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The McCanns and the Tapas friends "didn't have watches or mobile phones"! How did they managed to do checks on the children every half hour?

The McCann's spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said: "On that night these seven people didn't have mobiles or watches.

"During the shock, panic and chaos details may have become muddled.

"They and Kate and Gerry welcome the questioning. The McCanns' themselves are happy to be questioned also but it has not been requested."

Mitchell said yesterday that
, far from opposing the latest move by the Portuguese police to press their concerns over the 'Tapas Nine' testimony, the McCanns, Tanner and their other friends eagerly welcomed the opportunity, in the hope of finally bringing the legal process to an end and focusing 'on what really matters - Madeleine'. Some of the friends, he said, had even considered going back to Portugal to try to speed an end to the investigation.

Mitchell said he was not surprised by the inconsistencies in the initial accounts. 'You had nine people in a bar without watches on, without mobile phones, and absolute panic set in when they realised what had happened. They were running around and then several hours later they were forced to sit down and recount their movements in exact detail and they were at sixes and sevens... We would say that, if the police had a perfect time line across nine people, that would be a damn sight more suspicious than the fractured, illogical composite statements they might have got.'

Really, Mr. Mitchell!! What about the 14 messages sent by Gerry McCann on the same night Madeleine disappeared ? What is that I see in Gerry's hand? Isn't a mobile phone? And in his wrist, isn't a watch? Are, you, Mr. Mitchell saying that Gerry McCann bought those in Portugal after the night of the 3rd of May? Can we see the receipts/bill of purchase for that please? Or are you lying, spinning again?

"On 29 May, a team of mobile phone experts flew to Portugal to analyse mobile phone data, from the area, at the time of the abduction. Using triangulation techniques, it will be possible to track mobile phones movements down to a couple of yards."

"Gerry McCann sent and received 14 text messages on the night Madeleine disappeared, Portuguese TV reported last night.

The consultant cardiologist was said to have exchanged the messages on his mobile phone during dinner with friends on May 3, before Madeleine was found to be missing.

Portuguese police have asked for the mobile phone records of the 39-year-old and his wife Kate but have not yet received them.

The text message claim was made by the Portuguese channel RTP, which offered no explanation about who Mr McCann had contacted.

Requests for the McCanns' mobile phone records are among a series of letters of appeal drawn up by the Portuguese police"

What about this one, Mr. Mitchell taken in the early days of May after Madeleine's disappearance? Any more 'clarrifications' from you?


  1. Gerry McCann send and received 14 text messages from 21:30 to 23:40, meaning that after Kate McCann at about 22:00, shouted "they 've taken her" he was calm enough to write text messages.
    Another thing Joana, this phrase "they 've taken her", I wonder why would anyone assume she meant Madeleine.
    Isn't Amelie a girl?
    Why would "they take" 3 year old Madeleine and not 2 year old Amelie, who wouldn't remember her parents, after two months?
    Remember that 2 year old Amelie is easily carried but Tanner's bionic eyes would have missed the color of the pytzamas.

  2. you're right Mariana, there are very strange things: after Kate yelled "they've taken her" why did she leave the twins alone in the apartment? Why would the Tapas friends assume, as you say, it was Madeleine and not Amelie? They all got up, except Dianne Webster, and none of them made the usual questions one would do in this circumstances: taken whom? Amelie, Madeleine, one of the friend's children? Who's they? That is odd...

    Other strange fact is that Kate wasn't crying when the Police arrived at the apartment 5A, it's probably one of the most stressed and horrible moments for a parent, yet Kate was just sitting in the bed, not crying, nothing..Even the police had difficulties in understanding who exactly was the mother of the missing child (there was another tapas friend's couple there). Gerry meanwhile was making the calls in his mobile to the media in the UK, to Allistair Clarke and to the family. Outside only the residents from Praia da Luz and the Police where searching, nobody saw Madeleine's parents searching after 11 pm.

  3. Joana, the Telegraph run the story at 12:01 AM on May 4, 2007.
    The paper said "the Foreign Office said..."
    How fast is that for Her Magesty's government?
    The phone call from Gerry McCann to Alistair Clark was at 22:00.

  4. And didnt the triangulation results pinpoint an area that later the barn and bloody towel were found?
    The whole thing stinks, the McCanns disgust me beyond words.

  5. Mrs Wright has been out to Portugal twice since Madeleine went missing.

    She said she was staying in contact with Kate and her husband, Gerry, via text, and the couple were still confident their daughter would be returned.

  6. Clarence Mitchell you really do belong in politics, remember this Gem?

    Daily Mail November 3, 2007

    But Metodo's seasoned investigators did not lightly dismiss Naoual's story. They were excited to have found someone who claimed to have seen the now-famous "flash" in Madeleine's iris. After interviewing her at length, they asked her to return with them to Morocco.

    So, earlier this month, Naoual quietly slipped back to her home country with a Metodo team led by Antonio Jimenez, the former head of Spain's national organised crime squad. They spent a week trying to track down Madeleine.

    Telegraph February 26,2008

    Antonio Jimenez, who has been linked to Metodo 3, the Spanish detective agency hired by the McCann family to find their missing daughter, was last night remanded by a judge investigating alleged police corruption and the theft in 2005 of 1,100?lb of cocaine from a Barcelona dockyard.

    Clarence Mitchell: "He is nothing to do with us. He collaborated with Metodo 3 on a project, but that was two years before the company was hired to find Madeleine.

    "We still have faith in the work of Metodo 3."

    Mitchell brings back memories of the Iraq government minister who kept denying that the American army had entered Baghdad while the American tanks were 100 metres away from his televised press conference.

  7. Good one Guerra! I appreciated your Portuguese message the other day. see you soon

  8. Bom dia,Joana.Bom dia a todos os amigos de Maddie!

    Ontem,não sei se era da trovoada ou de alguma "trovoada" não conseguia colocar comentários em nenhum blog.Pensava que tinha conseguido no blog do P.R. mas não aparece. "devia haver uma trovoada jamais vista ou sentida".

    Precisamente acerca do ridículo de,na hora do jantar,não terem consigo nada de pessoal que lhes indicasse as horas.
    Isto "permite?????" que os manhosos respondam aos nossos:

    " Não sei responder porque não tinha horas,nada que me indicasse..)

    Por outro lado 1 comentário bem irónico ,no explendor ,diz que seria melhor trocar o CM por outro pois assim rapidamente os ajuda a ir para a prisão.

  9. If Clarence Mitchell, the Tapas 9, and the McCanns are not lying, why have none of them taken a lie detector test to prove to the world that they are telling the truth, Jane Tanner, in paticular, who framed an innocent man, should be recalled to Portugal and made to repeat her tapestry of lies. How can she pook at her own children evety day, yet live with the knowledge that she is an accessory to the murder of sn innocent child?


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