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McCann's spokesman is a "liar"

The spokesman of the parents of Madeleine McCann “is a liar and Machiavellian". The one who says it is the president of the Criminal Investigation Officers' Union (ASFIC). Carlos Anjos accuses Clarence Mitchell of having a well-defined strategy. "He wants to discredit the Judiciary Police (PJ) and devises excuses so that the couple does not have to come to Portugal to participate in the re-enactment of the night of the crime. He lied through his teeth", he said angrily.

Carlos Anjos reacted in this way after the PJ guaranteed yesterday to be false the informations advanced by the TV channel Spanish "Telecinco" that announced to have had access to the interrogations done to Kate and Gerry. "It is absolutely false that the contents of the news piece reproduces matter that is part of the inquiry, which is under judicial secrecy", assured the PJ in an announcement given out after a meeting in Lisbon between Alípio Ribeiro and Paulo Rebelo, coordinator of the judiciary police of Portimão and the person in charge for the investigation to Madeleine's disappearance.

After the news, advanced on Thursday as being an "exclusive one" of the Spanish channel, Mitchell gave various interviews to British televisions. He insulted the PJ and blamed the Portuguese inspectors of what he called of “grotesque infringement of the secrecy of justice". He also accused them of instigating a "dishonest manoeuvre to discredit the family ".

In that same day, Kate and Gerry were in Brussels to present a European project to help the location of missing children. Meanwhile, in Leicestershire, England, the team of Paulo Rebelo was accompanying the cross-examinations as requested in the rogatory letter.

To disrupt the diligences

The PJ says they "deplore the intervention of the spokesman, particularly at a time when significant steps were made in the research." The president of ASFIC goes further. “Finally one now knows in which side the truth is. While the PJ was carrying out the duty of investigating what happened to the child, the parents spokesman was manipulating the public opinion", he accused.

For Carlos Anjos, “the one who produced a scheme was the Clarence Mitchell. He needed to get an excuse to announce that the couple wouldn’t be in the re-enactment, saying now that he does not trust the PJ ". The ASFIC is available to give legal support to the investigators who feel targeted by Mitchell's declarations and want to take legal action

Source: Jornal de Notícias


  1. Thank god the P...J are wise to the McCanns and their iniquitous spokesman Clarence Mitchell, I thought all the ong the leaks were made by someone within team McCann to discredit the integrity of the P.J and ultimately to give them an excuse to not assist in the reconstruction.
    This is proof in my opinion that the McCanns know a reconstruction will show the discrepencies in their statements and will also show how unlikely an abduction was given the amount of people supposed to be around the apartment at the time Jane Tanner claims to have seen the egg head carrying a blanket!
    I cannot beleive how much fuss is being made of the leaks, the content of the leaks is far more worthy of comment.
    Look at the disparity of treatment between The McCnns and Karen Mathews, the media are raking up every scandalous information on Karen Mathews while they donot write of the lies thee McCanns have told, or the fact that the odious pair left Madeleine AGAIn after she had cried the previous night, nor do they make much of the fact that the McCanns were chided by their then three year old daughter for leaving them alone and not hearing their cries!
    And what is really cheeky here is that Clarence has been banging on about the leaks and the disguct he feels, but he forgets how much rubbish Philomena MCCann has leaked to the press and half of that was not even the truth!
    Love the site Joana!

  2. J.M. :
    Quem é este/a?
    Que significa?
    MalCat Post subject: Re: 3A proud to support www.mccannfiles.comPosted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 9:31 am

    New In Town

    Joined: Sat Apr 12, 2008 7:23 pm
    Posts: 41 Sane, methodical and thorough - what a rarity Nigel is. Paulo, next time you attempt to re-jig Gazeta Digital, please take a look at mccannfiles.com to see how you can improve things round your way.

  3. Há uns 3 ou 4 idiotas no Fórum que estão constantemente a denegrir o excelente trabalho do Paulo na Gazeta digital e do Levy no SOS. Esse ou essa é um cobardolas, de certeza que também têm um outro nick e que espalha com o mesmo tipo de linguagem esses ataques. Por acaso acho os variados blogs e o trabalho de pesquisa do Paulo fantástico,é obviamente diferente do trabalho do Nige do mccanfiles que não é um blog de opinião mas sim digamos uma espécie de "reservatório" de informações, também excelente sem dúvida.

  4. Syillno word in the Britsh media that the P.J have slammed Clarence for being machievelain and the aim being to excuse the McCanns for not returning to Portugal for the reconstruction....Little realsisng there is no excuse to not assist the P.J....havent the McCanns always said they are willing to cooperate?!
    They had to come up with something good to get out of it or the people would smell a rat....They just look like they are squirming and trying desperately to look justified for not returning.
    If they think they look anything other than dodgy they are very much mistaken!
    Whoever adivised them of this is not doing them any favours.

  5. Muitissimo obrigada,Joana. O meu inglês é de há muitos anos com uma freira velhota e eu era mesmo mázinha!
    Portanto,ao ler em Inglês,apesar de tudo compreendi e não me senti nada confortável.Tirei a prova com a tradução(possível) do Google.Estava certa. E mais,graças a Si.
    E eu,que não conheço o Paulo,sou super fan dele.Aliás o seu(dele) Blog é a minha página principal.Depois vem a Joana ou o Duarte Levy.
    Ler o Paulo,no início dos acontecimentos, de alma e coração completamente abertos aos bons valores,bem era( e é,pois releio)uma verdadeira prosa "poética".Revelou-se-me um SER SUPER.

