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Algarve: Irish couple that became drunk and fell in front of their children leaves Portugal without appearing in court (Lusa)

Faro, 06 Mai (Lusa) – The Irish couple that was on holidays in the Algarve, got drunk and fell in front of their three underage children, returned to Northern Ireland today and failed to appear at the Family and Children’s Court in Faro, according to an official source.

“The couple has returned to Northern Ireland”, a source at the British Embassy, in Lisbon, told Lusa.

The two Irish citizens, accompanied by their three children – two boys aged one and six, and a girl aged two – were entering the hotel where they were staying at, in Vilamoura, on Friday evening, when, visibly drunk, they helplessly fell in front of they children.

Their behavior prompted the employees to call GNR and the medical authorities, who contacted Social Security, the entity that put the Child Emergency Line into action and would ultimately conduct the children to the Aboim Ascensão Shelter, in Faro.

The three children were returned to their parents on Saturday by the Aboim Ascensão Shelter, which had received them in the early hours.

A source that is connected to the process has told Lusa that the Family Court in Faro would open an inquiry to investigate the case.

According to some sources, the couple would be heard today at 3 p.m., but the couple failed to appear, as Lusa was able to verify on location.

A source at the Ministry of Justice did not want to comment on the case, and directed any explanations and decisions to the judge at the Family Court, Beatriz Borges.

The children were examined at Faro Hospital, and arrived at the Aboim Ascensão Shelter in the early hours of Saturday, said the institution’s director, Luís Villas-Boas.

“The children should have stayed here until the court opened, on Monday, because they would have been protected”, he said, adding that the children were at the Shelter only for approximately seven hours.

After the judicial authorities ordered the delivery of the children to the family, the couple, aged 32 and 34, went to pick them up from the Aboim Ascensão Shelter on Saturday, at around noon.

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