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MURAT goes to the PJ’s Re-enactment

The Englishman did not impose any conditions to enter in the PJ’s re-enactment

The first suspect of Maddie's disappearance wants to participate in the 'movie' of the re-enactment of the 3rd of May in Praia da Luz

Without fears and willing to help. This the state of mind of Robert Murat, the Englishman that was constituted as the first arguido in the scope of the process connected with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, on the 3rd of May of 2007, of an apartment in Praia da Luz, Algarve.

Like him, Sergey Malinka, a computer expert, was notified to participate, on the 15th and 16th of May, in a reconstitution of the alleged events taken place on the day in which Maddie stopped being seen.

Malinka, so far, as not answered, but Murat already told the authorities that he has no problem in helping and, contrary to Kate and Gerry McCann, parents of the child, and unlike the seven friends with whom they had dinner with in the Tapas Bar, in that fateful day, he did not impose any conditions to participate in the re-enactment.

Murat stays at home on the day of the re-enactment

“He was always at home with the mother. He just has to do the same that he did in that day and in many others that followed that day: to keep his mother company. The arguido status, which has damaged immensely his personal and professional life should have been lifted a long time ago, since it does not make any sense”, revealed a source close to the arguido, however a judicial source assured that his status will remain up to until the time when an accusation is or not done, which will only happen in the middle of July of 2008.

Meantime, Robert Murat, yesterday let know that he is going to ask compensations for slander to several British media organizations. The arguido wants to prosecute 11 British newspapers and the channel of television Sky News for slander in a process that lead to a cumulative payout of more than two million pounds (2,5 million euros). 34-year-old Robert Murat, lives with his mother in the Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, nearly a hundred of meters away of the apartment from where Maddie disappeared.

It was an English journalist of the "Sunday Mirror", Lori Campbell, who pointed the attentions of the police towards Murat, as soon as she thought that he had a suspect behavior. In an article entitled “Murat fear: Why I told cops”, the journalist explains: “There was an evasiveness and unease about Murat that left me feeling extremely uncomfortable”. Robert Murat, for a long time was the only suspect in the investigation, and he was object to great attention by the press, which investigated his whole life and past. The arguido always insisted in his innocence, having affirmed that they made him “a scapegoat”.

In a statement, the London-based firm of solicitors, Simons Muirhead and Burton, confirmed they were 'representing Robert Murat in respect of a number of libel actions against Sky, the Daily Express, the Sunday Express, the Daily Star, the Daily Mail, the Evening Standard, the Metro, the Daily Mirror, the Sunday Mirror, the News of the World, the Sun and the Scotsman'.


REMEMBER. To establish a record is the objective of Murat and of his lawyer, Francisco Pagarete. According to Caroline Kean, a media law expert, quoted by the newspaper “ The Observer “, Murat might receive “ at least 200 thousand pounds (nearly 250 thousand euros) for each newspaper and for complaint, which would exceed two million pounds ”. The current record for a complaint for slander is of 1,5 million pounds (nearly 1,8 million euros), in 1989, according to the same newspaper.

MEETING. The Judiciary Police team which traveled last week to England, that was led by Paulo Rebelo, coordinator of criminal investigation of the PJ, will have today in the morning, a meeting with the Public Prosecutor Luís Verão and criminal instruction judge Pedro Frias, as well as with the assistant director of the Judiciary Police and the very person in charge of the Directorship of Faro, Guilhermino Encarnação. The objective is to assess and evaluate the cross-examinations done to seven persons with whom the McCanns had dinner with in the Tapas Bar, on the 3rd of May 2007

Source: 24Horas
Image Credits: Himself from Only in America


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