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PJ authorized to Question the McCann's Friends

Police begins today the attack on the contradictions of the McCann’s friends

The PJ Team and the Police of Leicester were yesterday in a meeting that lasted the whole afternoon to adjust the manner of how the interrogations are going to take place.

Now it’s the time for the coordinator of criminal investigation of the PJ, Paulo Rebelo to show what he is worth. The right-arm of Guilhermino Encarnação, the person in charge of the PJ’s Directory of Faro, his going to lead, from 9h00 of today, all the interrogations to the seven friends with whom Madeleine's parents had dinner in the night the girl disappeared, from Praia da Luz, Algarve.

The diligence should be done only by the British authorities, but the Portuguese obtained a special authorization to do the interrogations directly. “We were only going to assist the interrogations and make suggestions. However due to the good existent collaboration between both police forces, it was agreed that we should do the cross-examinations. It was a question of courtesy from the English Police in general and of Leicester in particular”, explained to 24horas a Judiciary Police source.

24horas was able to gather that Jane Tanner will be the first witness to be heard, for the reason that her statement given initially to the PJ and the declarations she made publicly, along the months that followed the disappearance, are of those who present bigger inconsistencies. It was she who said, some months after the disappearance, to have seen a man near the apartment of the McCanns carrying what appeared to be a child wrapped up in a blanket.

But Jane will not be the only target of the authorities. Her husband, Russel O'Brien, is also going to be "grilled", since his declarations to the authorities changed with time. Dianne Webster, of 63, and the oldest person of the Tapas group, will have to explain why she did not show surprise when she saw Kate entering in the Tapas Bar screaming. And why she remained seated more than five minutes until she decided to leave the place.

Witnesses of the McCanns

The day of yesterday was a fuss for Paulo Rebelo and for the two investigators who accompanied him. They had to wake up at around 6h00 to be in the Faro Airport at 7h00 to do the check-in for the EasyJet flight at 9h00 bound for Birmingham, where they arrived only around 12h30.

Soon after they had lunch and at 14h30 they entered in a high speed Ford gray van, with tinted glasses, in the headquarters of the Leicester police. There followed a meeting that lasted all the afternoon. Meanwhile, two witnesses, allegedly indicated by the McCanns, were heard, in the context of the rogatory letter, only by British officers. The PJ did not find them relevant.

Clarence Mitchell and Justine McGuinness, which practiced the spokesperson's functions for the McCanns in Praia da Luz (the first one maintains this position in England) might be able to help explaining to the PJ how traces of blood of the child ended up in the Renault Scenic. The vehicle was rented by Madeleine's parents three weeks after her disappearance and the detection of those evidences contributed in order for the police to change the course of the investigation, in August of 2007, starting to point to the theory of the death.

The interest of the couple McCann in suggesting to the authorities to hear Clarence Mitchell and Justine McGuiness is attached to the fact that besides the McCanns they were the persons, who travelled more in that car.

Very expensive hotels

The base of the team of the PJ sent to England is going to be the headquarters of the police of Leicester. But Paulo Rebelo and his collaborators are going to be in a hotel in Enderby, nearly 15 kilometers from the center of Leicester. The expensive prices and the lack of vacancies obstructed the authorities to stay in heart of the city. The Hilton Hotel and the Marriot were the first choices. The first one asked between 195 euros to 300 euros per night. In the second the ‘party’ was not for less than 300 euros to 450 euros. A source of the PJ pointed out that it was not for lack of funds that the team did not settle down in one of these two hotel unities, simply there were no vacancies left. The choice fell in the Ramada Hotel, where the PJ’s team sent to gather the expert examinations carried out in a laboratory of Birmingham stayed previously. There, the PJ is going to pay 150 euros per night. The transport will be supplied by the English police.


… that Paulo Rebelo even let his beard grow, naturally, to pass unnoticed.

Source: 24Horas and Diário de Notícias


  1. Portuguese police have been tapping Gerry and Kate McCann's mobile phone calls and hacking into their emails since early August, it has been claimed.

    Under Portuguese law, police can tap phones or emails if they believe it will help solve a serious crime.

    A family friend of the McCann's said: "Gerry told me police are listening to every word they say and reading every email they write."

    Kate McCann is also said to believe that the DNA evidence, on which the case against the McCanns appears to hang, has been placed there in a bid to frame them for Madeleine's murder.

    A source close to Kate MCCann said today: "She believes the evidence has been planted - either by the police or even by the abductor.

    "Gerry's view is if it is there, it has been planted or it has been accidentally transferred there."

    Portuguese prosecutors were today due to start considering thousands of pages of police evidence as they received the full file on Madeleine, and to decide whether to bring charges.

