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McCanns won’t return unless their arguido status is withdrawn

Kate and Gerry McCann might return to Portugal, next month, if they agree to the request of the Judiciary Police (PJ), which wants to do a reconstitution of the events of the night of Madeleine's disappearance, on the 3rd of May of last year. However, according to the spokesman of the family, Clarence Mitchell, the couple will only consider to return to Portugal if their arguido status is withdrawn.

"In this moment, the orders of the lawyers are not to return to Portugal while their names remain in the process as arguidos. Obviously if the Portuguese Police did a revision of that status, a collaboration for the reconstruction of the facts would be much more easier", said Clarence Mitchell, in declarations to the JN.

The request was done a month ago and two dates were suggested, one of which was rejected by the couple (3rd of May). The second pointed date will be in the middle of May (days 15 and 16) and the PJ asked the participation of ten of persons who then were in the Praia da Luz. Lawyers of the McCanns in Portugal are negotiating the request with the PJ, whereas Paulo Rebelo is in the United Kingdom accompanied by two detectives in the case Madeleine in order to participate in the cross-examinations of the seven friends who were meeting with Kate and Gerry in the night of Madeleine's disappearance. "If there is a diligence, they will come to Portugal ", confirmed, yesterday, to the JN, the lawyer Rogério Alves.

However, according to Clarence, to participate, the McCann also demand that the reenactment of the events to have a TV broadcast in Portugal and abroad, to "make people aware and to raise a higher hope that Madeleine is found", he affirmed. Even so, the McCanns affirm that they are available to collaborate with the PJ "as long as they feel that their collaboration can help to find Maddie or can that it can help to prove the innocence of the couple".

However, an impediment might be the psychological condition of Kate, which alleges not to feel prepared to revisit the events. Since their return to the United Kingdom, on the 7th of September, Kate and Gerry did not return to Portugal and, since they were constituted arguidos, they have always stated that they would only return to Portugal if the PJ withdrew the arguido status.

Source: Jornal de Notícias


  1. http://www.sundaymirror.co.uk/news/dailynews/2008/04/09/cops-ask-kate-gerry-mccann-to-do-reconstruction-on-crimewatch-89520-20377360/

    By Rod Chaytor 9/04/2008
    "If the reconstruction were to be broadcast, they might do it in the hope it might help the hunt for Madeleine.

    "But if it was done in private, then their lawyers would question police motives."

    Pardon by the copy and paste but i do not know enough english to write much or more by myself.


  2. Deu "uma branca" à J.T.? Embora tenha lido (neste Blog)que entrou a sorrir
    e, saiu nada confortável.

    Não se lembrava de nada,a pobrezita.Sem telemóvel,relógio e sem memória(ainda recente).


  3. Clearly the McCanns claims of being willing to assist the P.J are lies....like the refusal of a lie detector after volanteering to take it!!
    It seems to me they are getting ready to use kates mental health to avoid assisting in the reconstruction because they know it does not add up and it will show hat a bunch of liars they are regarding the events of that night.
    In my eyes they are making themselves look even more guilty by making excuses as to why they may not take part.
    I am glad Jane Tanner found it shamefull enough to be red fced as she left the police station yesterday but am disgusted she now claims to not remember, you would imagine she would have gone over it so many times it would be ingrained upon her memory. The fact she answered she couldnt remember, to me is as damning as if she had said "no comment".
    I hope to god they are all charged at the end of it.


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