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McCann couple accuses PJ of "maneuvers"

In Correio da Manhã this morning:

Justice: Publicising of statements given to the Judiciaria
McCann couple accuses PJ of "maneuvers"

The publicising of Kate's confessions when she was questioned by the PJ and made arguida - where she recognised that she had left Maddie crying on the night before her disappearance - left the child's parents on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Clarence Mitchell, the family's advisor, was complaining yesterday that this was nothing but a "maneuver to discredit the family", on the day that they had been to Brussels to present a European project to help track down missing children.

Mitchell, who one day earlier had stated that he would stay in London to enjoy the weekend, ended up returning to Rothley, where he gave several interviews to English televisions. He explained that Kate and Gerry were not involved in the disappearance, and had only told the authorities the truth. In their statements they had recognised their mistakes and revealed that Maddie had been sad and cried on the day before she disappeared, for staying alone in the room with her siblings. "They didn't hide anything. But it is not innocent that the facts have been made public now", the spokesman lamented.

The revelation of excerpts of the interrogations, carried out by Spanish channel Telecinco, shows that Kate remembered that the daughter had scolded her over the abandonment, at breakfast.

Kate also reported the circumstances in which she had noticed her daughter's disappearance. "When I went to check on Maddie I noticed that she was not there. I checked the whole apartment, then returned to the bedroom and saw the open shutters. I went to the window and didn't see her. I don't know whether I closed the window. I ran back to Tapas and shouted to Gerry that someone had taken her. [...] I ran the same route back to the apartment. [...] To my surprise, I realised that I could lift the shutters without any effort and without making a noise. [...] The soft toy was on the same spot where I had last seen it", Kate revealed, while Gerry guaranteed that he saw Maddie the last time that he checked the apartment, after 9.30 p.m.

"Someone is disoriented"

Carlos Anjos, the president of the Criminal Investigation Officers' Union (ASFIC), considers that the accusations of the PJ having publicised the interrogations are "a political fact just like others" and that "they are worth what they are worth". "Someone is disoriented and it's starting to show. When it is made public that the process is moving forward, there are always these insinuations", he said to CM. According to Carlos Anjos, "the PJ was being accused of not having a communication strategy and now it seems to have a fabulous strategy, using the Spanish channel that is used by the McCanns". It is remembered that the couple gave Telecinco an exclusive interview.


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