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The McCann's in Brussels: The Movie

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What the Fuck Moment!The Movie


Kate and Gerry McCann: as the victimised Parents and saviours of all missing children
Clarence Mitchell: as Comical Clarry, the Spinner
MEP McMillann-Scott: as himself in a Cameo appearance
Extras: The gullible Press and the foolish MEP's


The parents of missing British girl Madeleine McCann asked the European Union on Thursday to set up a cross-border alert system for abducted children.

Kate and Gerry McCann, whose daughter disappeared at a Portuguese beach resort in May 2007, days before her fourth birthday, called for a system that would supply information on a missing child to the media, border authorities, and police and law enforcement officials across Europe.

We the victims ask the members of the Parliament...

"This declaration calls on member states to introduce a missing child alert that the activation of which requires the immediate supply to relevant news media, border authorities, customs and law-enforcement agencies, details of the missing child," said Gerry McCann.

"We implore you to support our declaration," added Kate McCann. "Please do not wait for another child and family to suffer as we have before agreeing to support the implementation of an alert system in Europe."

I'm soooo depressed,I can't go to Portugal!

They told politicians in the European Parliament the system could be modelled on a similar program in the United States, the so-called "Amber" alert.

They said it helped recover 68 kidnapped children in the U.S. in 2007 and several hundred over the last five years.

In the United States, every state has its own alert system and some are grouped into regional alerts.

The European Commission already proposed an EU-wide hotline for missing children last year, but it has yet to be implemented.

Don't forget: WE ARE THE VICTIMS

EU ministers and the European Parliament also have discussed an EU-wide scheme in the past but did not succeed "due to the lack of awareness, which is very widespread," said British lawmaker Edward McMillan-Scott, one of five MEPs who invited the McCanns to the parliament.

The McCanns want one phone number to be used for the alert system throughout the continent.

Three EU countries - Britain, France and Greece - have their own child rescue alerts. In France it was used five times last year, with all five children successfully recovered, said Gerry McCann.

Police in Portugal have given no indication whether they intend to bring charges or drop the case against Kate and Gerry McCann, named as suspects in Madeleine's disappearance from a Portuguese vacation apartment in May 2007. They deny any responsibility.

"We don't know how long we are going to be arguido," said Gerry.

Madeleine's saga has fascinated Britain since she vanished, with articles about the case often appearing on the front pages of the country's tabloids.

"It's a year on almost and it's a long time, but of course there is still going to be hope," said Kate. "We still have got hope because we haven't got any evidence to say that Madeleine has come to any harm, no evidence at all."

Nice Trip,eh? What about going to Portugal?

Gerry McCann said the first anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance will be a "private matter" and that they would not return to Portugal on May 3.


1. Wide of parents of Madeleine McCann, Kate and Gerry, and Edward McMillan-Scott, UK MEP, at speakers table surrounded by press
2. Kate and Gerry McCann and McMillan-Scott
3. Cutaway media
4. Wide Kate and Gerry McCann and McMillan-Scott at speakers table
5. SOUNDBITE: (English) Gerry McCann, Madeleine's father:
"This declaration calls on member states to introduce a missing child alert that the activation of which requires the immediate supply to relevant news media, border authorities, customs and law-enforcement agencies, details of the missing child."
6. Cutaway
7. SOUNDBITE: (English) Kate McCann, Madeleine's mother:
"We implore you to support our declaration. Please do not wait for another child and family to suffer as we have before agreeing to support the implementation of an alert system in Europe. Please sign your name to the declaration."
8. Wide interior parliament session
9. Wide arrival of Kate and Gerry and McMillan-Scott at news conference
10. Cutaway media
11. SOUNDBITE: (English) Gerry McCann, Madeleine's father:
"We don't know how long we are going to be arguido (formal suspects). We are very concerned that until this system is implemented, other children and other families will suffer. And clearly, for the time being, there is massive media attention focused on Madeleine and ourselves and the fact that all of you are here today is in no small part to the circumstances which we have experienced and I think, at the very least, we are qualified to talk about such a system."
12. Wide news conference
13. SOUNDBITE: (English) Gerry McCann, Madeleine's father:
"Obviously, a Crimewatch style reconstruction that goes out with actors and a description of an abductor that is there to jog people's memories then we would be very, very much in favour of that. We will certainly not be going back on May 3."
12. Wide end of news conference
13. Kate and Gerry seated
14. Cutaway hands holding
15. SOUNDBITE: (English) Kate McCann, Madeleine's mother:
"It's a year on almost and it's a long time, but of course there is still going to be hope. We still have got hope because we haven't got any evidence to say that Madeleine has come to any harm, no evidence at all. So that hope will always be there. We also know from the statistics that we have got in the (United) States and from the cases that they have had over there that many children have been recovered, months, years down the line. So, it does happen and the younger the child the more likely."
14. Wide pan up exterior European Parliament
POOL FILE: Date and Location Unknown
15. SLOW MOTION of Madeleine McCann


