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Madeleine: Beware The Travelling Circus

Eurovision Blog:Beware The Madeleine Circus
From Sky News Europe correspondent Greg Milam

Beware the travelling circus.

Gerry McCann says he fears the reconstruction Portuguese police want could turn into a "media circus."

He certainly speaks from bitter experience - but should he look closer to home?

Mr and Mrs McCann are being trailed by a documentary film crew at the moment. They were there when the couple came to Brussels.

The finished programme will be broadcast just ahead of the first anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance.

The McCann have obviously done what they believe is best for the campaign and no-one would criticise them for that.

But the constant presence of the documentary team has certainly raised eyebrows among the European media.

Today's stories from Spain show Europe still has a massive appetite for the Madeleine story. They are also all too aware of the problems the McCanns have had with some media organistions.

So they're surprised that the family should subject themselves to such close-up media attention.

When broadcasters, including Sky News, were given a few minutes with the McCanns for interviews in Brussels, the documentary team hovered, filming us filming the McCanns.

Sadly it is not a reciprocal deal: we don't have access to THEIR interviews.

The interview room, the professional lighting, the entourage of people, the select list of who got an interview: it didn't feel like your usual 'campaigners visit European Parliament' event.

The McCanns have rightly defended their right to privacy since returning to the UK. Generally it has been observed.

But, our friends in Europe believe, there is a danger.

If you invite some media into your inner most circle, how do you ensure you can keep the rest from prying?

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