    Muito obrigada.
    M.ª do Carmo Reis (apelido vulgar)
    Quando aparecem os meus comentários como outono,eu vejo um caixote do lixo,para apagar. Já comentei isso com o Paulo,via correio electrónico; ele verificou e não via nada.
    Tenho outro,começado por S e aí já nada acontece.Por enquanto.Enquanto não estabelecerem a relação entre os dois. O Paulo sabe qual é. Também o trato por Silent Man.

    Outra vez,obrigada.

  6. Thank you speak you mind, about the media spins in the UK I wrote this in a forum a while ago:

    "...give them exactly what they were asking for. And we did it all without compromising the quality of our product (...)They want news on demand, continuously updated. They want a point of view about not just what happened, but why it happened. They want news that speaks to them personally, that affects their lives."

    Rupert Murdoch's speech to the American Society of Newspaper Editors, Washington DC, April 13 2005 (text from the News Corp website)

    I wrote that because I saw a documentary in SIC News regarding Rupert Murdoch, with Greenslade (argh), and various professionals and editors (the independent editor was amazing btw), and then I realized the why of an ongoing 'soap opera' in the UK. Rupert owns a media corporation, which is gigantic and has many tentacles in various outlets, newspapers, TV stations (from India to the States), and taking Balsemão as our own example for a media tycoon, his master voice as always the last word in the Expresso/SIC media coverage and editorial guidelines and they can actually create or destroy a politician or whomever. What I got from the documentary was that Rupert Murdoch promotes news in his media (especially television) as edutainment, petty soap operas, and this approach to the McCanns saga is partially responsible for the continuous spin where they are sanctified. Rupert plays on the most basic emotions.

    And my opinion about this latest leak pinned on the PJ:

    My bet is on Team McCann, it could have leaked anonymously to the Spanish journalist, Nacho Abad, via Método3 with the lawyers approval [they're good at this games]. We have to wait and see if the documents he has are scanned, e-mailed, word of mouth, or anything else. The reason: the likely request for extradition, and to be used as a breach of the secrecy of justice law in court and to argue that after the breach happened the McCanns statements are not admissible.

    and as well to

    ..."make clear the innocence of Kate and Gerry in the disappearance of their daughter, and point at the window of the apartment where they were staying, as the key element to the famous disappearance..." - for me it's obvious that this is one more attempt to give credit to the Kidnapper/Abductor/possible Paedophile theory, and to show how caring the parents were... not buying it.

    taken from the first paragraph of the Spanish report:
    (internal blog link)

    Obrigada Outono, quanto aos comentários há sempre a possibilidade de quem os escrever poder apagar por qualquer razão, um erro, etc.. O ícone do caixote do lixo é parte do código do blogger.

  7. www.emcmillanscott.com/index.html

    McCann's visit to Brussels to call for a US-style Amber Alert for missing children was sponsored by Edward McMillan-Scott.
    Since 2003, 400 American children have been found, 80 % within the crucial first 72 hours. Only France and Belgium have similar 'severe weather warning'-style missing child alerts.

    "sponsored" means that taxpayers are footing the bill. I wonder who paid for the trip to Washington. Please someone from an EU country write to McMillan-Scott and ask for details regarding the expenses of the trip to Brussels.

  8. Joana M., muito obrigada quanto ao esclarecimento do ícone,código de (do) blogger.
    Muito bom dia.

  9. It is hard to believe that in 17 days Madeleine will have been missing for one year, I have followed this story from the very first report and I immediately thought the McCanns had no business leaving the children unattended.
    Long before the media started printing the leaks from Portugal, I found that I loathed the pair of them, the stiff upper lip and lack of remorse or emotion, the smiling and jogging as if they were celebrities not the parents of a missing child.
    What sealed it for me were Gerry's blogs, the early ones seldom mentioned Madeleine and were more about the daily activities of this hateful pair than of anything to do with Madeleine.
    Then came the leaks of forensics and the sol report in to the night Madeleine disappeared, it was then I felt justified.
    Now I search daily for news, hoping to read that she has been found so she may be properly laid to rest. It upsets me terribly that she is somewhere dumped like a bag of rubbish. I do not know how the Mccanns live with themselves, she isnt my child, I never even knew her but her plight has touched my heart and the search for information on her is a part of my daily life.
    What I would like to know is does Clarence actually believe this pair to be innocent? Or does he See like us something stinks, but carries on defending them regardless?
    IN my view Clarence is aiding and abetting the pair of them in to escaping justice, he should be ashamed to be associated with them and he will go down in history for his hand in spinning this case.
    The only thing that has slightly cheered me this week was the p.j saying about the leaks that they were made at a time when significant steps were being taken...I would love to know what he meant and hope it means they are about to be formally accused.
    Sometimes as the McCanns are being discussed its easy to forget, what this is all about, a little girl,days away from her fourth birthday who disappeared whilst on holiday with her parents. Its tragic. God bless her and may we see those responsible brought to justice.

  10. I have long thought this was a publicity campaign designed to change public opinion taking the heat from the McCanns. I have never seen a case where a publicity campaign was started so soon after an 'event'.

    The PJ reckon they can solve the case and I am fascinated to see just what really happened but fear we may never know.


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