Dismiss Completely all the work previously done by the European Parliament, various OGN's and established missing children associations towards the subject of missing children in Europe.

Censor this:
116000, the single EU hotline number for missing children

Brussels, 15 February 2007

The Commission has adopted today the Decision reserving the 116000 telephone number in all Member States as a hotline for reporting missing children. Other common Europe-wide telephone services of social value starting with 116 may soon be reserved following this Decision.
"I am delighted that today the first major step towards a single EU hotline number for missing children has been taken," said EU Telecom Commissioner Viviane Reding. "I urge Member States to act now to make this a reality, so that Europe's parents will soon know that they are able to call this number and get immediate help."

The first number to be reserved Europe-wide is 116000. All other numbers beginning with 116 are also reserved for social services in Europe and this Decision is binding on Member States. These freephone numbers and the services they provide will benefit citizens by helping those in difficulty, or by contributing to their well-being or safety.

A public consultation will be launched in March to identify social services that may benefit from 116 numbers which may then also be reserved.

The Decision follows discussion and agreement with Member States (See IP/06/1866). It requires Member States to permit listed services to be offered, but does not oblige Member States to offer these services. In many cases, services will be provided by private organisations. Choosing which organisation provides such a service in each Member State will be a national responsibility.

See here for more information on the Legislation for the 116000 hotline number for missing children

PDF Download: Decision 2007/116/EC on reserving the national numbering range beginning with '116'

" The European Commission launched a Europe-wide missing-child hotline number, 116000, in February last year, but so far only Belgium, Denmark, Greece and Portugal have adopted the scheme.

The Commission’s vice-president, Franco Frattini, said he was disappointed with the progress made at a national level.

"Only four member states showed goodwill until now."

Side Note: The Portuguese Missing Children Association, has the number on their Site.

"The creation of a system of European alert for missing children appeared after Margarida Sousa Uva, the wife of the president of the European Commission, Durão Barroso, alerted Brussels for the “lack of political will " in the 27 member states to create an efficient system of alert for disappearances. " Unfortunately, the rights of the children are not a priority in the political agenda", criticized Margarida Sousa Uva, which has just been elected the president of the Portuguese Missing Children Association. Margarida Sousa Uva remembered then that the mechanism of alert is already been applied efficiently in Germany, France, Greece and United Kingdom, lacking only to extend it to the 27"

20th December 2006 - European Federation communication to the press

The European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children welcomes “116 000” as the European telephone number for missing children Brussels, 20 December 2006 - The European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children welcomes today’s decision of the Extraordinary Communications Committee, reserving “116 000” as the European telephone number for missing children. The European Commission initiated this number as an example of services of social importance in its decision “on reserving the national number range beginning with ‘116’ for harmonised numbers for harmonised services of social value”. The European number for missing children constitutes a major step towards strengthening the assistance offered by emergency hotlines across Europe in cases of disappearances of minors.

The Commission Decision of 15 February 2007 on reserving national 6-digit telephone numbers beginning with ‘116’ for harmonised services of social value included the EU-wide common number (116 000) as a hotline to report missing and sexually-exploited children. European Industry Guidelines were signed on 8 July 2007 and included a number of recommendations for electronic communications service providers to use the European number 116 000 for harmonised hotline services for missing children at national level.


