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Reconstitution at risk - 24 Horas

In 24Horas this morning:

PJ ponders giving up on the diligence for lack of cooperation from the witnesses

Reconstitution at risk

Kate says she does not know if she can live the nightmare again. The other elements also fail to show any will to return to the Algarve

"We request your cooperation." This is how the letter that was sent by the Policia Judiciaria to the people that were present at the Ocean Club resort, Praia da Luz, Algarve, on the 3rd of May 2007, ends. The purpose is to carry out, on the 15th and 16th of May, a reconstitution of the events of the day that Madeleine McCann disappeared. But the PJ knows that it is not likely to take place.

Until the end of the day, yesterday, the PJ, having made the requests a month ago, had not received any reply from the little girl's parents, from the seven friends with whom they dined and from three other witnesses that are considered to be fundamental.

"There is no reply until now. The McCanns have appended a document to the process files, stating that they are available to come to Portugal on the 15th and 16th of May, but it's simply a declaration of their intentions. They do not guarantee that they will be present", a source from the criminal section of the Portimao court has told 24Horas.

Mitchell, the McCanns' spokesman, confirms that the PJ suggested several dates (three) for the reconstitution to be carried out, but he states that Maddie's parents still "have not agreed to return to Portugal". And he adds that the couple prefers to wait for the end of the interrogations that the PJ and the British police are making to the friends with whom they dined on the fateful day.

"Emotional impact" on Kate McCann

"The PJ did not take into account the emotional impact that the reconstitution of the facts would provoke on the family, especially on Kate, who cannot stand the idea of seeing another child pretending to be Madeleine", Mitchell says.

The spokesman insisted on denying that Kate and Gerry had imposed any conditions on the Public Ministry or on the PJ to return to Portugal, contrary to what has been reported by some of the media: "The McCanns have never imposed any condition. Nobody is negotiating with the Public Ministry or with the PJ. They will never impose any type of special treatment."

According to Mitchell, the only thing that is being pondered is the filming of the reconstitution, if it comes to be carried out, by the BBC's CrimeWatch show, given the fact that "it's seen by millions of people and it could bring new information concerning Maddie's whereabouts".

For now, the magistrate who directs the investigations, the prosecutor Magalhães e Menezes, is going to request the extension of the inquiry for another 90 days.


Witnesses of little value

The PJ team that was sent to England, led by Paulo Rebelo, has heard another two witnesses in the Maddie case, yesterday. Rachel and Matthew Oldfield were reportedly questioned. They dined at the Tapas Bar on the fateful night and left an 18-month-old child alone, in an apartment of the Ocean Club, for several hours.

Matthew initially stated that he had checked on the McCanns' children, but as he heard no noise, he thought they were asleep and did not enter. Later he said that he had noticed more light inside the apartment, but paid no attention and returned to the Tapas. He was confronted with the discrepancies in these statements by the authorities, yesterday.

His wife, Rachel, never left the Tapas Bar, a version that she has always maintained and which is corroborated by the restaurant's employees.



Silence. Paulo Rebelo avoids the journalists. "I'm not saying anything", is the sentence that he seems to have memorized already.

Meeting. Paulo Rebelo's team will hold a meeting tomorrow with the prosecutor who directs the process, Magalhães e Menezes.


  1. https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=1764407654282519905&postID=3664496663828242170

    Hi Joana, take a look here please.
    The mother of Damilola Taylor, Gloria has died of a heart attack.

  2. The McCanns already looked bad but now look even worse, So Kate cant stand to see another child pretending to be madeliene can she?! Well can she stand the thought of her daughter supposedly with paedophiles any better?! I think if the McCanns weere telling the truth about how Madeleine came to disappear they would do anything to secure her return, the fact that Kates reluctance to participate in the reconstruction looks set to scupper any hope of it, shows they arent too worried about Madeleine...and then you have to ask yourself why?
    To hell wiith it upsetting Kate, what about theiur daughters upset?

  3. I have left one comment already but as I walked to get the children, I was thinking of Madeliene, and it dawned on me just how self centred and self serving the McCanns are and always have been throughout the past year.
    They may not return for the reconstruction becasue aKate is upset!!As usual its all about them and their feelings, they are what caused the whole thing, because they didnt want to stay and watch their children or pay a paltry £10 for someone else to do so.They didnt evn go looking for her...unless you count the pointless places that suited them like the vatican and whitehouse.
    So what exactly DO they want to do? Well theres jogging,blogging, tennis lessons, lunches, balloon launches, documentaries, well rehearsed interviews and precious little else.IN fact anything that generates a chance to manipulate the media. If thats leaving no stone unturned Im an alien. Ive searched more for lost car keys.

  4. These people are very calculating. They have no intention of ever setting foot in Portugal again, so they try to impose conditions for their return that they know can never be met. They know that the police would never allow the re-enactment to be televised. If the police do call their bluff saying, “sure we’ll televise it”, they will then say that the re-enactment will be detrimental to Kate’s fragile state. If a psychiatrist were to examine these two, he or she would conclude that they are malignant narcissists, people devoid of emotion and who need to always be the centre of attention. Any emotions they appear to display they have learnt by observing others. In the first interviews they gave to the Public, when Kate was asked about her emotional state she didn’t reply, “I feel or I felt”, she always replied “One would feel or You would feel”, like she read a manual on how someone would feel in that particular situation. Because of who they are these people do not have a fragile state. They crave attention they cannot bear being alone because they would be confronted with their true self. They need someone to constantly reflect back to them the false image they are projecting. They ostracize the people who are able to see who they really are and they slander them by attributing to them the negative character traits they themselves possess.

  5. Impacto emocional?Obviamente!

    E se falta "o ponto" ou o teletexto e a representação sai como ela não queria?
    Ser actriz "amadora" dá cá uns nervos!

  6. Nicholas the link you gave is to comment in this blog.. anyway for those who don't know "Eight years earlier in November 2000, her ten-year-old son Damilola, suffered a similarly unexpected death when he was stabbed with a broken beer bottle by two children, aged 12 and 13.

    The Taylor family had moved to England from Nigeria less than six months before and Damilola’s death came to symbolise the growing problem of youth crime in inner cities.

    Mrs Taylor became a dedicated campaigner on the issue. In 2001, on the first anniversary of her son’s murder, she and her husband launched the Damilola Taylor Trust to provide “hope, life and opportunity for Britain’s downtrodden and underprivileged youth”"
    Gloria Taylor’s death certificate may state that she died from a heart attack, but the people of Peckham do not believe it.

    They are sure that when Mrs Taylor, the mother of the murdered school boy, Damilola, collapsed on the pavement on Tuesday evening, it was from a broken heart."



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