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PJ of Portimão takes legal action against McCann’s spokesman

Controversy: Kate's statement to detectives

The declarations of Kate McCann remembering a conversation with her daughter Maddie, on the day in which she disappeared, on the fact that in the previous night Kate left the girl crying in the bedroom are not in the official process secured by the Judiciary Police, established the CM. They were reproduced by the Spanish TV channel Telecinco, the journalist Nacho Abad says to have proofs that they are true - but in fact, they are accounts given by Kate to private detectives.

The process continues in secrecy of justice, but, 'on the day that the process is opened to the public, it will be easy to prove that those declarations are not there ', said a source close to the investigations. Therefore, this leak of information could never have appeared from inside the Judiciary Police.

'On the day in which this situation is clarified accurately ', Clarence Mitchell will be the target of a process for the damages caused against the image of the elements of the Department of Criminal Investigation of Portimão, after they had been 'unfairly accused' by the McCann’s spokesman of passing informations that are part of the process to the Media.

Besides, the British police also know that Kate's declarations, about her difficult relationship with the daughter, are not in the process. When the Spanish TV channel reproduced them a PJ’s team was in Leicester, in the period in which the McCann’s friends were heard, and the English authorities confirmed to be Kate's account to the private investigators. It is a company that worked for the couple before the Metódo3 agency and, in the end, they printed a report where these sentences are in. According to our sources, only three parts kept copies of these documents: the company, the McCanns and the British authorities.

The problems with the international press do not end here, yesterday, it was the Telegraph turn to advance 'declarations' from Guilhermino Encarnação, where after a meeting with the Public Prosecutor, he would have said that ‘The investigation will bring its results, whoever they hurt', a source close to the responsible of the Faro's PJ guarantees to the CM that none of this is true.



Contacted by the 'CM', the president of the Criminal Investigation Officers' Union, Carlos Anjos, guarantees to be available for the whole legal support that the investigators of Portimão need if they understand to sue the McCann’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell, McCann, for damages against the image of the department.


Carlos Anjos believes that the controversy created around Kate's declarations, with accusations to the PJ for the eventual leak of information which damages the couple credibility, 'is nothing more than a stratagem in order that they do not have to collaborate with the Portuguese justice'. In question there is a re-enactment of the crime, requested by the PJ but that, according to the couple’s spokesman, will only happen if they stop being arguidos.

Source: Correio da Manhã


  1. About time too!! Clarence Mitchell and even members of the McCann family have leaked whatever has suited them and are always slating the P.J, I sincerely hope proceedings will be instigated against against Clarence.
    Usually Clarence cannot keep his mouth shut and for the slightest excuse will give a press interview disputing claims against the McCanns. It is interesting that he has not had anything to say about being called a liar and of engineering the leaks as a way of excusing the McCanns from taking part in the reconstruction, as I said normally he is on GMTV or sky news to dispute what he calls untruths.
    If this report is correct, Clarence has shot himself and the McCannns in the foot, because the leaked info was not part of the papers held by the p.j and were in fact papers held by investigators hired by the McCanns.
    The world now knows far from assisting the investigators in the search for the truth, the McCanns have no intention of helping and will use some pretty underhand tactics too ensure they do not look bad in doing so....such as these leaks.
    Looking forward to hearing what Clarence has to say in response to Carlos Anjos statement, Clarence isnt normally this slow to respond, perhaps the cat has his tongue!!

  2. And we must take care about :

    "I do think the PJ will find the truth of this," says Thompson. "

    In the old days, before the revolution, when you had to have a licence for a lighter,the PJ was everywhere and people were always: 'don't say that'. That was Portugal. That was their regime. It's only 1974. And they are still a bit afraid and secretive."

    From: Esther Addley in Praia da Luz The Guardian, Saturday April 19 2008
    Article history
    About this article Close

    This article appeared in the Guardian on Saturday April 19 2008 on p12 of the UK news section.

    It was last updated at 11:36 on April 19 2008.
    Thompson+Esther Addley

    = ???????? Excuse me!!!!!!!!?????

    Read more,no? PVDE/PIDE/TARRAFAL

    NOW! About our Portugal Freedom!

  3. Nesta notícia(artigo)parece-me,Joana que:
    por um lado,aproveitam para falar dos Mc;

    mas a propósito de 2 crimes racistas e suas consequências emocionais:

    ....""I can see the same desperation on their faces - they are actually going through Hell," says Neville. "And I can see the tell-tale signs of a split. When they walk together you can see. It's as if she is lagging a bit behind, as though she doesn't want to be doing that [public campaigning].

    "It's the body language - it's saying pain and anguish and desperation, and maybe not supporting each other at the same time. Their whole lifestyle is a strain and it's taken its toll. I really hope I'm wrong, but 99 per cent of couples who suffer trauma (Sim ,trauma+medo)like this split up."
    By the same token, he has no doubt

    that Damilola Taylor's mother Gloria, who collapsed while out walking ten days ago, died of a broken heart.

    And:...."Should anyone need reminding, Stephen Lawrence was stabbed to death as he waited for a late-night bus home in Southeast London in what an inquest jury described as "a completely unprovoked racist attack by five white racist youths". .....

    Stephen Lawrence's father Neville

  4. I am giving up on this case.
    It is going to rank with John Lennon, JFK David Kelly and all the other cover ups.
    This has gone too far.
    Having watched the David Icke series "Children of the Matrix" and seeing how the whole thing works - of course they are going to be spared justice.
    If they were charged then it meant that the world would still be operating on the justice paradigm.
    A clear message will be sent out to all those manipulating "the people" that the cover up will continue because that is where the power lies.
    I do not see how the PJ can stand up to the world government and all their tentacles.
    Trying to post on 3 A's for several days - no way it tells me my password is incorrect - same one as always - then asks me to identify the security code only to be told I have it wrong.
    I look at the trite postings on there at the moment and the only conclusion I can arrive at is that it has been taken over.
    I am going to light a candle for the being that was Madeleine and say farewell to her.
    No longer can I expend all this hope in something that is obviously not ever going to come into being.
    Sadness wings its way around the planet as the lies and food crises grow.

  5. hannasus: a sad and real comment.

    The great fear; the enormous manipulation....make....probably forever, Maddie without JUSTICE.

    "....the world government and all their tentacles....." (very well)

    "I am going to light a candle for the being that was Madeleine and say farewell to her.

    No longer can I expend all this hope in something that is obviously not ever going to come into being.

    Sadness wings its way around the planet as the lies and food crises grow." hannasus.

    Hannasus: all the best to You and to all the GOOD people.


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