1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Maddie False Sightings around the World

The World Looks for Madeleine McCann...


March 2008

The false Maddie sighting began when a woman notified police after she spotted a little girl getting off a train from Wollongong at Central station holding the hand of a "French-speaking man dressed in black" about 11am.


August 2007

Detectives have issued a sketch of a Dutch man and an English woman seen with the girl in a restaurant in Tongeren on the Dutch border.

Student Jolien Houbrech, 21, who works as waitress at the east Belgian town's De Pauze restaurant said she had served the couple and the girl on Saturday.

Police had removed the girl's drink and taken it away for forensic tests, she said.

She described the child as aged five or six with long blonde hair.

Miss Houbrech said she did not have suspicions about the couple until another customer had alerted her to the girl's resemblance to Madeleine.


December 2007

A British tourist believes he may have seen the missing four-year-old while on a trip to the Roman Catholic shrine of Medjugorje in Bosnia ten days ago.

The man from Fermanagh in Northern Ireland reportedly became suspicious after seeing a little blonde girl with a dark haired couple, who he felt could not be her parents.

"I'm sure that this child was not theirs and I'm convinced it could have been Madeleine," he said at the weekend. "She was very agitated and sobbing."


January 2008

A child matching the four-year-old's description was spotted in the northern city of Vicuna - 6,000 miles away from where she was snatched. The little blonde girl was seen with a couple visiting the Gabriela Mistral museum, around 330 miles north of the capital Santiago.

A witness told police the man resembled an artist's impression of a potential suspect released across the world last week.

The witness, a 40-year-old refrigerator repair man, said both adults were speaking a foreign language - not the native Spanish - when he saw them.


February 2008

Detectives are said to be launching a major inquiry into the claim that the missing four-year-old was seen by a man in Dorset.

Retired civil servant Alan Cameron alerted police after a Portuguese couple turned up at his home in the village of Stratton.


February 2008

Investigators had taken seriously a Dutch teenage tourist's account that she believed she had seen McCann alive at a French roadside restaurant near the city of Montpellier on Feb. 15, a police official said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

After viewing closed-circuit video footage, police investigators spotted a man and a young girl who indeed resembled the British girl, but determined it was not McCann after a thorough inspection, the official said.

The file has been transferred to a state prosecutor in Montpellier, the official said, declining to provide further information.

On Wednesday, Dutch newspaper De Gelderlander interviewed Melissa Firing, 18, who said she was sure the girl she saw was McCann because of the way she reacted when she called out her name, and because she was able to look her in the eyes.


May 2007

A Swiss vacationer believed he had seen Madeleine with a man in a hotel on the island of Crete. This has also proved to be a false alarm.


June 2007

A police source said: “The only report supported by evidence was made by a person who said saw Madeleine in Zejtun [in the south of Malta]. The person had enough sense to get a mobile snap shot of the girl, which resulted not being the young Maddie.

Ray Roberts, 49, from Anglesey, north Wales, said that on Sunday night he saw a girl in Sliema, on the northeast coast of Malta, wearing what he said was a jet black wig as she was taken away by an Arabic looking man in his 40s and a younger woman. The man spoke to the child haltingly in English.

June 2007

A second report was filed on the 17th June, when two British women claimed to have seen a girl remarkably similar to Madeleine McCann near the Floriana bus terminus. The girl was seen in company of a middle-aged woman. The two boarded a bus headed for Qawra and alit it once they reached St Paul’s Bay.

Following media reports pertaining to the case which were published in the media on Thursday, Police received seven further reports of alleged sightings. Police said that the reports were given by six women, one man and an anonymous person. The person or persons allegedly accompanying the child differed in the reports. The girl was allegedly seen in Valletta, Sliema, Medina and Marsascala in the days and weeks leading up to Thursday, 21st June.


September 2007

The picture -- taken on Aug. 31 in the town of Zinat by a Spanish tourist -- shows a blonde child strapped to the back of a local woman.

The girl in the image is named Bushra Binhisa and comes from a village in the Rif mountains in northern Morocco where her family have lived and farmed several generations, the Daily Mail reported.

