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Maddie Case: Inspector is going to reveal the enigma of the night of the 3rd of May

Mystery also in film [documentary]

...It is going to explain the whole lie that was created...

What really happened in the night of the 3rd of May, in Praia da Luz, when Madeleine McCann disappeared, will be one of the most 'explosive' sections of the book the inspector of the PJ Gonçalo Amaral is writing and that intends to turn, later, into a documentary.

The CM knows that the investigator of the PJ - who coordinated the case in the first months and now is close to leave the police after having asked the reform already has practically finished book. Like CM revealed yesterday the book is going to have the title ‘Truth of the Lie’ – ‘Verdade da Mentira’.

The contents were already analysed by a publisher, who proposed the book to be published as well in English. According to a what a source close to Gonçalo Amaral said to the CM "there is not a definite date for the launch", but, everything indicates, that the book launch will happen only after the lifting of the Secrecy of Justice on the current process still in course at the Public Prosecution Service of Portimão.

As for the intention of recreating the mediatic case in a film, this will be done in a documentary style and there is a production company already interested. “It is going to explain the whole lie that was created and to put in question the institutions that investigated and that are connected to the case ", revealed to the CM the same source, which had previously read some sections of the future publication.



The publication of the controversial book will only happen after the lifting of the Secrecy of Justice. “The intention is to put the truth back of what happened on that night and not to create problems to its author ", explained to the 'CM' a close source to Gonçalo Amaral.

In spite of being near to the retirement, accumulating 38 years of service - 26 in the police force plus eight more years of military service added of 20 % of bonus - Gonçalo Amaral risks being punished with the publication of the book. Even in the retirement, the inspector has an obligation to carry out the disciplinal regulation of the police.

Source: Correio da Manhã


  1. Que venha o deslindar do enigma,nem que seja com pseudónimo e "personagens e acontecimentos fictícios" e com o aviso de "qualquer semelhança com factos verdadeiros é pura coincidência".

    Que tenha bons suportes a nível de apoio jurídico; de editora; de amigos que o protejam.
    À cautela deixava cópias no cofre de um banco ou em amigos ou outros sítios que nem me passam pela cabeça.Não acho que seja exagero o que escrevi.
    Toda a segurança e mais alguma.
    Que,de modo algum,seja mais castigado!CHEGA!
    É sempre o mais pequeno que apanha "tareia"(real ou não).

    Os "grandes" sabem muito.

    Um documentário também.Melhor ainda.

    Todos nós que nos preocupamos pelas injustiças feitas à Maddie e que queremos que a Justiça para Ela aconteça,também queremos saber mais,ou tudo, sobre as verdades das mentiras.

    Boa sorte para todos os que se revoltam com as Injustiças.

    Maddie,estamos sempre contigo e com os outros meninos infelizes que passaram por desgraças abomináveis.

  2. J.M., peço desculpa pois enviei esta notícia para o explendor.

    E,agora proponho a leitura nesse Blog de:


  3. E no Blog do P.R. o comentário do "donut"(doughnut).


  4. Commenting on the proposed book Clarence Mitchell said:

    "It's reported that it will not be published until Kate and Gerry’s arguido status is lifted.
    We are grateful to Mr Amaral for acknowledging that it will be lifted."

    Amaral did not say that their arguito status will be lifted.

    The book will be published after the lifting of the Secrecy of Justice.

    Mitchell added:
    "We also expect Mr Amaral to adhere fully to Portugal's secrecy laws, as we have done all along."

    Isn't Mr. Mitchell, forgetting the Jane Tanner TV series?

  5. Great work!

    I used to post on Anorak and am NOT a pro-McCann!

    Lets hope the neglect of children is not hidden by claims the McCanns make to be seeking to HELP children - they are hijacking the 'Amber Alert' scheme and should be reminded - prevention is so much better than cure!

    Sadly the administrator agw on Anorak is a pompous ass and he barred me after I complained at attacks from pro-McCann posters.

    I was a little naughty as I posted the definition of 'bully' and agw seemed to think it fitted him!

    Pity you have a link to Anorak here, I'd rather see them kept in the backwater as I suspect the administrator is a pro-McCann plant, using self generated users to attack posters such as myself.

    Anyway, keep up the great work!


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