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Judiciary Police brings Kate McCann's Diary

The Judiciary Police is going to bring Kate's diary to Portugal. This is one of the diligences asked by the authorities that should be fulfilled in the scope of the rogatory letter of which does part the request of the cross-examinations to the seven friends that accompanied the couple on the vacation in the Algarve.

The apprehension of the document was requested in September from the last year, some days after Kate and Gerry they had been constituted arguidos. The PJ checked the existence of the diary in August, when they did the searches to the house where the couple was living, in Praia da Luz, at the same time when the corpse's odours were detected in Kate's clothes and in Maddie's pink plush.

In that document written by Madeleine's mother as an advice of the psychiatrist who was accompanying Kate due to her depressive state, Kate described her oldest daughter as hysterical and quite restless. Maddie's mother was complaining also about the resulting overload of educating three children and was lamenting the little attention given by Gerry.

On the account of being a diary, the rules of protection are much tighter, and the PJ did not apprehend it during the search. The PJ did a request to the judge of criminal instruction from Portimão, after the parents were constituted as arguidos, so that the diary was apprehended and could be carefully checked. The objective was to realize if it contained elements that allowed to explain the disappearance of the girl and also to understand better Kate's relation with the children.


Besides the diligences of the Judiciary Police, Kate and Gerry McCann indicated witnesses who they want to be heard. Until now they supplied to the authorities a list of fifty persons for questionings, between them are friends and the English persons that were with them in the Algarve at the time of the disappearance of the child.
An information attributed to a family source was given yesterday stating that Kate and Gerry were accepting to participate in the reenactment of the crime, a suggestion asked by the Judiciary Police.

The couple would have supplied to the authorities two possible dates to return to Portugal. It was not known if same they had been accepted or if the authorities indicated the third one.

Nevertheless, the reenactment of the night of the disappearance, if it happens, will have to be done in May - month during which Maddie disappeared, a year ago.
If Gerry and Kate McCann to accept to come to Portugal will continue in the condition of arguidos, situation that was imposed on them by the Judiciary Police seven months ago.


Fiona and David Payne were heard yesterday by the Portuguese and English authorities. The couple came separated - Fiona in the morning and David in the afternoon.
The declarations were given in the installations of the Leicester Police, where Fiona arrived at around 11h. The details of the testimonies are for now secret.

The Judiciary Police team that is in Leicester made a point of keeping a total reserve about the information, requesting the same to the English police officers who supervise the diligences.

The statements of the couple were important for the reason that David was the one that saw Madeleine for the last time. The friend of the couple McCann guarantees to have seen the girl at around 18h30 - a little time before she entered inside the bedroom, in the resort where the family stayed.

The McCanns had dinner in the esplanade of the Paraíso Restaurant, with their three children, and have stated that they returned to the apartment perceptibly at this time. Nearly one hour and thirty minutes then they went out from the apartment and went to the Tapas restaurant, where they all had dinner. Between 21h30 and 22h00 Kate McCann gave the alert for the disappearance of the girl.

The day before yesterday, the interrogations of Jane and Russell O'Brien were extensive. The team of the Judiciary Police only left from the installations of their British counterparts at around 21h00, almost 12 hours after there they had entered.


The team of the PJ of Portimão that is in Leicester is composed by the superior coordinator Paulo Rebelo, who directs that department of the police, and two more investigators that have in their charge this process. They are staying in the Ramada Hotel, in the city centre, and they are transported in the morning and in the night by the English police.

They keep silent about the work being done, but they have been appearing cordial with the press, which is accommodated in the same hotel. Yesterday, the investigators left from the hotel at around 08h30. They returned at around 19h30.


Gerry called the police to the vicinities of his house in Rothley to identify the journalists of the 'CM' who were registering his exit in a taxi for the train station of where they would follow to Brussels. Two hours later, in London, he authorized the English Press to photograph him smiling with Kate.

While the PJ was hearing Fiona and David, Kate and Gerry were traveling for Brussels. Today they are going to present in the European Parliament a proposal for a system of alert for missing children.

The wish of the police for the McCanns to take part in a reconstitution of the day of the disappearance is confirmed. Not as clear is if the couple intends or not to accept the suggestion of the authorities.

The PJ will not accept the suggestion of the McCanns to hear more than 50 persons, between friends and British that were in Praia da Luz. The English police will not initiate the diligences.


The McCanns want the reconstitution to be filmed and handed over to broadcast companies so that is known by the public.

The objective, according to the spokesman of the couple, is that this could lead to new traces coming from persons who were, at the time, in the Luz.

The details of the investigations carried out by the team of the PJ led by Paulo Rebelo are unknown.

It’s known that Jane was questioned about the man who she said to have seen in the vicinities of Ocean Club before Maddie was last seen.

Jane's husband had to explain why he was gone away of the dinner where the whole group was.

Today there are heard Mathew Oldfield and Rachel, doctors, parents of one baby of 18 months. Tomorrow Diane Fiona's mother will be cross-examined.

The elements of the PJ are returning tomorrow to Portugal. During the morning they will have to go to the police of Leicester, flying then by the end of the afternoon for Faro.

The English police are presiding over the interrogations to the friends of the McCanns. Portuguese authorities only accompany the diligences.

Clarence Mitchell revealed to the journalists the PJ wants Kate and Gerry in Portugal on the 15 and 16th of May. The dates are not confirmed.

Source: Correio da Manhã

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