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Malinka Sues, Father Hubbard Prays and McCanns Accuse the PJ (Again!!)

SERGEI MALINKA is said to be preparing libel actions against British and Portuguese newspapers in connection with the Madeleine case.

According to Portuguese daily newspaper Metro, the Russian citizen will ask for payouts of 50,000 euros from each newspaper.

The number and the names of the newspapers were not revealed and the information could not be confirmed with Mr Malinka by the time The Resident went to press.

Sergei Malinka was interviewed as a witness by the PJ in the Madeleine McCann disappearance case. He had professional connections to Robert Murat, who became the first arguido, official suspect, in the investigation a few weeks after Madeleine disappeared from Praia da Luz, on May 3.

The Russian citizen created a website for online property company Romigen, which was at the time owned by Robert Murat and Michaela Walczuch, another of the witnesses in the case.

His action against the media follows news last week that Robert Murat (see The Resident edition of April 18) had begun a number of libel actions against 11 newspapers and one TV station in the UK.

Making history

Robert Murat’s legal representatives at the law firm Simons Muirhead & Burton confirmed the targets were Sky, The Daily Express, The Sunday Express, The Daily Star, The Daily Mail, The Evening Standard, The Metro, The Daily Mirror, The Sunday Mirror, The News of the World, The Sun and The Scotsman.

Reported as being the largest libel claim in the history of the British media by an individual, it is estimated that the total payout could be more than two million pounds if the action is successful.

Service of hope announced

A SERVICE to mark the 365 days since Madeleine McCann’s disappearance is to be held at the church of Nossa Senhora Da Luz, in Praia da Luz, where Kate and Gerry McCann regularly prayed, on Saturday, May 3 at 6.30pm.

Described as a service of hope and commemorating the year since Madeleine went missing, the theme of the service is “we want you home” and will be remembering Madeleine. It will be held in both Portuguese and

For further information regarding the service, please contact Father Haynes Q Hubbard, Senior Chaplain, on 282 789 660.

McCanns 'get no updates on inquiry'

Madeleine McCann's parents have so little contact with Portuguese detectives they can not be sure if police are still looking for her, her father said.

Gerry McCann said he and his wife Kate were receiving no information on the progress of the investigation and had been given no explanation as to why files are still being kept secret.

Rachael Oldfield, one of the couple's close friends and a key witness in the case, described the situation as "astounding".

Interviewed for the documentary "Searching for Madeleine" on BBC Radio 4 Mrs Oldfield said the couple have had no direct contact with Portuguese detective Paulo Rebelo, the man heading the inquiry.

And she accused the Policia Judiciaria (PJ) of "outrageous" leaking and "double standards" over Portugal's strict secrecy laws.

Kate and Gerry McCann were declared "arguidos" - or formal suspects - in the case in September although they deny any involvement in Madeleine's disappearance.

Their status makes any contact with the police far less likely but they have received no information on whether it is to be lifted.

"I think it's safe to say we're getting very little information," Mr McCann said.

"We haven't had any communication in terms of what's been done in the investigation."

Asked by interviewer Steve Kingstone whether he is convinced the police are still trying to find his daughter, Mr McCann replies: "I don't know. We'd like to know why the files are still secret almost a year on with a change in the penal code. We would like to know what is being done to find Madeleine."

Portugal Resident

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