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Gerry McCann blames Portuguese Judge

McCann hits out over secrecy

Gerry McCann has accused the Portuguese judge in the case of his daughter Madeleine of misinterpreting a law on how long police files can stay secret.

Legal sources suggested the official period of judicial secrecy in the probe - which runs out on May 15 - is likely to be extended for three months.

He is "frustrated" the file has not been opened and said the law changed last year to allow more transparency.

Source: Teletext

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  1. Hark at Gerry whining about fairness and right...This from a man who left his daughter systematically along with two younger children! Even now they are trying to justify their actions, still making out it was like dining in your garden! Their refusal to accept it was wrong should have been a red flag to the social services, instead even they seem to have been unduly influenced!


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