Tourist Clara Torres, who took the picture, said that when she later compared it to a photo of Madeleine, "We realized yes, it could be her. It sent shivers down my spine.

May 2007

Portuguese detectives are liaising with Interpol after a Norwegian woman told newspapers she saw a "sad" looking girl fitting Madeleine's description with a 35 to 40-year-old male at a petrol station on the outskirts of Marrakech.

Marie Olli, 45, said the blonde girl was with an "anonymous" man who could be from Britain. She claimed the pair didn't seem related and she became suspicious when the child asked the man: "Can I see mummy soon?"

However, it wasn't until she returned home to Fuengirola in Spain after the May 9 sighting, six days after Madeleine was snatched from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on the Algarve, that she saw TV coverage of her disappearance.

May 2007

A Spanish mother told today how she is convinced she saw Madeleine McCann being dragged across a street in Morocco.

The potential witness believes she spotted the missing girl with a woman in a headscarf crossing a road in the northern town of Zaio in May.

She said she told her husband to stop the car. "I shouted 'Stop! It's Madeleine, the missing girl.' But by the time we pulled over and ran back to where she had crossed, they had both vanished."


March 2008

A British couple claim they saw a small bundle being smuggled on a jetski and taken out to sea just a few miles from where Madeleine McCann went missing.

He then appeared to take the bundle it to a small “official-looking” grey boat moored just off the coast at Salema, six miles up the coast from Praia Da Luz where Madeleine went missing last May.

Despite the fact that the couple reported their sighting to the Ocean Club resort, where the McCann family had been staying, police have not yet investigated the incident or called them in to be interviewed.

The witnesses, who did not want to be named, are from south-west England and were visiting relatives Patrick Matthews, 37, and his wife Eliza, 25, in Salema, near Praia da Luz.

February 2008

A Portuguese taxi driver has told how he picked up Madeleine McCann with a blonde woman who looked like Kate McCann and three men including one who looked like suspect Robert Murat the night of her disappearance.

Antonio Castela, 67, said he dropped off the missing girl and her English-speaking mystery companions at an Algarve hotel and watched them drive off in a blue jeep.

November 2007

Spanish private investigators say they are confident that Madeleine McCann was kidnapped and that the net is closing on her abductors.

The investigators, who were hired by the missing British girl's parents, are currently examining an alleged sighting of the four-year-old in central Portugal two days after she disappeared.

A witness claims to have seen her in a car with a woman.


April 2008

Tourist Margaret Jones believes she saw the missing four-year-old at the Spanish island’s airport.

She contacted Metodo 3 — the detectives hired by the McCanns — after returning home to Cardiff.

The media worker, in her 60s, said: “I was sitting opposite a shop. I spotted a little girl with curly red hair with a man, who was about 5ft 10in.

August 2007

Police are investigating fresh claims that Madeleine McCann is alive and being held captive after witnesses reported seeing her being bundled into a car in Spain.

Two witnesses told detectives they are "certain" they saw the missing four-year-old girl with a man who was acting strangely at a petrol station earlier this week.

The sighting is a glimmer of hope for desperate parents Kate and Gerry McCann, who this week revealed that they believed their daughter was alive and being held somewhere in Spain.

The two female witnesses who triggered the latest police search told officers they saw a well-built man shoving the little girl, who resembled Madeleine, into a dark green Citroen ZX hatchback.

They watched as he mistreated her at a car wash at a Shell service station on a main road out of the port city of Cartagena on the country’s south-east coast.

...but did the Parents travelled to any of this locations?

"We'll cross Europe to find our Madeleine", said Gerry McCann back in May, 2007.

Well, apparently they travel planning guide from May 2007 until April 2008 was just a sophisticated campaign, that included jetting across the world and doing some high-profiled press events. Some countries they travelled to included Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy (Rome), Washington and the future trip to Brussels, to lobby for a similar system to US Amber alert in the European Parliament and to appear also in a global televised press conference.

