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McCanns Risk Ten Years in Jail

Public Ministry prepares an accusation for Exposition/Abandonment and Negligence against Maddie's parents

...there are strong evidences that she died in the apartment...

"The Public Ministry has collected enough evidence to accuse the McCanns even if there is or not a re-enactment of the facts that occurred in the day the girl went missing". The guarantee was given to 24Horas by a judiciary officer who has been following the investigation. The same source added that the indictment might only take place in July and that the McCanns can incur in a penalty "that can go up to 10 years in jail". Another source connected to the case concluded: "We know that the girl disappeared and there are strong evidences that she died in the apartment, apparently in an accidental way. There are also strong probabilities that her corpse was hidden. Nonetheless, independently from that, there is clear proof under the Portuguese Legislation that the parents of the child left her exposed to an eventual kidnapping, like they did with her twin siblings. That is a crime of Negligence and Exposition/Abandonment over people they had the duty to protect.

Ongoing Investigations

Contacted by the 24Horas, Guilhermino Encarnação, the assistant director of the Judiciary Police and the very person in charge of the Directorship of Faro, merely said: "the investigations continue and when there is something relevant to reveal" about the mediatic case "that will be done through the official channels".

A source from Portimão's Court assured to 24Horas that the Public Prosecutor Magalhães e Menezes, the responsible for the administration of the inquest, is already working in the accusations against the McCanns and that will be made public "very soon". That is, the probability for the McCanns to stop being arguidos in the following months is almost null. 24Horas also knows that Robert Murat and his companion [Michaela Walczuch] have strong possibilities of not being implicated in the accusation.

Source: 24Horas

Portuguese Judicial Code
Article 138
Exposure or abandonment

1 - Whom endangers the life of another person:
a) By exposing her in a place where the person is subject to a situation which she cannot defend herself from on her own; or

b) By abandoning her in a defenseless state, for motive of age, physical defect or illness, when the agent had the duty to guard, watch or assist to the person;
is punished with a prison term of 1 to 5 years.

2 - If the fact is practised by an ascendant or descendant, adoptant or adoptee of the victim, the agent is punished with a prison term of 2 to 5 years.

3 - If the fact results in:
a) Serious offense to the physical integrity, the agent is punished with a prison term of 2 to 8 years;
b) Death, the agent is punished with a prison term of 3 to 10 years.


  1. BEM! UPS! UAU!
    A justiça para Maddie, a caminho?
    Será real ou utopia?

    Porque escolhos,pedras sobre pedras,imensas...pedras,rochas e mais do pior no caminho!(pinochets e comp.!)

    Bem! Quem me dera que a Pequenina tenha efectivamente a sua JUSTIÇA e a VERDADE A NU!
    Até deu para um suspiro profundo,Maddie!

    Para desanuviar (tenho a ideia que Doris Lessing,o ano passado,lá para Maio,Junho ou + disse qq. coisa sobre uns Mc)leiam este artigo sobre a Senhora:
    Doris Lessing: prize fighter
    Last Updated: 12:01am BST 21/04/2008Page 1 of 3


    Além da Literatura, a Sua história de Vida. Leiam!Não desperdicem estas 3 pág.

  2. pino*******chet(s)********erias.***


    First I should advise you to be very cautious about circulating potentially high libellous statements about Kate and Gerry McCann.

    The law of defamation applies to email and the internet. Secondly, any suggestions or inferences that the Prime Minister is involved in some sort of conspiracy involving a clandestine cover-up are absurd. It is a wild allegation with no evidence at all.
    One of the first duties of the British government is to support its citizens abroad. It is therefore entirely correct that the government should do this in the case of Kate and Gerry McCann.

    One of the elements of this support is to protect British citizens against the actions of foreign governments. The Portuguese police and judicial system is known to be suspect. Elements of the police are corrupt and indeed in this case the senior detective involved has been charged with corruption.

    The Portuguese judicial system does not assume innocence before guilt in the way the British system does and operates an interrogatory process in which people are denounced as suspects without any proof. In this particular case the original police investigation was amateurish and flawed and to date nearly 10 different people have at one time or another been denounced as suspects.

    It is important to realise that Portugal has no real history of citizen's rights and liberties or democracy. From the 1920s to the mid 1970's Portugal was ruled by a fascist dictatorship, first under Salazar and then Caetano. Political opposition was repressed and the police and judicial system was used to achieve this.

