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McCanns Media spins again the George Harrison Look a Like as the Abductor

The British press relates the case with Maddie's disappearance
Attack to a young girl in Algarve investigated

A man attempted to kidnap a girl in the area of Senhora da Rocha, Algarve.
The GNR (National Republican Guard) is investigating but refuses any connection to the disappearance of the British girl

A girl of 15 years old was victim of an attempt of seizure in the area of the village of Senhora da Rocha, Algarve. The girl says that in 11th of March was approached by a man that tried to put her in a jeep but she managed to escape. Her father presented a complaint in the GNR of Lagoa and the girl described the suspect as having 35 to 45 years old, around 1,80 meters high, thinning beard and long hair.

Sky News reported yesterday this case [as an exclusive], denounced by the father's girl connecting it with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Source of the PJ and the GNR deny any connection and talk about "diverting manoeuvres of people without scruples". "The attempt of seizure of the Dutch girl if it existed has not according to the investigations made by the GNR any connection with Maddie's case. Someone is trying to throw dust to the eyes of the public opinion" said to 24Horas a source of the Public prosecutor.

Maddie's parents don't want to connect the cases also. "The McCanns took knowledge of that case through Sky. The Método 3 detectives are going to investigate to see if there is any connection but for the time being we don't see any. The circumstances are different" said to 24Horas the spokesman of the family. According to Clarence Mitchell for now the McCanns don't want "to speak with the father of that girl".

Secrecy of justice

A GNR responsible confirmed to 24Horas that exists a complaint concerning the supposed attempt of seizure of the Dutch girl: "The complaint was made in 11 of March by the father of the girl and the case is still in a phase of enquiry. To relate this occurrence with the disappearance of the McCann’s daughter is pure speculation". This source confirmed that the GNR was appointed by the Public Prosecutor to investigate the case and could not say any more because "everything is in secrecy of justice".

John McCann arrives to Portugal next Saturday to mark one year of the disappearance

Gerry's brother is going to pray for Madeleine at Praia da Luz

Next Saturday, 3rd of May, John McCann will be in Praia da Luz to mark one year of the disappearance of Maddie. John will come with his sister Patricia and her husband, Sandy and also Michael Wright, Kate's cousin. During Saturday morning John McCann and his relatives will visit the Luz church to participate in a mass. John will thank everybody that supported the couple and will make a statement to the press, said Clarence Mitchell.

In Rothley, England, the priest of the local Catholic church will make at 11:30 a sermon dedicated to all the children missing in the world with a mention to Maddie. Kate and Gerry did not yet decided if they will attend. Candles and lamps will be lit in England and in the world to remember Maddie between 21:30 and 22:30.

The Tapas friends until now didn't give any answer to the PJ. Therefore it will be difficult to do the re-enactment of the night when the girl disappeared, as requested by Magalhães e Menezes, the Public Prosecutor who directs the process.

Source: 24Horas [even our tabloids are better than any former respectable UK Newspaper!!]
Translation by Li

For more media spins go the the UK Tabloids or watch Sky News: "In an era where media consolidation is occurring at an all-too rapid pace it's essential to look for alternative news sources that are free from corporate bias.”


  1. May-be, just may-be...
    one day we will see the day that the McCann's have realised, they have become the laughing stock of the world.

  2. John will thank everybody that are

    supported the Justice and the Truth to Maddie.

    I think he want say this.

    By Maddie and all unhappy children.


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