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PJ wants McCanns Bank Transactions

...the Judiciary Police is still waiting the final report of the analyses...

The objective of the investigators is to identify which purchases they did before and after the disappearance of the girl.

The Judiciary Police intends to have access to the bank transactions of Madeleine’s parents and of the seven friends who accompanied them on holidays to the Algarve. This request was also in the Rogatory Letter .

The Rogatory Letter Saga

The Home Office in October 2007 raised some questions to Eurojust and the Letter was sent back to the Portugal, to the Public Prosecution Service.

The rogatory letter was then sent, a second time back to the Home Office, on the 7th January 2008 by the Public Prosecutor José Cunha de Magalhães e Menezes, the responsible for the administration of the inquest through the EU body, Eurojust.

In February 2008 the Public Prosecutor of the Portimão's court, Magalhães e Menezes as well as the team that conducted the investigations concerning Madeleine McCann were losing their patience with the delay of the British authorities in giving green light to the execution of the rogatory letter. "This is reaching unacceptable proportions. In a case like this, if there was cooperation, the rogatory letter would be fulfilled in less than a month. This is going on since October last year with the English returning the letter and making mere bureaucratic demands. We already sent a new rogatory more than two weeks ago and the only thing we have is the silence of the police and diplomatic authorities" and "Like this is difficult to make an investigation", concluded the source connected to the process.

The Judiciary Police was finally allowed to travel to England on the 7th of April 2008, to cross examine the Tapas friends, except the McCanns who were at the time in Brussels.

The Forensics Delay

Almost at the end of April 2008 the Judiciary Police is still waiting the final report of the analyses of the biological evidences which were sent to the Forensic Science Service [FSS], a laboratory in Birmingham, England on August 2007. The same laboratory which was supposed to do DNA analyses in less than 36 hours. The remaining analyses done by the Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal [INML] - National Institute of Legal Medicine were completed after 1 month.

The first results of the FSS analyses to the evidences taken from the McCanns' apartment in Praia da Luz, their hire car and other parts of the Mark Warner holiday complex, were inconclusive. A senior source close to the investigation reportedly said: "There is no reason to change the direction of the investigation and everything that has emerged indicates that it is focusing where it should. "This is a very complex case and forensics are rarely conclusive on their own, but the new material adds to the existing picture that has been built up by police and fills in a few more pieces of the jigsaw." Sources added that the tests raised more questions into the explanations offered by the McCanns for the original results, thought to have shown traces of Madeleine's blood in the family apartment and of her bodily fluids in the McCanns' hire car.

Almost a year after Maddie's disappearance, many questions remain without an answer, in a process in which the secrecy of justice was extended for a second time.


  1. What a BIG SAGA!

    E ontem, na TV....um programa sobre a Maddie (mas sem novas!)Porquê?

  2. It is inconceivable that the Home Office delays the progress of this criminal investigation.

    It becomes clearer each day, that Brown is behind the "protection" of the McCann's.

    How else can one explain that just a few days ago, the two suspects, have had an audience with the... British ambassador to Brussels.

  3. The fact that the forensics are still unavailable has to be connected to the findings because I am certain that if the forensics cleared the McCanns and had nothing damning in them, we would have heard by now. The McCanns it seems are still being protected by people with the power to scupper the P.J's investigation.The fact they they are assisting them in getting away with whtever happened to Madeliene is disgusting, I do not know how any of those involved sleep at night.

  4. Mariana faithful I also believe that Mr. Brown has his hand in this matter. The question that has to be asked is: Did Gordon Brown get involved in this case for political reasons i.e. to strengthen his image or did he get involved because he already knew the couple and felt obligated to help them? I believe it is the latter. Mr. Brown cancelled an election in October because the polls did not look too favourably on his party. Some people claim that he is waiting for the polls to turn his way so that he can call an election and that until this happens he will delay the PJ investigation. I don’t think this is true because he has the right to delay an election until 2010 and I fail to see how the incrimination of this couple can be so detrimental to his political career. I tend to think there is a familial connection of some sort or a strong business association between Mr Brown and the McCanns or indirectly through some of the McCann’s friends.

    With regard to DNA tests I have read that it can take just 3 days or anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months or longer. Perhaps the delay is due to the use of the relatively new LCN technique. Let’s hope that the delay is due to scientific and not nefarious reasons.

  5. guera, I think that "speak your mind" is quite right in saying that if the forensics had cleared the McCann's, we would have heard.

    The LNC (Low Copy Number) had been used for a long time.
    It's use, had been suspended in England and Wales.

    As of last January, the Crown Prosecution Service has began using the technique.

    This has been a great blow to the McCann's, as the results will be used in conjuction with other evidence.

    As far as Brown is concerned I think, he really believed Madeleine's disappearance was an abduction.
    There is talk he knew GM, before Madeleine disappeared.
    Whatever the case may be, on the 3rd of May, the liaison was Alistair Clark.

    If the Brown government continues to stall and delays the case, it is bound to hurt the PM and his re-election chances.

    Apart from that, he has to remind himself that come June 2009, the EU Parliament holds elections.


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