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McCanns and the Friends are Not Gentle at All Asking !!!

They even demand a private jet

The parents of Maddie and seven friends with whom they had for dinner in the Algarve did outrageous demands to return to Portugal

“A madness. What they demanded from us it is impossible of carrying out.” The declaration belongs to high-rank judiciary officer who accompanies the investigations to discover the whereabouts of Madeleine McCann, and they refer to the demands done by the parents of the child and by other eleven persons to whom the Portuguese authorities asked to participate in the re-enactment of Maddie's disappearance.

“ Requests for collaboration were sent to several persons residing abroad, namely to the McCann couple, to the seven friends with whom they had dinner on that night, to the two spokespersons they had, to a friend with whom Gerry McCann was playing tennis and to another acquaintance (Jeremy Wilkins).

“We have already received several answers. Nobody says no. But the demands that they do to return are completely impossible to accomplish”, affirmed the same source heard by the 24horas. Between the demands done by the McCanns in order that they return in the 15 and 16th of May is the removal of their arguido status: “That is impossible. The law does not allow the removal of this status until there is, or not, a decision of the Ministry is done and if it accuses them or not. Until then they will be always arguidos. There is no turn around”, explained another person in charge of the criminal section of the Court of Portimão.

To go to the 'Moon in skates'

A Judiciary source explained that it was asked for the witnesses to adjust the conditions that they imposed: “We are to the wait that the persons reconsider and answer us still during this month. One of the couples reached the top demanding a private jet to travel with the children to the Algarve.Another demanded to stay in a five stars hotel. The demands done by all demonstrate a notable strategy of the lawyers. Basically the only missing thing was to ask us to send them to the 'Moon in skates'. ”

Guilhermino Encarnação, the assistant director of the Judiciary Police and the very person in charge of the Directorship of Faro of that institution, confronted by 24horas with these facts, confirmed that the PJ received letters of the witnesses and of the arguidos to asking “certain conditions” to participate in the reconstitution of the facts. He pointed out that, in spite of being important, this diligence “is not essential for the investigations.”

McCann's Ponder

The couple McCann said yesterday, in a press conference carried out in Brussels that they are not against the reconstitution of what happened in the night of the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine, but wishes to understand better the format before deciding to participate.

“ We are interested in any proceeding that helps to find Madeleine ”, affirmed the father of the missing girl, Gerry McCann, pointing that if the idea is to wake memories, through a filmed reconstitution, with actors and the description of the suspect of kidnapping, the couple is “very much on behalf of that”. Questioned on his eventual participation in the reconstitution, Gerry McCann said that it is “a question to consider”, but he rejected to return to Portugal in the 3rd of May, the date that marks the first anniversary of the disappearance of their daughter.

System of alert

Maddie's parents appealed yesterday in Brussels to the quick creation of a European system of alert for children, affirming that the experiences carried out in some countries already demonstrated a result. Kate and Gerry participated, in the European Parliament, in the presentation of a declaration promoted by a group of Euro Deputies that exhorts the States of the EU to activate a system of alert for missing children, as it happens already in the United States and in some countries of Europe.

More questioned friends

Rachell Mannpilly, of 36 years, and the husband, Matthew Oldfield, of the same age, were the two main witnesses questioned yesterday by the Portuguese and English authorities in Leicester. The day before yesterday, on the contrary of what 24horas published, only David and Fiona Payne were questioned, confirming data that affect the credibility of Jane Tanner and Russell O'Brien statements. Fiona already gave four statements to the PJ, like Rachell and her husband. Matthew knew Gerry McCann in a hospital of Leicester. Questioned yesterday, Matthew could not explain why in the first cross-examination he said that he didn’t saw anything special at the home of the McCann and in the second and third one said he said that there was to much light in the apartment. “I do not remember”, it was the sentence that the investigators heard times, and times again in this diligence.

Kate's diary is not going to be confiscated

The Judiciary Police on the contrary of what yesterday was announced by a Portuguese newspaper, is not going to confiscate the two diaries written by Kate McCann after Madeleine's disappearance, on the 3rd of May of 2007, in the Algarve, since they judge them as of little value and not relevant for the discovery of the truth and because such a type of written texts do not constitute proof in court, the 24horas established. “That is ridiculous. At the time of the questioning in which Kate McCann was appointed arguida some photocopies of the diary were taken, but only to help the investigations.

Those documents cannot be used like proof. It does not make any sense, after more than a year to apprehend something that will not serve us for anything. As a matter of fact, that does not even in the rogatory letter sent to England”, stated a judicial source connected with the process. The Constitutional Court already declared the nullity of the use of the personal diaries like as proof. In a search to the apartment of former Ambassador Jorge Ritto, in the scope of the Casa Pia process, his diary was apprehended. After reading the content, the judge Rui Teixeira determined the protective custody of the ambassador. The Constitutional Court considered that, later on, to use as proof personal diaries meant exposing the private life, prohibited by the Constitution, as well because the persons could create facts that never happened.

The diary was already returned to the Ambassador, who is retired.
Kate wrote a diary before Maddie disappeared and after that one was taken by the PJ, she began to write another.

Source:24 Horas

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