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One year without Maddie: Policeman went from hunter to prey

It would be just another burglary at a residence, like so many others, if it weren't for the fact that the victim is a neighbour of Gonçalo Amaral, the former coordinator from the Policia Judiciaria (PJ) who investigated the case of Madeleine McCann, the English girl that disappeared in Praia da Luz, Algarve, one year ago next Saturday.

As far as CM was able to establish, only documents were stolen, despite the fact that the house, located in the outskirts of Faro, in an inland area, was filled with valuables. An aspect that was strange for the house's owner, but failed to surprise the PJ's inspector, who suspects that his own house was the target and that the criminals had a specific mission to accomplish.

"Since the moment when the PJ started investigating the possibility that the child died inside the apartment where she had been spending holidays with her parents, Gonçalo Amaral went from hunter to prey", a source close to the PJ investigator interpreted. At the same time, the same source revealed to CM that during the last few months the policeman, who is now under pre-retirement status, "has been persecuted and controlled" by someone who wants to "intimidate" him, and that he has received threats.

According to previous reports from CM, Amaral is writing a book containing explosive data about what happened on the evening of May 3, at the Ocean Club. The book is to be tiled 'The Truth of the Lie' and it promises to divulge data that had been kept secret until now. According to revelations made to CM by the PJ inspector's lawyer, Paulo Santos, it's intended to be "a report, from the inside out, of all the evidence that was investigated by him", while guaranteeing that "he does not intend to blame or to accuse anyone", just "to publicise facts".

The defendant - who was detached to intervene in any issues that relate to Gonçalo Amaral's image - understands that "someone realised that he may be a dangerous piece and may upset many people", he said.

For Paulo Santos, "a strategy was built to discredit his competence and his personality". He only laments that the PJ "abandoned and betrayed him when he needed them most".

At a time when he is leaving, the hierarchical superior official of the PJ in Faro, Guilhermino Encarnação, states that Gonçalo Amaral "will be missed", and portrays him as "the model of a good policeman, with a spirit of sacrifice and totally devoted to the cause that he is delivered".


- As the head of the Maddie case investigation, Gonçalo Amaral was always subjected to pressure from foreign journalists, who approached him at the Portimão PJ's door.

- As a coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department of the PJ in Portimão, the investigator led several operations against drug trafficking.

- Because he led the Joana case, Amaral was accused of failing to provide help in the process of the alleged aggressions on Leonor Cipriano. He was heard by the instruction judge at the court in Faro.

- After he was removed from the coordination of the Portimão PJ, Gonçalo Amaral was substituted by Paulo Rebelo. The national director, Alipio Ribeiro, gathered the intervenients in a café in Faro.

(Paulo Santos, Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer)

Correio da Manhã - Does the PJ's ex-coordinator Gonçalo Amaral see himself as a hunter of the McCann couple?

Paulo Santos - No. He does not hunt anyone and he is not going to start hunting now. All he did was to investigate, to collect indicia, and to read them.

- The book that he is writing, will it incriminate anyone?

- No. He does not move against anyone. All he wants is to contribute to the discovery of the truth of the facts that relate to the process, and all the others that he has contacted. He will make some revelations that may become inconvenient for many people.

- Isn't he afraid of suffering the consequences?

- Gonçalo Amaral is not a person who is afraid. From this moment on, he will use his freedom of expression to defend himself against the campaigns that have targeted him, given the fact that he could not do so, until now.


Kate and Gerry McCann revealed yesterday that they are also writing a book about the family's life since the night that Madeleine disappeared, in the Algarve.

According to British newspaper 'Telegraph', the couple is "determined to dispute many of the false stories that have been circulating since their daughter disappeared" in Praia da Luz.

Although they consider it to be "scandalous" and "sad" that Gonçalo Amaral intends to, according to them, "gain money" from the disappearance of their daughter, Gerry and Kate expect to receive a considerable profit from their story, to add to the Fund.

CM tried to contact Clarence Mitchell, the couple's spokesman, several times yesterday, but he never picked up the phone. But he told the English press that the publishing of the book "is a legitimate manner to gain money for the fund", while allowing for Gerry and Kate to "publicise their version of the story".


On October 2, it was Gonçalo Amaral's 48th birthday, and the gift that he received from the police force that he served for 17 years, was to be dismissed from the Maddie case investigation, which he had been leading since May.

