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PJ and Prosecutors debate alleged leak of information

Pinto Monteiro awaits for report

The inspectors that are investigating Maddie's case held a meeting yesterday with the Public Prosecutor to analyse the trip to England. Clarence Mitchell, McCann's spokesman and Método 3 might have passed informations to the Spanish press.

The PJ and the Public Ministry have been bombarded with what the judicial authorities regard as being "counter information" in the Madeleine McCann's case. In declarations to the 24 Horas, Pinto Monteiro, the General Public Prosecutor, acknowledged that yesterday he had not yet received any additional information regarding the process, because nothing was communicated to him by the General Assistant Prosecutor of Évora, Luís Bilro Verão, though there was a meeting between the magistrate and the Judiciary Police.

There is no report

"When there are relevant things concerning that process a detailed report with the facts is made. Untill today (yesterday) nothing was received from the people in charge with this case, namely by the Public Prosecutor Luís Verão which I appointed to direct the inquest of the process", assured Pinto Monteiro.

Guilhermino Encarnação, the assistant director of the Judiciary Police and the very person in charge of the Directorship of Faro, says the same: "It's all going well, the cross-examinations carried out in England happened in the best possible way. We are not vulnerable to any kind of pressure, where ever it comes from. The inquiries will have their results no matter who will be hurt".

McCann and Método3 under suspicion

In the last days the PJ investigations on this case received criticism from various places. From the couple's spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, to the Spanish TV channel Telecinco and even by the President of the Portuguese Bar Association, they all have attacked the course of the investigations. The authorities in Portugal strongly believe that the fake informations were released by the McCanns themselves or by the detective agency hired by them, Método3.


Marinho Pinto, president of the Bar Association said yesterday to the EFE news agency that the Criminal Police "arrived to a dead end in the investigations and is unable to acknowledge that fact".

Source: 24Horas

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