police, that after the critical observation of the daughter, the couple "decided to be more attentive to the children".

Secret of justice prevails

So, when does the secret of justice end in the Madeleine case exactly? This is a question that, until now, nobody managed to give a right answer, especially when, for example, there was a persistent idea that yesterday, eleven months after been made the first arguido in this process, the British-Portuguese Robert Murat - for suspicion of being wrapped in the disappearance of the child, the process could be consulted by whomever wanted to do it. "It is all exactly the same and I do not find that strange. Who defines the terms for the lifting of the secret of justice is the Public Ministry ", said to the DN the lawyer of that arguido, Francisco Pagarete.

However the Council’s president of the Order of the Lawyers from the District of Faro, António Cabrita, in recent interviews to the DN, remembered that "the complexity of the process might lead the Public Ministry to determine that the same continues for more phases. António Cabrita told that when there are no imprisoned arguidos, the timings " can be extended in function of the discovery of the truth ".

Source: Diário de Notícias

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