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Justice: On the eve of the little girl’s disappearance Kate leaves Maddie Crying

In Correio da Manhã this morning:

On the 2nd of May, one day before the disappearance, Kate McCann left her daughter alone in the bedroom with the 18-month-old twins and Maddie cried, shouting and screaming for her father. The description had already been made by the neighbour above the apartment that had been rented by the McCanns at Praia da Luz, but the story was reportedly confirmed by Kate in September, when she was made an arguida. At that point in time, she confessed to the PJ that she did not attend to her crying daughter, who was only three years old, and remembered that the child begged for her attention the next morning, over breakfast. “Mommy, why didn’t you come when we were crying last night”, Maddie asked, according to the report that was made by Kate to the PJ.

The excerpt of the deposition was reported by Spanish television channel Telecinco yesterday, on the same day that the members of the Policia Judiciaria ended the interrogation of the seven friends who dined at the Tapas restaurant, on the 3rd of May.

The investigators spent three days in Leicester and are scheduled to leave the East Midlands airport, north of London, today. The team from the Judiciaria is foreseen to land in Faro at around 9 a.m. During the afternoon, the group will meet with the prosecutor from the Public Ministry, to whom they will report about the diligences that were carried out on English soil.

The seven friends of the McCanns that were on holidays in Praia da Luz were questioned and the PJ can depart into a new phase of the investigation. One in which the main bet seems to be the reconstitution of the crime scene in order to verify the presented testimonies.

But this diligence only makes sense if the McCanns and their friends participate. Which seems increasingly unlikely, taking into account the public statements made by Clarence Mitchell, the family’s spokesman, who while denying that the couple is blackmailing the PJ by demanding impossible conditions, insists on the need to film the reconstitution, so it can be broadcast by an English television channel.

Apart from that, Clarence Mitchell said yesterday that the family was trying to understand what the purpose of the diligence was, guaranteeing afterwards that they would be available to participate in situations that ‘had the goal to find the child’. That would not be the case if the PJ were only trying to reinforce the thesis of the parents’ guilt, which led them to be made arguidos over the suspicion of homicide and concealment of a cadaver.

Gerry even suggested yesterday that the reconstitution should be filmed with actors and that the description of the alleged suspect of abduction – which was presented by the couple some months ago - should be publicized.

The Portuguese lawyers representing the family seem to have a different position. On Tuesday, Rogério Alves and Carlos Pinto Abreu, who represent the McCanns in Portugal, added a document to the process, in which they stated that the couple would be available to participate in the reconstitution. This is now denied by the family, which continues to demand conditions to cooperate with the investigation.

Gerry said yesterday that they will not return to Portugal on the 3rd of May. What they will do to mark the disappearance of the child, is to remain private, Kate added, who also doesn’t confirm the return to the location where Maddie disappeared from.

Couple at the European Parliament

The parents of Madeleine McCann appealed yesterday, at the European Parliament, for the swift creation of a European alert system for missing children, stating that the experiments that were made in some countries have already demonstrated its success. Kate McCann said that, apart from her daughter, ‘thousands of other children are victims in Europe’ and underlined that, in cases of disappearance, ‘the first hours are critical’. ‘Do not wait for another child to disappear and another family to suffer like we do’, she stated. Gerry McCann supported himself on several ‘success cases’, like the system that was adopted by France, which was activated five times since it was created in 2006, and the children were recovered on all occasions.



Kate and Gerry McCann always said that they would cooperate with the Policia Judiciaria. But now that this cooperation was requested, they show reservations about participating in the reconstitution, fearing that it will incriminate them.

Final results

The PJ now holds all the results from the laboratory in Birmingham – where several residues that had been found in the holiday apartment and inside the car that had been rented by the couple, were analyzed. The results are still not absolutely conclusive.

Deadlines ending

The deadline that was given by the judge for the judicial secrecy ends on May 15. The Public Ministry can request the judge to grant an extension of another three months, and that time lapse can be further extended at the prosecutor’s request.

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