Ironic, that two of the formal suspects in the Case Madeleine McCann: the parents who broke the law in Portugal, according to article 138º of the Portuguese Penal Code and neglected their three children by leaving them alone in an unlocked apartment at night while drinking and having dinner with friends in a Tapas Bar, 100 meters away; now try adopt a moral high ground joining forces with ICMEC, NMEC, CEOP, PACT (missing children associations) and with some British MEP's.

Are they really the only couple that can represent missing children in Europe? Is the European Parliament full of gullible MP's who are taken in by the McCanns Farce?

Obviously, Clarence Mitchell, the McCann's couple spokesman had something to say, again:

"Next to finding Madeleine, the introduction of a system which might save another child is the matter closest to their hearts.

"They never want another family to go through what they have gone through."

Mr Mitchell denied that the trip to Brussels by the McCanns, of Rothley, Leics, was a "diversionary tactic".

The spokesman said: "It is a coincidence of timing." -talking about the coincidence of the McCanns travelling to Brussels while the Judiciary Police is in England for the inquests to the McCann's friends. As if...


  1. The job of Clarence Mitchell consists in denying everything that is published against the McCanns and also to spread news sustaining the abduction theory.

  2. This is politics. Bad politics. Like nominating Hitler as spokesman for England. Very dumb.

  3. Clarence Mitchell is a pink shirted buffoon, trying to match the pytzamas that Tanner saw.

  4. This is sheer lunacy. Madeleine McCann's parent's are world-renowned for leaving three kids under 4 years-old alone in a hotel room in foreign country while they got sloshed with their friends in a tapas bar 100 yards away. Had they not acted in this neglectful manner, their 3 year-old-daughter Madeleine would not found herself in a situation where she needed a Europe-wide missing child alert system.

    And the chutzpah of the parents traveling to a foreign country, next week , the exact time when Police are scheduled to start their interrogation of their Tapas 7 fellow revelers, is astonishing. Lets hope the Eurocrats see through this thinly disguised attempt to distract from the facts the parents are still officially "argudoes" in their daughter's disappearance, and that the police investigation is not over.

    A Europe-wide missing child alert system, along the lines of the US Amber-Alert system is long overdue. But its European sponsors would be wise to use spokespeople that are respected, and not despised by such a huge segment of the population. In the long term they will find its far better to push the launch out a few weeks and find the right spokesperson, rather than rush it through and forever have the project hijacked by the McCann's incessant need to generate personal PR.


  5. European irresponsibility

    Two suspects of the disappearance of their own daughter will be guests at the European Parliament, following a campaign to create a European alert system when a child disappears. Several members of parliament had the idea to invite a couple that left three children under 4 years old all alone, in an apartment with unlocked doors, 100 meters from the bar where they were having diner with a few friends – something they have done several times, before.

    I presume that those same members of European Parliament could invite Ian Huntley as a speaker, for an initiative like a campaign against child murders. Of course, the situation is different. Gerry and Kate McCann are only formal suspects in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and Ian Huntley has confessed he killed two children. But it’s ironic that someone who showed a so shocking lack of basic responsibility, leaving three small children alone, became envolved in a campaign to protect children.

  6. Putting things into perspective: The McCanns are ‘parents’ who have (by their own admission) left their children alone while they socialised with friends, they are suspects in Madeleine’s disappearance and have nothing whatsoever to substantiate their claims that Madeleine had been abducted, yet they are attending a debate with regard child abduction? Where is the sense in that?

    What can the McCanns add to this debate? Do not leave your children unattended while you socialise? Please remember to get a babysitter to watch over your children? That’s common sense with most parents and does not exactly correspond with the ‘Amber Alert’.

    But perhaps rather than asking the above questions people should be questioning why the European Parliament has allowed the McCanns to be present.


  7. Resulta sorprendente que los McCann visiten el Parlamento Europeo, para discutir temas que hacen a la seguridad infantil, dado que son sospechosos oficiales en una investigación criminal en curso por la desaparición de su hija y además han admitido ante todo público haber dejado de noche y sin supervisión de un adulto a sus tres hijos menores de cuatro años, para ir de tapas y copas. En ese sentido se ha violado el derecho fundamental de todo niño a la seguridad y a la protección y no se entiende cómo violadores de derechos humanos infantiles puedan opinar sobre cuestiones de seguridad de la infancia.

