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McCanns Media: "Searching for Madeleine..."

BBC: Searching for Madeleine

Steve Kingstone looks back at the events of the last year since Madeleine McCann disappeared from her holiday apartment in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz. Nobody has been arrested for the crime, but speculation has been rampant over what has happened to the four-year old from Leicestershire, with conflicting claims appearing in the newspapers of Portugal and Britain.

Listen to the Audio Interviews here where Gerry McCann says he and Kate thought that at the time it was "perfectly reasonable" to leave Madeleine, then three, and their two-year-old twins alone in an unlocked holiday apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz. [a small Portuguese proverb comes to mind: The fish dies by its mouth! - Pela boca morre o Peixe!]

Transcription of Rachael Oldfield's contribution done by Nige from McCann Files

Steve Kingstone: The seven witnesses include Rachael Oldfield who has given her first ever interview to this programme:

Rachael Oldfield: I was there on the night. I spent time with Gerry and Kate during the week, you know, before the 3rd of May and afterwards. You know, their emotions and their reactions was just agonising. It was just no way they’re involved in anything to do with Madeleine’s disappearance.

You know, if you take the common sense approach as well and just look at, you know, timings of how things happened and the fact that they’re both medics, there are four other medics in the group, they would know what to do to resuscitate a child… or anyone else for that matter.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense really would be able to see that they couldn’t have done it. I was there and I know that they didn’t do it.

SK: You know that there are a lot of people, possibly including the police, certainly including a lot of bloggers who have suspicions about your group who’ve written all sorts of things about a potential conspiracy theory. What do you say to them?

RO: Yeah, I mean, you know, it’s outrageous. We’ve all felt very angry about it. We were asked to comply with the Portuguese judicial secrecy laws, which we were made to understand that we could face two years in prison for speaking out. So, you know, as a group we’ve not said anything from day one. And there have been all these rumours flying around and leaks from sources close to the PJ which, you know, we haven’t been able to refute.

We would have loved to have spoken out really and just sort of put the record straight but, you know, we were asked not to. It’s their legal system, their legal process. We believed that the investigation would be the best way of finding Madeleine if we cooperated with the police and, sort of, complied by their rules and regulations. So, you know, we stuck to our side of the… story.

SK: And on their side?

RO: Well, double standards. They leaked information and… these rumours that have flown around for the past year.

SK: So, if the leaks stop, you think the McCanns could let bygones be bygones and move forward?

RO: Yes, absolutely. Errm, they want to find Madeleine. Presumably the Portuguese want to as well.

SK: You’ve all been re-interviewed. I know you can’t talk in detail about what you were asked but as far as you are aware nobody in the group changed any detail in any significant way?

RO: No. We clearly remember the events of that night. You know, you wouldn’t forget them. And nobody changed any sort of story because, you know, there isn’t a story to change.

SK: Gerry and Kate remain suspects. What, in your opinion, needs to happen now for the investigation to move forward?

RO: It would enable the investigation to move forward, and certainly Gerry and Kate to work more closely with the PJ, if the arguido status was lifted. Currently they don’t really have any communication with the PJ, which, when they’re investigating the disappearance of their daughter is quite astounding.

SK: Have they, to your knowledge, heard from Paulo Rebelo. He’s the man heading the enquiry?

RO: Not as far as I know, no.

SK: And what do you think of that?

RO: It is strange.

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