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Racist Parsons is Back: The Real Evil

by Tony Parsons

On Saturday it will be one year since Madeleine McCann was stolen from her family. Widespread support for Kate and Gerry McCann has ebbed away and increasingly you hear that Madeleine's parents must carry the blame for leaving their children alone.

But the McCanns are not the villains. Some members of the Portuguese police, undoubtedly humiliated by their inability to solve the crime, have constantly leaked smears, lies and innuendo to their lapdogs in the Portuguese media.

But the Portuguese police and papers are not the villains. The villain is the bastard who watched, and waited, and bided his time until that four-year-old child was left by her parents. The person, or persons unknown, who stole a child while she slept and casually wrecked so many innocent lives. The errors of Kate and Gerry McCann, and the cock-ups of the Portuguese police, all pall in comparison with that unspeakable crime.

There is only one villain. And there is only one victim, and that is Madeleine herself.

Points to note:

1) Madeleine was 3-years old when she disappeared.

2) Parsons says the 'villain... watched, and waited, and bided his time'. Why would he need to do this when the children were left alone every night of the holiday? He could have walked in and out whenever he so choosed.

3) If the 'villain' did indeed watch, wait and bide his time, then why did he choose to undertake the abduction when he knew that Gerry would be returning - placing himself inside the apartment when Gerry undertook his check?

4) Parsons obviously believes the abductor story but does not seem to understand that Madeleine would not have been placed into the hands of a 'villain' if her parents had taken responsibility and stayed with her, or arranged alternative care.

The fact remains that they abandoned three small, defenceless children - who, let's remember, they decided to bring into this world - in a dark and strange apartment so that they could pursue their own self-centred pleasures.

In essence, they were determined they would not miss out on their 'adult' time throughout the holiday but they have failed to provide any evidence since that they are adult in anything but years.

Source: Daily Mirror

Comments by Nige in the McCann Files - Could not say it better Nige, I would just add the racist comments Parsons does about the Portuguese Judiciary Police are vile and he should be sued by the PJ for all the attacks he has done to them since May 2007. I would also add that the Mirror Editor and the PCC are equally responsible for allowing this racist man and his xenophobic venom to be published.

Remember this was the man who wrote the most sickening attack and attempt to manipulate the public in a article, addressing an ambassador in a very indecorous manner. Note: this article is not on-line anymore, NO apology was published:



Portugal's ambassador to Britain, Senor Antonio Santana Carlos, says that the Madeleine McCann case has seriously damaged relations between the two countries. Well, whose fault is that?

It is the fault of the spectacularly stupid, cruel Portuguese police. I have never much cared for the convention of calling cops "pigs" or "filth", but I am happy to make an exception. They have tried to cover their humiliation at coming nowhere close to finding that stolen child by fitting up her parents.

The decline in relations is also the fault of the appalling Portuguese media, happy to print any piece of poisonous trash spoon-fed to them by "police sources" treating the abduction of a small child as light entertainment.

And the Portuguese public must also take their share of the blame. The sight of locals jeering at Kate McCann as she went in for questioning made me feel as though these leering bumpkins were not from another country, but another planet.

And the good ambassador can also be blamed for the decline in relations.
When he should be exercising a little diplomacy, he huffs and he puffs about the McCanns' tragic decision to leave their children sleeping alone on the night Madeleine was stolen.

"In Portugal we have the concept of a nuclear family," sniffs Senor Carlos. "That the families all live together."

They made a mistake, ambassador. Their lives have been wrecked. That is punishment enough, without your asinine, unwanted comments.

And I would respectfully suggest that in future, if you can't say something constructive about the disappearance of little Madeleine, then you just keep your stupid, sardine-munching mouth shut."

For all the Parsons revolting attacks on the PJ please see this post: Tony Parsons and Daily Mirror xenophobic venom (again)


  1. I loathe Tony Parsons and have for a while, I wrote this after reading one of his articles on the 14th April ..

    skip to main | skip to sidebar I have something to say
    Lest we forget... Madeleine McCann went on holiday with her parents and was never seen again. This is my take on the stories surrounding her disappearance.