    Recordemos también que el sistema de Alerta Amber es útil si se ha comprobado fehacientemente que se trata de un secuestro, y que una de las recomendaciones del gobierno americano es "no utilizarlo a menos que las autoridades hayan establecido que realmente se trata de un secuestro". Por las medidas que las autoridades portuguesas han tomado, el caso Madeleine dista de serlo. La PJ no ha establecido fehacientemente que se trate de un secuestro, sino que ha nombrado arguido a los padres de la desaparecida.

    En el caso de padres que tan notoriamente descuidan a sus hijos, no garantizándoles sus derechos fundamentales, ¿es pertinente utilizar sistemas que han sido concebidos para padres responsables? En otras palabas, el uso de sistemas de seguridad por padres que no se preocupan por la seguridad de sus hijos y que "a posteriori" reclaman al Estado la devolución de hijos que no protegieron adecuadamente, ¿no va en detrimento de los beneficios que el sistema de alerta pueda prestar a padres que sí protegen a sus hijos y que han sido víctimas de secuestros debidamente verificados por las autoridades?


  8. Unbelievable that these 2 parent's would be chosen to speak on behalf of ANY child safety issue.. Until they are no longer ARGUIDOS, it sickens me to see their names alongside this issue.

  9. 21 steps to trial by StinkySardine at the 3 A's

    1 - Police has knowledge of ‘occurence’. Decides if it likely to be a crime

    2 – After Max 10 days, if it is likely to be crime, has to report to the Prosecutor Services (Ministério Público)
    3 – The INQUIRY PHASE begins. The Ministério Público (MP) starts the investigation. A prosecutor heads the investigation, with the help of the police. Under certains circumstances, this phase can be under secrecy of justice (new code. Previously it was, by default under secrecy of justice).

    4 – Some powers can be delegated by the Ministério Público to the police (PJ)

    5 – All is overseen by an INSTRUCTION JUDGE which has to approve certain measures like preventive arrest, etc.

    6 – Art. 58 determines when and how the arguido status is given at this phase. Why’s that? Because Art. 57 defines the arguido as the person against whom charges are layed or against whom instruction is required (ie, the general legal rule is that the arguido is only arguido when charged with the exceptions of art. 58 – which are many, actually). The arguido remains an arguido until the end of the whole process.

    7 – When the inquiry phase ends, the Ministério Público will have to decide whether or not to lay charges. Art. 279 regulates in which cases the inquiry can be re-opened if the MP decides not to lay charges.

    8 – If the MP decides to lay charges (if enough INDICATIONS have been collected), then:

    9 – The INSTRUCTION PHASE begins. This phase is OPTIONAL. The arguido has to request it. If not, it goes directly to trial.

    10 – The instruction phase is LED by the instruction judge (vs. ‘overseen’ as in the inquiry phase).

    11 – The instruction phase is made of all instructory acts that the judge decides are necessary and including, ALWAYS, an INSTRUCTORY DEBATE which is an oral and adversarial instructory act, performed with all parties present, presided by the judge.

    12 – Both the MP and the arguido can assist to ALL instructory acts. They can also request any explanations or ask to the judge to ask any questions they find necessary to discover the truth, including calling witnesses or requiring further diligences. The judge can delegate some of this diligences in the PJ. Remember that even those performed by the PJ can be assisted by the arguido

    13 – The judge can deny requests that are obviously not necessary to discover the truth and/or have as purpose the delay of the process.

    14 – All acts and diligences performed in the inquiry phase NEED NOT be repeated as long as they followed the correct legal form or when such repetition is crucial to the purposes of the instruction phase

    15 – No CHARACTER WITNESSES are allowed at this phase. Actually, art. 128 restricts their use.

    16 – At the instructory debate is basically a rather informal ‘get together’ where everybody discusses what has been done so far so the judge will have a clearer perception if the is enough for an indictment or not.