The PJ's national director, Alipio Ribeiro, was infuriated over the statements that he read in a daily Portuguese newspaper, where the PJ's coordinator in Portimão accused the British police of investigating only what was convenient to the McCann couple.

Amaral was in Huelva and he tried to allege that the statements had been truncated. He alleged that he was referring to the retired policemen that were performing private investigations. His explanations were worthless. The PJ's national director said that confidence had been broken, because he understood that the pact of silence had been broken.

In February, Alipio publicly stated that there was "precipitation" over making the McCanns into arguidos. He was criticised but kept his position.


Book translated into English

The PJ inspector's book, titled 'Truth of the Lie', will be translated into English, following a suggestion from the editing firm that is publishing it.

Tourists have not fled Luz

One year after the disappearance, Praia da Luz registers almost the same number of tourists as last year, in May.

Amaral has a substitute already

Gonçalo Amaral's place will be occupied by coordinator Eduardo Nunes, who arrived at the PJ in Faro two months ago.

Reconstitution in Luz

The PJ has proposed the McCann couple and their friends to make a reconstitution of the events of May 3. Gerry and Kate replied that they would only accept it if they would stop being arguidos.

Bank accounts investigated

The bank accounts belonging to the McCann couple and their seven friends that spent holidays with them at the Ocean Club, will be analysed by the PJ, to understand where they spent their money in the Algarve.

Documentary on ITV

The British channel ITV is marking the first year after Maddie's disappearance with a documentary, on Wednesday. The couple makes an appearance while campaigning for a European child alert system.

Source: Correio da Manhã
Translation: Astro


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  2. The McCanns are not trying to find their daughter instead they are running a Political type campaign to evade justice. Normally parents would cooperate with police in order to find their child, but the McCanns view the police as opponents. And what do Politicians do to their opponents? They attack their credibility they smear their character in the hope that the public will side with them and that their opponents will lose their composure and make a mistake. This is exactly what the McCann team is doing. They are using any means possible to undermine the investigation, including being openly antagonistic toward the PJ in the hope that they will lose their composure and compromise the investigation. The following are examples of some of the tactics:

    Their entourage launched a worldwide character assassination of the PJ.

    Any report indicating that the girl probably died in the apartment is quickly silenced by claims of incompetence or a sighting.

    To strengthen the theory of abduction by a paedophile there are no qualms about portraying Portugal as a haven for paedophiles.

    The Portuguese police came to England to interrogate; the McCanns went to Brussels to promote child welfare causes in the European parliament.

    The Portuguese police invite them back for a re-enactment of that fateful night. Telecinco, to whom the McCanns gave an exclusive interview, divulges what it claims are excerpts from the case file. In having the British media initially emphasize the negligent parenting evidenced in the alleged file excerpts (we already knew they were bad parents anyway), credibility is given to team McCann’s claim that the PJ were responsible for the file release and thus provides them with the excuse that the PJ can’t be trusted and therefore they won’t be going to Portugal.

    Amaral is about to write a book guess what the McCanns are going to write a book also.

    You get the picture, anything they perceive will make the public doubt their innocence or that will further the investigation, is counteracted. And of course, they attack the credibility of the people who are trying to find out the truth. But why would they attack the people who are trying to determine what happened, people who are trying to help? Could it be they don’t need any help because they already know what happened? Doesn’t it look like a political campaign? Why should we be surprised, after all aren’t politicians orchestrating this campaign to undermine justice? I can’t speak for everyone, but if my government behaved in this manner you can be sure it wouldn’t be getting my vote in the next election.

  3. Good afternoon(?)guerra:
    You describe very well all things about "the Mcs not trying to find the daughter",for example.And much more.

    I liked to read your comment.
    I write few words because I do not know enough english.

    All the best to you.

    And I read another from You, about all the very unhappy children.
    I feel a lot of pain when I go to some sites,like sosmadeleine.be and kidnapping.be.
    A tremendous pain.

  4. Outono, podes comunicar comigo em Português se quiseres que eu compreendo. Eu não costumo a escrever em Português por que é mais fácil exprimir-me em Inglês.

  5. guerra:I thank You.

    Obrigada por poder comunicar em português.Por vezes,tento,cheio de erros,fazê-lo em inglês,em respeito pelos que dominam melhor.

    E quando escrevo "portinhol"? português e espanhol.É o "máximo".
    Mas continue a escrever em inglês,pois para ler posso demorar mas não empato ninguém.Obrigada.
    Obrigada e tudo de bom.


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