EU Telecoms industry support missing children hotline
European cable, telecoms and mobile phone operators agree on Industry Guidelines to implement the 116 000 pan-European hotline number for missing children Brussels.This initiative follows the European Commission’s decision of 15 February 2007 to reserve national numbers starting with ‘116’ for pan-European services of social value and to attribute the first one - 116 000 - to hotline services for missing children.

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  1. No mínimo é imprudente que o casal McCann seja consultado nesta matéria, quando sobre eles recaem suspeitas de tal gravidade. Ainda por cima por entidades estatais e europeias... quanta irresponsabilidade!!!

  2. Espero que, neste debate, os McCann se tenham lembrado de dizer que a primeira norma para o sistema de alerta em causa, começa pela prevenção. Prevenindo como?? Bem, é fácil, não cometendo o crime de abandono de crianças, em prol do divertimento dos pais. Em segundo lugar, deveriam aproveitar para explicar, como é que um carro alugado 25 dias depois do desaparecimento, tinha vestigios biologicos no local do pneu sobresselente, que, no caso da viatura em questão, fica debaixo do fundo falso da bagageira, na chave do carro, atras do sofá, etc etc etc....Agora, que estamos num processo de inquirição de testemunhas vêm com a conversa que a PJ deveria inquirir 50 testemunhas, na qualidade de testemunhas abonatórias, isto, claro para complicar muito mais o processo. Enfim, no meio desta palhaçada toda, só espero que seja encontrado o assassino. Sim, porque culpados já existem, tanto mais não seja pelo crime de abandono, o qual proporcionou toda a situação subsequente.

  3. Só não têm pressa é de encontrar a pequena Maddie!
    Absolutamente grotesco este casalinho de fingidos...
    E que direito têm uns pais negligentes a conhecer previamente os planos da policia?
    BASTA de protagonismo para esses senhores.
    Acabe-se com a subserviência aos britânicos que a exemplo do que agora aconteceu com outros pais em Inglaterra , já deviam ter sido condenados por negligencia.

  4. Pela manha reparei na televisão num canal internacional a noticia que o casal mccann estavam em Bruxelas a discutir juntamente com eurodeputados a segurança das crianças desaparecidas , pensei estarei a ver bem.
    Estamos num mundo podre onde dois arguidos de um caso de desaparecimento de uma criança podem ir ao parlamento europeu discutir, claro que ainda não foi provado que sao sociopatas mas quem abandonou 3 crianças menores num país desconhecido para irem desfrutar de uma boa jantarada?
    Claro que concordo com novas medidas para protecção de crianças desaparecidas mas não concordo que dois arguidos e pais desleixados falem em nome dos bons pais.
    Um dia estarei a ver Bin laden no parlamento europeu a discutir medidas para protecção de americanos.
    Estamos num mundo podre e este casal já cheira mal desde o inicio.

  5. Muita certeza têm estes pais que a menina nunca mais vai aparecer, pois sabem muito bem o que lhe fizeram ou não eram tão arrogantes. Aliás, é demais conhecida a arrogância britânica.

  6. J.M. excelente como descreveu muito bem o guião da peça teatral.

    Como fui 1º ao Blog de P.R. deixei lá uma série de considerações acerca do dia de ontem e das palavras de 2 Deputados Portugueses.

    Para não me irritar mais,escolho,neste momento e mais uma vez a ironia:
    1º A Kate é que leva a malinha,embora com rodinhas,mas parece-me que ou tem uma má postura corporal ou tem uma escoliose bem pronunciada;
    2ª os sorridentes.Sempre.
    Arrepia ver os sorrisos deles,juro.
    3º a K. ou está grávida; ou fez plástica mamária ou tem um wonderbra(?) super excepcional.Terá aumentado o peito para encarar ainda mais sobranceiramente as Latinas?


  7. Hi Joana,

    Good work with the videos this morning. Thank you.

    Earlier this morning Mitchell said that the night before Madeleine disappeared, Rachel Oldfield, was right next door.

    I was under the impression, that it was Tanner and O'Brien who were staying next door to the McCann's.

    Could it be that Tanner and O'Brien have abandoned ship and Clarrie can't count on them for any kind of spin any longer?


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