    17 – In this case (no preventive prisioners), the judge will have FOUR MONTHS for the INSTRUCTION PHASE (counting from the date of the request to open that phase)

    18 – The judge then makes the INSTRUCTORY DECISION which is to make the indictment or not. If so, it goes to trial. If not, it doesn’t.

    19 – The instructory decision is unappealable, unless it’s null.

    20 – It can be null if the Decision amounts to facts that are substantially distinct from the facts that originated the charge. In that case, the judges should have sent the whole thing back and the MP should do it all over. If during the instruction phase, there are only minor differences between charge and facts leading to the indictment, then the whole this is ‘adjusted’ at this phase. THIS IS IMPORTANT AND EXPLAINS WHY IS CAREFUL TO MAKE A ‘BULL’S EYE’ CHARGE!

    21 – The TRIAL PHASE begins. A new judge (a panel of 3 actually), with the possibility of a jury – under certain circumstances and rather rarely used.

  10. What a pair of two-faced bastards!

  11. I hope people are aware the fund is a business and not a charity, and the McCanns hired the same extradition lawyer who saved the Murderous dictator Pinoche from seeing justice?

  12. The McCanns now setting themselves up, as ambassadors for child safety!? The naivest of parents would not leave a 3 year old with her siblings ALONE, in an apartment (there's a good start) whilst out in a restaurant with friends. What possesses agencies to entertain seriously the concerns of the McCanns with regard child safety. (AMBERT ALERT) ?

  13. How did Madeleine's blood get into the car the family hired 5 weeks after she "disappeared"?

    Why did the cadaver dogs say a human body had been in that car?

  14. They are disgraceful human beings and their one year long campaign is only to convince everybody that what they did is responsible parenting, this must sound like music to the ears of paedophiles and child abductors everywhere.

  15. This is farcical… and for those that still doubt the government intervention of the British establishment… should really think twice about this.

    The PJ in the UK… the McCanns go to Brussels sponsored by the British political establishment. Marvellous.

  16. To: President of the European Parliament
    Mr Hans-Gert Pöttering
    C/o Mr Klaus Welle – Head of Cabinet

    Dear President

    RE/ Article 24 (1) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU

    It has been announced that on Thursday 10 April Gerry and Kate McCann will be visiting the European Parliament in Brussels for a meeting about a missing child hotline. http://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/expert/infopress_page/008-25732-098-04-15-901-20080403IPR25728-07-04-2008-2008-false/default_en.htm

    In so far as I am aware, Portuguese police authorities have not confirmed that Madeleine’s disappearance was an “abduction”. Gerry and Kate McCann are official suspects in an ongoing criminal investigation on the disappearance of their daughter.

    The McCann couple have repeatedly confirmed in public statements that they left their 3 children (all of which under the age of 4) alone in the apartment when Madeleine allegedly disappeared.

    Article 24 (1) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union states “The rights of the child: Children shall have the right to such protection and care as is necessary for their well-being.” Based on their own public admissions, it is questionable if the McCanns have granted their daughter Madeleine the level of protection and care that was necessary for her well-being –at least on the night when she allegedly disappeared.

    It is worrying that the European Parliament or some of its elected members choose to overlook and possibly interfere in an ongoing criminal investigation by offering two of the official suspects the possibility to support the claims that Madeleine was abducted (a fact that has not been confirmed). It is inadmissible that the European Parliament or some of its members tacitly condone behaviours (such as those confirmed by the McCanns) when admitted to leaving three children alone in an apartment.

    I would greatly appreciate if you could clarify how the European Parliament can aim to uphold Article 24 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, whilst condoning the behaviours described above.