    Lest we forget.
    Monday, 14 April 2008
    Is Tony Parsons part of team McCann?

    Who the hell does Tony Parsons, he of the daily mirror, think he is? He is so adamant the McCanns are innocent one has to wonder on what he bases his undying beliefs? He cannot possibly know if the McCanns are innocent unless one of two things, He was present at the Tapas and never lost sight of the McCanns all night on the 3rd May or he knows for certain who did take Madeleine.

    He ought to be ashamed to call himself a journalist, the man is a prat, in his first article in the Daily Mirror, copied below, he touches upon the claims that Madeleine was crying the previous night, he dismisses this as smears,he says he does not believe the McCanns killed Madeleine accidentally or otherwise, and gives the P.J a good roasting.

    We now know that Mrs.Fenn did indeed hear Madeleine weeping alone in the apartment, we also know that the next morning Madeleine chided her mother for leaving her and Sean to cry half the night.Does Tony Parsons now have a different view of things? NO! Does Tony Parsons point out he was wrong in his article of the 17th August? NO!!Does Tony Parsons comment on Madeleines tears? NO!!

    HE GOES ON TO EXPRESS HIS BIASED OPINIONS IN AN ARTICLE TODAY CONDEMNING THE P.J FOR THE LEAKS ABOUT THE MCCANNS!!! He does not state his views on the fact that Madeleine was left to cry the previous evenings , he does not denounce their actions, in fact he does not give it a thought, his only concern is that the P.J appear to have leaked the information!!Nor does he put right his previous article where he states Madeleine being left to cry is part of an unfounded smear campaign by the P.J.

    You can tell he is talking crap, he says how heartbroken the parents are and waffles on how easy it is to see! Hey whoa!!What has he seen that we haven't? I only recall smiling photo calls, jogging and jaunts to places Madeleine was never likely to be!!

  2. Tony Parsons is such a "genious".

    The "abductor" took advantage of the "one minute" or "moment" that Kate was away from all three of her children and "took" Madeleine.

    A stupid abductor indeed.

    Mr. Parsons a "good abductor" would have taken Amelie, not Madeleine.

    But... like your friends the McCann's, you know absolutely nothing about abductions.

  3. Este gajo, ou é completamente passado dos carretes ou é bem pago por o que ele escreve.

  4. Este incombustível é UM TRISTE COMPLETO!

    Toca a ganhar dinheiro para ter o seu "trabalho/emprego)assegurado.
    Grande Tantan.

  5. Triste Tantan Traste.T3

  6. E hoje este ser rastejante continua rastejando,lambendo o chão,as botas .
    Além das péssimas caracteristicas deste ser invertebrado, é tão,tão mal educado.
    Onde andou ele antes de aprender a rabiscar?

    O que escrevi em Abril,mantém-se.
    Agora como anónima graças a r. e v.

  7. It is not worth while to read these people and to take the trouble to comment them.
    They have no choice but to follow instructions of their controllers.
    In their hearts and at home they know the truth but they live in a sort of Soviet Union, when you speak about the Madeleine case.
    It has been said that Madeleine is a matter of national security.
    There must be a huge amount of dirty things behind this story.
    It is possible that the majority of the journalists in the UK know a lot more about Tapas 9 than we know. And to whom those 9 bloody people are connected, directly or indirectly. But they are not allowed to talk. They have been controlled from the first day.
    And that is nothing for journalists, specially for the British ones. They must feel frustrated every moment of the day.
    The regular police must know the truth too.They are not stupid.
    Gerry's reconstruction was marvelous. So extremely stupid that British people who were giving themselves the chance of the doubt, must immediately have converted themselves to the PJ.
    The more the McCanns show themselves, the worse it gets.
    Amaral's documentary, with subtiteling in English, is already circulating in the UK.
    People know what happened, don't be afraid.
    The McCanns will continue to make themselves ridiculous and it is their right.
    But people around them know the truth, they must even know why they are so protected and WHO caused the death.

  8. Now that I have seen his face I finally understood the reason for all the anger and biterness.Can you imagine how it is to see all those handsome portuguese cops and then look yourself in the mirror and see this face?It must hurt!


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