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The PJ is still waiting for the transactions made with credit cards

Phone calls analysed with magnifying glass

Only now have the PJ received the list of phone calls made by Maddie's parents and friends. The registers of three persons are still missing.

"Drop by drop". This is the way how a responsible connected to the investigations on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann describes the way that the data of the phone calls made by the parents and friends on that day arrive to the PJ. The registers were asked for more than six months ago to the British but only now they begin to arrive.

"The British authorities have already sent us several invoices of phone calls made by the group, including the McCanns, but there are still some registers missing", said the same source. We discovered that the missing data are from three friends of the McCanns and that is the reason why the complete analysis cannot be made. "Everything is being duly analysed but the crossing of the data means that we have to get the missing calls. Without them it is impossible to reach any conclusion because two of the persons involved in the process are fundamental to the investigation", the source explained.

An investigator that was connected to the case in its initial phase said that "since the first hour the investigations came up against bureaucratic problems".

"An investigation in a case like this must be quick. But when we tried to obtain evidence we were confronted with incredible bureaucracy. An urgent rogatory letter took more than five months to be authorised", he added.

To cross phone data is now a team task directed by the director Guilhermino Encarnação and by the coordinator Paulo Rebelo.

Police and banks in silence

But apart from the phone calls the public prosecutor Magalhães e Menezes still waits the register of the bank transactions made by all people that dinned in the Tapas Bar.

The objective is to know where the arguidos and the main witnesses were in the day the child disappeared.

"Although that request was made informally to the British police more than seven months ago and officially requested afterwards in the rogatory letter (five months ago) the truth is that we do not yet have any reply", said a police source to 24horas . Officially Encarnação and Paulo Rebelo are laconic about the case. None of them say anything because the process "is in secrecy of justice".

Source: 24Horas

Gonçalo Amaral Retires

Gonçalo Amaral former coordinator of the Department of Criminal Investigation of the PJ of Portimão, goes into retirement. The request for retirement was presented a month ago and was accepted last week by the National Directory of the PJ. The JN knows that one of the motives for this decision were more than 38 years in the force and the wish to recuperate his "freedom of expression". The former coordinator was the head of the investigations in the case of the British girl Madeleine McCann and was removed due to declarations given to the "Diário de Notícias" with criticisms of the British police.

Source:Jornal de Notícias

TranslationS: Li

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  1. 38 anos....é muito tempo!
    Ser-se mal tratado é muito aborrecido,tremendamente mau;
    ter o dia de trabalho descrito à british,puxa!,é maquiavélico.
    Poder falar livremente é muito bom.
    Os "queridos" quanto a serem empatas,ganham o prémio;é um descaramento a nível mundial.O pior é que estão completamente à vontade.....

    Haja estofo para os aguentar. Ainda por cima torna-se cada vez mais óbvio....
    Ah,mas que enormes pinocheterias!

    "An investigation in a case like this must be quick....""Incredible bureaucratic".....

    SO SAD the british behavior and company.


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