    Yours sincerely

  17. The European Hotline for Missing Children already exists:116000.

  18. Francisco Moita Flores is one of the best Portuguese criminologists and a former policemen. He made a list of 22 questions he’d like to ask the McCann couple, here they are translated into English:

    1- Who was the last person outside the couple who saw Madeleine alive?
    2- When you left the house for dinner, was Maddie sleeping or awake?
    3- Were the other children sleeping?
    4- How did you organize the periodic checking on the children?
    5- Who was the first adult who went to check on children?
    6- Who was the second one?
    7- What was the interval between the first two checks?
    8- How many children from the other couples were sleeping at the same time?
    9- What was the checking order?
    10- How much time passed between the last person outside the couple who saw Maddie alive, and the alert was given?
    11- How much time between learning that she dissapeared and telling the authorities?
    12- Who spoke with the police?
    13- Who participated in the first searching efforts?
    14- What did you touch while searching?
    15- Where did you look for her?
    16- Did you have bleach or hydrochloric acid at home?
    17- What was the supermarket where you bought it?
    18- When did you buy these cleaning products?
    19- Who knew where they were stored?
    20- Did any of the friends change clothes during that night?
    21- Was any of them absent for one hour or more?
    22- Will you let the twins talk to a child psychiatrist to let him know what they saw?”

  19. The McScams are always trying to make up stories - the latest news pointed at Metodo 3 paying witnesses to say Madeleine was in Morocco and the parents insist in keeping them. Why? Because they help them with the SPIN!

  20. It's most disgusting the way Team McCann try to create connections of every possible kidnapping case with whatever happened in Praia da Luz, like with poor Mari Luz, they used her photo along with Madeleine's without Mari's parents permission and even asked for money for the posters. Mari luz was treated by the biased British press as just a "dead girl" linked with Madeleine. The McCanns have no heart, hypocrites!

  21. Jogos de poder, de mentira e de teatro, rodearam de imediato este caso, tentando atirar poeira para o caminho da PJ. Desde o primeiro telefonema pata a imprensa britânica em vez de informar a polícia, passando pelos amigos, pelos assessores de imprensa, pela jornalista inglesa que denunciou Murat, faz tudo parte do jogo. A PJ está a pisar um terreno muito pantanoso para onde, até algumas pessoas "i"responsáveis deste país, estão a deitar lama.
    A PJ está, literalmente, a remar contra a maré.

  22. ... O que é que o caso da menina espanhola tem a ver com a maddie?... Só aparece o que há para aparecer.Foi um agente Inglês quem disse que a polícia portuguesa não tinha sido suficientemente agressiva com os MacCann. A verdade é que os senhores não podiam sair dos interrogatórios com nódoas negras, mesmo que fossem feitas com listas telefónicas.

    Depois, compare-se o comportamento dos pais da Maddie com o dos pais da menina espanhola. De tal forma que, desde bem cedo, o pai espanhol não permitiu a "colagem" dos casos, que os MacCan pretendiam fazer. Quando a senhora MacCan se decidir a falar, estou convencido de que tudo se resolve. Depois, não estou a ver qual o problema em estarem indicados como arguidos. Qual o medo, se há pouca gente, nesta altura, que, enquanto arguido, disponha dos apoios que esses senhores têm. Só precisam de lhe juntar a consciência, que, em verdade, será o mais difícil.

    Sem discutir a qualidade das polícias de um e de outro país, deve ser acrescentado que a Polícia Inglesa não trouxe, até agora, nada de novo. O que até compreendo, na medida em que, por lá —como por cá—, também as investigações devem estar condicionadas. E se os MacCann não tivessem feito figura de parolos; se não tivessem partido do princípio de que poderiam enganar a "aldeia", ter-se-iam comportado de outro modo e facilitado as coisas. Mas não. Optaram pelas coferências e pelos assessores, como, por razões que desconheço, se tivessem tornado importantes. Qualquer pessoa sensata, enquanto pai ou mãe, envidaria esforços para recuperar o filho e sofreria em recato, não gastaria tempo a ler sentimentos artificiais em público. Quem sente, não precisa de ler, diz.

