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McCanns: More Secrecy of Justice to Follow

Hypothesis. The Public Ministry considers extending the term of protection of the process

The Public ministry (MP) is going to effectuate an evaluation, on the 15th of May relative to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, in the Praia da Luz (Lagos), in order to take a decision on the Secrecy of Justice. The DN found that the period is prone to be extended. As it was recently affirmed by the Council’s president of the Order of the Lawyers from the District of Faro, António Cabrita, the complexity of a process of this type can make that the MP “determines that the same continues for more phases”.

For the process to continue under the secret of justice it is also necessary that the judge of criminal instruction of Portimão, Pedro Frias, understands that this situation is declared, depending still on the content of the investigations of the Judiciary Police. When there are no imprisoned arguidos, the stipulations can be extended in function of the discovery of the truth. Remember that the first one to become arguido in the Maddie case was the British-Portuguese Robert Murat, at the time suspected to be involved in the kidnapping of the child, being since the 14th of May of 2007 subjected to the measure of least coercion of Term of Identity and Residence (TIR). The McCann couple was also obliged to this measure on the 7th of September, for the suspicion of involvement in the death and occultation of the body of their daughter.

Source: Diário de Notícias paper Edition


  1. Joana or anyone, does the secrecy act cover the results of the forensic samples from Birmingham or are the results still not available?

  2. yes, they cover the results of the analyses done by the FSS.

  3. Sorry to go on but I have to know because its driving me mad...could it be there are no forensic samples and we are wrong? What if there was an abduction and she is still out there and no one is looking for her?
    Its still down to the McCanns leaving her, whichever way it goes. Untill the secrecy is lifted and the actual evidence is known all the forensic samples are hearsay and that makes it so that although they look and act as guilty as hell, they may be telling the truth, and that means she could still be waiting for her mam. I cannot bare that thought at all, it disturbs my sleep.

  4. I don't understand your question.

    There are forensic samples: samples which were collected on the apartments, on the car, on the clothes and eventually on other undisclosed places. What do you think the Forensic Service in Birmingham was/is working with? Apparently some samples were too small and had to be repeated by the Low copy number (LCN) DNA method, which is a highly specialised technique, applied where it has not been possible to obtain a DNA profile through conventional testing. There were already news of a partial match of 88% to Madeleine's DNA.

    And one more thing, you shouldn't loose your sleep over this - apparently the people who have failed the girl couldn't care less: on the night she disappeared locals where searching for Madeleine in Praia da Luz, along with police forces all night long until the next day and where were the parents? In the apartment calling the media, diplomats, UK politicians and friends.... never mind the following care-free attitudes...

    No excuse.

  5. Thanks for that Joana, My question was meant to be are we absolutely certain there are forensic samples linkng to death in the apartment, which by your answer I take it yes.
    I sometimes fret that Madeleine may have been abducted and that she could still be suffering and it does my head in.
    I cannot help but find this upsetting, I have looked at her face and read every word written about her from day one, her face is ingrained upon my memory just as the faces of my own children are. I dont know if this sounds weird but I prefer to think she is dead, any other scenario does not bare to think about.
    Part of what I find so upseting is the lack of concern and parental care afforded Madeleine and the way the McCanns have appeared to not care that she is gone.
    Great site here, font of information, keep it up and thank you for taking time to answer my questions.

  6. speak your mind:
    Forget Austria.

    Joana qualify very well.

    Seems that You are desperate by doubts. We all understand that.

    But can you find or feel that are people attempt the search?Family?Police?M3?All the strong powers around the couple?

    You can sleep because you are a good person,remembering if the litlle girl will be alive and suffering.It is a tought very painfull.

    So many anonymous people walk around many days searching by her!

    Or, she died 2 or 3 May;
    (Or, she is with bad,bad people.)

    But I think not. Forget Austria.It is not the same case.
    And seems UK do not send yet all the dna results. WHY? A draw?

    And you do not must forget the Joana´s explanation.

    Stay well.
    It is so painful all the children killed,or
    by traffic,abused,disapeared...

  7. TO speak your mind:
    with google´s translation:

    from sosmadeleine.be:

    "The challenge for us is that we almost did not go there"
    Kate and Gerry McCann have not brought their three children Tapas Bar on the night of the disappearance of Madeleine because there would be in the World restaurant. The statement is Kate McCann during a documentary that aired Wednesday evening by the British television channel ITV.

    "The challenge for us is what we almost did not go there," says yet Kate McCann, who did not address the fact that they had left Madeleine, Sean and Amelie alone in the apartment 's Ocean Club several times before the night of May 3, 2007.

    Entitled "Madeleine, a year after" the documentary lend report the first anniversary of the disappearance of Maddie, with pictures of the couple in their house in Rothley but also their trips to Washington and Brussels.

    "I do not feel that Madeleine is dead," said Kate McCann stressing that the possibilities of finding his daughter alive "are as good now as before, probably better."

    In the ITV cameras at the couple reaffirmed its conviction that Madeleine is still alive, probably qu'expliquerais handling contract that binds a Metodo 3, if it was the lack of results from the first six months of work the agency Spanish detectives.

    "If they believe Maddie is alive, then reconstitute the Judicial Police take on its full meaning"

    A decision incomprehensible to the investigators: "if their daughter would be alive, the decision the most logical and natural would be to assist the police, both here (United Kingdom) than in Portugal. If they believe Maddie is alive , Then the reconstitution of the Judicial Police take on its full meaning, and their participation is more important than all interviews and documentaries, "says a British officer sent to Praia da Luz in May 2007.

    If Gerry McCann refused categorically to any trip to Portugal on May 3, responsible communication, Clarence Mitchell, continues to assert that "the couple does not return to Praia da Luz, even for reconstituition requested by the police, unless arguidos their status is lifted. "

    Aged three years at the time of his disappearance, Madeleine view was alive the last time, by other witnesses that these parents and friends, to 18.30, which leaves investigators with a slip of time of three hours during which thirty All of a happening. According to the same British officer, "is precisely about this time period, between 18:30 and 22:00, Kate McCann and Garry are the least cooperative."

    According to McCann, the decision to leave children alone would have been taken at the last moment because their original intention was to go diner in a restaurant outside the Ocean Club but children were "tired" and they are lying very early. A version that contradicts their initial statements to police in the days that followed the disappearance.

    Their story hours antecedent warning to police - a call given by the GNR Lagos to 22:45 - has never been held consistently by investigators and, according to the same officer of the British police, "it was marked by several gaps and contradictions. "

    A few days before the May 3 ITV documentary does not answer the big questions that remain about the disappearance of Madeleine but provides pictures of Kate and Gerry McCann bitter, sad and anxious, or parents of small British speak moments lived in Praia da Luz, with memories of cold, fear and darkness.

    And from:


    ......"AS for the usual rubbish of being willing to do anything to find Mdeleine...Get back to Portugal, do the reconstruction, answer the questions they have thus far refused to answer and let the P.J do their job."

    Of course!
    Be well!

  8. http://mccanns-ihavesomethingtosay.blogspot.com/


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