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Brown & McCanns: Whose Back are you Scratching?

BBC In May : Chancellor Gordon Brown has had several telephone conversations with the father of missing Madeleine McCann, a family spokesman in Portugal confirmed.

Mr Brown offered both parents Gerry and Kate "his full support" in their efforts to find the four-year-old, who vanished on the night of 3 May.

In a statement, Mr McCann said the sighting of the man was "significant".

A spokesman for the McCanns said: "I can confirm that telephone conversations have taken place between Gerry McCann and Chancellor Gordon Brown.

"During them, Mr Brown offered both Gerry and Kate his full support in their efforts to find Madeleine, although details of the conversations will remain private.

"The conversations took place against the background of the chancellor's earlier offer to help when he met and spoke to other members of the McCann family in the UK."

Evidence Videos of Political Pressure

Brown himself thanks to Socrates, London July 9, 2007. Just after the G8 Summit in June and before the Treaty of Lisbon

MiliBand, Brown & Mitchell

No Political Pressures?! None Whatsoever!!

18th October 2007:
Gordon Brown has raised concerns about the investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance with his Portuguese counterpart.

Mr Brown discussed the police inquiry with the premier Jose Socrates during private talks in Lisbon, where the pair are attending the EU summit.

Mr Brown said he wanted to be assured "that the police authorities are taking the actions that are necessary and there's proper cooperation between the British and Portuguese police".

Side Note: Alone among the leaders of the 27 EU nations, only Brown was absent in the signing ceremony for a far-reaching treaty on Europe's future, a move seen by critics as symbolic of his country's ambivalence toward the European Union.

On arrival in Lisbon, Miliband tried hard to make up for his boss's absence, embracing Prime Minister José Sócrates and Foreign Minister Luís Amado. Later, as leaders arrived for lunch without Brown, Miliband was seen in conversation with Sócrates, looking at his watch and saying "he's coming."

Meanwhile at the House of Commons in 7 May 2008, questions were raised about the role of Clarence Mitchell as spokesperson to the McCanns.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Clarence Mitchell

Mr. Morley: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs whether Mr. Clarence Mitchell was seconded by his Department to act as an official spokesperson for the family of Madeleine McCann. [202007]

Mr. Jim Murphy: Clarence Mitchell was seconded to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, from the Central Office of Information (COI), for a period of 25 days in May 2007 to provide assistance with the media to the family of Madeleine McCann. He resigned from the COI in September 2007.


  1. Parabéns pelas excelentes investigações e,por colocar muito oportunamente todos os factos,dos quais não deveremos esquecer jamais.


    C.M. ao fim dos 25 dias "mudou de emprego".A justificação(deles):pois,um aumentozinho de ordenado!

  2. Looks like you have hit the nail on the head. There was too much at stake to cause a political row with Portugal and the UK. Why would Gordon Brown contact the Mccann's unless it was for political reasons. Why was clarence mitchell sent by the British Government to be their spokesperson. Why have 11000 pages of evidence been witheld by the British Government. We know there was complete lack of cooperation from the British when requests were made from Portugal for information. I think there has been alot of underhanded dealing going on which has prevented justice.


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