  23. Se estes filhos da puta vierem a Portugal eu serei um entre muitos que os vão receber...não, que não vou...

  24. .Grande lata..destes gajos.
    Todo o mundo sabe que a pequenina morreu de overdose (droga a mais para dormir) enquanto os pais foram para um bacanal (nisso ninguém tem nada com isso).....
    Depois foi um telefonema para UK (número secreto do MI5) ..depois entregar o cadáver em Espanha (os cães não são subornáveis)...o MI5 encarregou-se de o fazer desaparecer (para que servem os amigos do Blair?)
    O problema é que a nossa PJ que sabe de tudo isto,,,...não consegue arranjar provas ...sem a colaboração da polícia inglesa e......estes já receberam ordens pra ficar calados-.........
    Este é o grande problema

  25. From The Sunday Times
    June 17, 2007
    Kate McCann may quit as GP to fight child trafficking
    Steven Swinford and Mark Macaskill
    THE MOTHER of Madeleine McCann may give up her job as a doctor to campaign against child trafficking and raise awareness about missing children.
    Kate and Gerry McCann, whose four-year-old daughter vanished in Portugal 45 days ago, are alarmed that child trafficking is not taken seriously enough.
    Kate, 38, is now considering leaving her job as a GP to campaign full-time.
    A family friend said: “They have come to realise that this is a major issue. If they can act as figureheads then that’s all well and good.

    becoming my full-time career, with this whole issue of child welfare and opposing paedophiles’.”
    Her plans come after meeting child welfare groups and politicians on trips to European capitals.
    The McCanns hope to lobby politicians to create an international system that would alert police, media and the public within hours of a child going missing. In Madeleine’s case, border posts were not told until 12 hours after her abduction.
    John McCann, Madeleine’s uncle, said: “We are at the stage where we’re feeling comfortable about broadening the issue. Criminal abductions of children are happening fairly regularly across the world. It’s horrible. It’s a political issue that’s low on the agenda but should be higher.”

  26. Innocence - "free of blame".

    The McCanns allege their child was abducted during their abandonment of three vulnerable children - two 2 year old babies and their 3 year old sister. This occurred for five consecutive nights in an alien environment.

    On behalf of Police investigators, Eddie & Keela confirmed death and forensic evidence they pinpointed substantiate it.

    Police procedures in this case continue to be subjected to political intervention, delaying tactics, hindrance and manipulation.

    Until such time as two Police forces dossiers of evidence are fully examined in Court, the question of the McCanns guilt cannot and will not be determined.

    At worst they are guilty of child abandonment; the Police perspective in this case, based on substantiated evidence is that the McCanns are responsible for the forensics, the disappearance of their daughter, wasting police time and, along with their associates - including CM - perverting the course of justice.

    By their own admissions, the McCanns are guilty gross neglect.

    Political prevention of requestioning the McCanns on past and new evidence along with presentation of ALL evidence in a Court of Law for Judgement does not exonerate GUILT.

    Perverting the course of justice does not and will never uphold a plea of innocence.

    In parallel cases, Sarah's and Sohom schoolgirls and, indeed, Shipman, suspects were subjected to Police procedures, like it or not, and were made answerable to Court.

    The protection, legal and media manipulation applied for nearly one year in this case is as abhorrent as the damning forensics.

    Forum commentators, Police and dossiers of evidence are treated as McCanns enemies and subjected to equal threat and menace on a daily basis.

  27. Charity begins at home - will the twins be MISSING their parents in their self promoting travels on behalf of MISSING children ??

    Are the twins receiving more or less parental care, love and stability since their sister's death (Police perspective) or has the use of nursery facilities increased ?

    Their behaviour actually makes me feel sick - the mind boggles as to what parents of true abductions must feel. Sarah Payne's mother was prevented from achieving her aims for public access to paedophile registers. Her efforts to protect children from similar horrendous fate were largely fruitless.

    Miliband appears focussed on making McCanns ambassadors, despite their admission of neglectful parenting.

    Political involvement in this case is sending out dangerous messages threatening childrens' safety.
    Shannon Matthews family hoped to obtain £1 m by criminal deception -inspired by McCanns success. Shannon was knowingly left in an at risk situation by her family for 24 days in the hands of, according to reports, an unsuitable adult. The entire family hid his existence, identity and address.

    But for the McCanns example, this family would have not have considered acting the way they did.

    The McCanns are a public menace -
    a risk to the safety of other people's children. This is on top of neglecting their own !!! horren

    Shannon at risk in the hands the mercy

    Milliband has made McCanns ambassadors, despite the fact Politically favoured McCanns


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