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Consequences of the McCann's Spins in the PJ

The lawyer of former CID Inspector Gonçalo Amaral, Paulo Santos, explains why apparently someone vilified Amaral's reputation in order to remove him from the Madeleine McCann Investigation. The lawyer of Robert Murat, Francisco Pagarete explains what happened to Murat's life and job: how is site was hacked, how Murat's e-mail address was used by someone, and about the GPS devices encountered under Murat's family cars. Malinka had is car set on fire, and the word 'fala' - talk written next to the car.

Even though he never took a public stance, he ended up having one of the most visible faces of the PJ in the Maddie Case. Last summer he was on the cover of several British journals, accused of taking long, boozy lunches in expensive restaurants. The attorney who today represents Gonçalo Amaral explains that his bitterness comes from that period.

Paulo Santos, attorney for Gonçalo Amaral: "If I, a PJ investigator, am publicly attacked it would be normal for my employer, the employer I represent and the service which I am publicly leading, to defend me. Even if they come to me privately and say you did wrong, you'll have to be reprimanded and removed from the case, but these things are resolved internally in a low profile manner."

In October, allegedly because he accused the British police of favoring the McCanns in the investigation, Gonçalo Amaral was removed from the case. Behind this removal, a reading is cautiously proposed [by attorney Paulo Santos]: " . . .I think that his removal could have been useful, I don't know to whom, but could have been useful at the very least because of the fact that they could be certain that as long as they had him on the case there would be tremendous effort put into the investigation."

Gonçalo Amaral's retirement request has been accepted by the PJ.


Robert Murat, unable to find work, is being supported by his family. His real estate website has been continually offline and no one can discern why, not even PJ who has investigated this and other incidents in Robert's life.

Francisco Pagarete, attorney for Robert Murat: "Information from his website was rerouted. Emails sent to the site were redirected to another email account. Emails were sent in his name that he did not write."

GPS trackers were found on two of his family's cars which permitted their movements to be traced. PJ is investigating.

S. Malinki was heard as a witness in the case. He says he is tired of it. In mid March, his Audi was parked near the door to his home. It was completed destroyed in a fire and to the side [on the sidewalk] someone wrote "Talk" ("Fala").

Translation by Debk

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