    In his blog on the website www.findmadeleine.com, Mr McCann described the past few days as "unbelievably stressful and emotionally draining".

    He wrote: "The pain and turmoil we have experienced in this last week is totally beyond description.

    Portuguese police declared the McCanns arguidos - or formal suspects - after a breakthrough in DNA tests conducted in Britain.

    Police in Portugal now believe Mrs McCann killed Madeleine and her husband helped cover up the crime, hiding the body temporarily before disposing of it at least 25 days later using the hire car.

    The McCanns say the claim is ludicrous and far-fetched and they fear they are being framed by the Policia Judiciaria.

    Mrs McCann made her claim of being framed in a telephone call to a close friend after she was interrogated for 11 hours at Portimao police station on Thursday, where she was accused of killing her daughter.

    The friend said: "When we spoke, the feeling was very much from her that they were being stitched up."

    It is understood that the new legal team hired by the McCanns to defend them - they could face charges at any time - will scrutinise the forensic evidence and employ their own expert.

    The McCanns have let it be known they are scathing about the standard of policing in Portugal, with one source suggesting that the forensics gathered could easily have been contaminated by officers inexperienced in modern policing techniques.

    One source suggested that officers had failed to take the McCanns' fingerprints properly on the night Madeleine vanished and had to take them again the next day.

    The officer who searched their holiday apartment in Praia da Luz wore only gloves and not the overalls which are standard practice in Britain to prevent contamination of evidence.

    The McCanns could remain arguidos for up to a year, leaving them uncertain of their future.

    But police could also issue arrest warrants at any time, forcing them to return to the Algarve, from where Madeleine vanished on 3 May.

    The source said the McCanns were much calmer since returning home on Sunday and have regrouped to defend their reputation and continue the worldwide search for Madeleine.

    "Now it has happened the way it has they are not unhappy at being home. They can return to some form of normality," said the source.

    "They can get some rest and recuperation. They have easy access to lawyers and communications rather than being one stage removed in a hostile environment. They were increasingly isolated in the new villa."


  2. European' lawyers meeting
    Kevin Feddy
    8/ 4/2008

    MANCHESTER will play host to solicitors from 19 countries this weekend at the European Company Lawyers' Association's annual board meeting. It is the first time the event has been staged in the city.

    They will meet at Eversheds on Great Bridgewater Street on Friday to discuss key issues affecting the profession.

    Among those attending will be Manchester Law Society president Stephen Hindmarsh and national president Andrew Holroyd. Board member Edward Smethurst, legal director at Cheshire's Latium Group and legal co-ordinator for the family of missing toddler Madeleine McCann, said: "ECLA represents more than 20,000 company lawyers. It's Europe's biggest and leading association for in-house lawyers."

    Michael Clavell-Bate, senior office partner at Eversheds in Manchester, said: "It's a tremendous opportunity for the city."


  3. Madeleine McCann: Polícia Judiciária interroga 24 testemunhas

    Uma equipa de investigadores da Polícia Judiciária deslocou-se hoje a Inglaterra, para, em parceria com as autoridades inglesas, interrogar 24 testemunhas. Ao mesmo tempo, Kate e Gerry discutem em Bruxelas um sistema de combate a raptos.Trata-se de mais uma tentativa para solucionar o intrigante caso de desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann, anunciado às autoridades portuguesas em Maio do ano passado.Até sexta-feira, será feito um interrogatório a amigos dos McCann, para perceber detalhes relacionados com o casal - a personalidade de ambos, as reacções e condutas na altura do desaparecimento - e também informações sobre Madeleine McCann.

    A Polícia Judiciária e as autoridades portuguesas tentarão traçar um perfil psicológico de Kate e Gerry e dos sete amigos que se encontraram no aldeamento turístico quando foi anunciada ausência de Madeleine no quarto onde dormia.Esses sete amigos que também passavam férias no Algarve com os McCann fazem parte do grupo de 24 pessoas que vai ser alvo do interrogatório, que se desenvolve ao longo de quatro dias.O regresso a Portugal da Polícia Judiciária está previsto já para próxima sexta-feira. Mas esta retirada da PJ não significa o encerramento dos inquéritos, já que as autoridades de Leicestershire prosseguirão as auscultações a outras testemunhas.

    Kate e Gerry McCann não vão participar no interrogatório, nem sequer se cruzam com as autoridades portugueses. Os pais da pequena Madeleine deslocam a Bruxelas nesta quinta-feira para participar na discussão de um sistema para raptos de crianças.Estas notícias surgem no momento em que é conhecido mais um caso de eventual rapto, segundo as autoridades. Na Suécia, uma criança desapareceu, neste fim-de-semana, no momento em que regressava a casa, de bicicleta.



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