    A stable multi-party democracy only came into existence in the late 1970's and is still very young. Many of the police were trained under fascism and the institutions still bear the impact of this long period of dictatorship. In all the circumstances it is entirely right that British citizens should be protected against an unreliable foreign system. In any event I think you can rest assured that the British police and intelligence services have long had a better grip on the facts of this case than the Portuguese police. Best wishes

    Piers Merchant
    Assistant to Roger Knapman MEP


    Read this comment again and the others at "http://cuttingthroughtherubbish.blogspot.com/"

  3. Clarence Mitchell espalhou-se ao comprido. A encenação que montou para os pais da MAddie não virem a Portugal fazer a reconstituição que lhe era solicitada pela PJ falhou com ruído. Conseguiu faze-los sair de Inglaterra quando lá estava a PJ e encenar uma fuga de informação ao segredo de justiça onde deixava de rastos a PJ. Conseguiu inventar uma reconstituição judicial filmada e produzir noticias furiosas contra a perseguição da nossa policia. Até garantiu que os pais da Maddie viriam cá se deixassem de ser arguidos. Saiu-lhe o tiro pela culatra. Afinal a confissão da Kate não tinha sido à PJ mas aos detectives particulares por eles contratados. Clarence bebeu do próprio veneno. O arrazoado de falsidades só tem dois objectivos específicos: safar os seus patrões da suspeita, cada vez mais vincada. de que o desaparecimento de Maddie não lhes é estranho e inventar noticias que afastam o misterioso desaparecimento da responsabilidade daquele grupo de turistas. Pouco se sabe das diligências da PJ em Inglaterra mas é claro que nenhum deles voltará a pôr os pés em Portugal e que as verdades de cada um são, mais uma vez contraditórias. Michel vai pagar caro as mentiras e os seus patrões, por mais manobras em que insistam, jamais se livrarão das suspeitas de envolvimento macabro num caso onde deveriam ser os primeiros a dar o exemplo.

  4. I would say to Mr. Piers Merchant, to look around his own country and find out how many kids go missing every year and bearing in mind all the cameras that exist, police work in recovering missing children is very poor indeed.

    On the other hand "undemocratic" Portugal, has a low crime rate and no terrorism whatsoever.

    The McCann's and their friends had chosen "undemocratic" Portugal, to spend their holidays.

    All the couples, left their children all alone night after night and in the day care centre during the day time.

    Most of these children including 3 year old Madeleine, are classified as infants in the UK.

    And I ask you, Mr. Piers Merchant, does it feel good to rubbish a whole country?

    Wouldn't it have been better for you Mr. Piers Merchant, to reprimand the "irresponsible" McCann's, rather than make them symbols of Amber Alert and have the taxpayers foot their trip expenses?

    Wikipedia ref.
    Piers Rolf Garfield Merchant (born January 2, 1951) is a politician in the United Kingdom. He was Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) for Beckenham, but resigned in October 1997.

    Before he became an MP he was a journalist and marketing officer. Merchant was from Nottingham and studied at the University of Durham and was Senior Man of University College's JCR.
    He was elected to the House of Commons at the 1983 general election, for the Newcastle Central constituency, but lost his seat at the June 1987 general election. He stood for Beckenham at the 1992 general election and won.

    His resignation was caused by renewed allegations that he was sleeping with his researcher, which he had previously denied in March 1997.
    He was then caught by the The Sun canoodling with a 17-year-old nightclub hostess on a park bench in South East London in 1997, while his wife Helen was out canvassing for him. Blonde Anna Cox later told how he wanted to have sex in the open and she performed “a sex act” on him.
    MPs cannot technically resign; instead he took the offices of Steward of the Manor of Northstead, which automatically led to his disqualification.

  5. If this turns out be the case,its been a long time coming..I think its disgraceful that there has been no action against them by social services in this country.
    There are many children in this country who are on a at risk abandoned nightly to go on the lash.
    Poor Madeliene,its 12 days till the year aniversary and the truth behind her disapearance is no nearer conclusion. Its heartbreaking to know she was distressed alone in the days before she vanished, especially when you think of the last picture of her smiling and happy.
    Neglect charges will go a small way in getting justice for her poor little soul.

  6. If they had not failed her by leaving her alone in a strange apartment in a strange country to go drinking with their "friends" she would not be missing and probably dead and we would never have heard or the poor girl.
    They act like victims when in fact they, by leaving her and their other children alone and in danger are the cause of this whole sad case


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